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  1. Journey Into Mystery # 63 per PM.
  2. sigh....very nice grab, Hard to find a RAW copy, in that grade range, well-centered like that, if you ask me. I've been a-lookin! Jealous over here...
  3. Thanks Dave! Been waiting for my copy of this book for what seems like forever and a day. Yay. Glad to check that one off the list.
  4. Captain Marvel 13 F to VF Phantom Stranger 14 Fine Amazing Spiderman 96 Fine Ms Marvel 17 F/VF per PM Thanks Ed!
  5. My Kudos from the "Old CGC Forum":
  6. Please leave feedback if you are so inclined.
  7. Just completed a sale with JFH and it went smooth as silk :thumbsup:
  8. That is very cool, sir. Thanks Brother, I enjoyed for a while, now time for someone else to also... I have to thread cra*p here and second that motion....GOD DAMN that is cool.
  9. Nice and easy transaction with Mike. He bought a couple hundred dollars worth of books from me and it went smooth as silk. Great customer!
  10. One of my absolute favorites. Such a great book. :thumbsup: ...and that definitely looks like one sharp copy.
  11. One and only BUMP! I will close this thread at midnight (PST) tonight. Still some deals to be had. What's left (20% discount prices listed here): Action Comics #485 FN- : $4 The Amazing Spider-Man #69 VG/FN: $8 The Amazing Spider-Man #298 NM-: $30 Career Girl Romances #37 GD: $8 Daredevil #38 VG: $8 Daredevil #41 FN+: $15 Firestorm #1 VF-: $15 The Incredible Hulk #5 GD/VG: $160 Iron Man #8 VG/FN: $10 Iron Man #11 VG/FN:: $8 Iron Man & Sub-Mariner #1 FN: $40 Journey into Mystery #125: VG+: $10 Marvel Mystery Comics #56 PR: $200 Ms. Marvel #1 VF: $40 Mystery Tales #44 GD+: $40 Nick Fury, Agent of SHIELD #9 FN: $8 Nick Fury, Agent of SHIELD #12: FN+: $8 Silver Surfer #16 VF-: $20 Strange Tales #76 VG+: $110 Tales of Suspense #43 VG/FN: $90 Tales of Suspense #48 VG/FN: $110 Tales of Suspense #50 VG//FN: $135 The X-Men #24 VG: $10 The X-Men #65 VG/FN: $10 The X-Men #96 GD: $8 The X-Men #99 VG+: $8 The X-Men #133 FN+: $8 The X-Men #139 FN+: $8
  12. How is this still here??! I own a similar copy already or I'd be all over this. :winnah: