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  1. Oh my....I may have to invest in faster internet to stand a chance against you guys. this is crazy...but awesome deals, congrats to you quickies. Feel like I'm typing 3 words per minute over here compared to you all.....
  2. Amazing Spider-Man #194 -- Copy B -- 1st Black Cat -- VG+ -- 4.5 -- $20 I'll take it
  3. That JIM 55 is a beauty. Thumbs up! from this guy.
  4. Marvel Two-In-One #86 9.6 $7 Marvel Two-In-One #94 9.2 $3 Marvel Two-In-One #99 9.4/9.6 $6 I'll take it!
  5. One big fat from me. Sorry to cloud the thread with that question. Thanks for the quick response though. Next time I google image search to check out a stock photo of the cover in question before opening my mouth ....
  6. Beautiful books. I am just now becoming a fan of Howard (a little late to the party, I know). I am not an expert grader by any means, but is it possible that there is some color touch on the Howard the Duck #1? Hard to tell from that one picture, but on the top portion of the front cover there appear to be a series of 1/8"-1/4" creases with partial color break through the black background. Or is that just some sort of gunk on the cover? Please excuse me if I am way off, but I have been looking at the books and feel compelled to at least ask about potential color touchups Oh, and if I am way off base, please feel free to say so. Thanks!
  7. It is pretty fun to see what these copies were selling for (including yours) 5 years ago.
  8. that is quite the interesting cover for a number of reasons. Wow. Cool stuff.
  9. You beat me to it by about 5 minutes Enjoy the book! Great cover art.
  10. In the market for one of these myself...maybe I should go check my parent's basement. HOW does this stuff still happen? heh heh. Awesome book sir.
  11. What is your asking price for the books? Did I miss that somewhere in this thread?
  12. I'll take the lot for $55 shipped! Thanks for the good deal. The color touch on that Strange Tales 85 doesn't bother me and I have been looking for an affordable presentable copy of that book -- this one suits the bill just fine. Great dark blues on that cover. The other books are an added bonus. Thanks, I'll wait for your PM.
  13. What is the next step we take to complete the transaction for the books I am purchasing? Thanks again.
  14. Hi, I am new to the forums, so starting off with a smaller sized purchase here. You have many more expensive books in this post that also look pretty damn tempting! But I'll start off smaller here if these books are still available... I'd like to take: c1) red sonja #1 9.2 $20 c35) X-Men #109 6.0 $20 c105) New Gods #1 4.0 $20 c125) Kamandi #1 5.0 $15
  15. Nice looking 9.2, if you ask me. Is your price on this Watchmen #1 firm?
  16. Glad to hear the book is staying in its original form. It is a beautiful copy even with those missing chunks.
  17. That is a truly beautiful ASM #4. Enjoy it while you have it before it goes off to Heritage. Old label CGC high grade goodness. Congrats.
  18. Is this book still available? If so , do you have a scan of the back cover I could see? Thanks! I am interested in the book, but do need to see the back cover before moving forward.