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  1. Captain America Goes to War Against Drugs 9.2Fantastic Four 42 6.5Fantastic Four 143 8.0Fantastic Four 268 7.5Strange Tales 129 8.0/8.5X-Men 24 7.5+
  2. So very tempted by the Zoot....must resist....must resist!
  3. No Cap 2's in this thread for Changer? (Yes, I still miss that book...)
  4. Journey Into Mystery # 63 per PM.
  5. sigh....very nice grab, Hard to find a RAW copy, in that grade range, well-centered like that, if you ask me. I've been a-lookin! Jealous over here...
  6. Thanks Dave! Been waiting for my copy of this book for what seems like forever and a day. Yay. Glad to check that one off the list.
  7. Captain Marvel 13 F to VF Phantom Stranger 14 Fine Amazing Spiderman 96 Fine Ms Marvel 17 F/VF per PM Thanks Ed!
  8. My Kudos from the "Old CGC Forum":
  9. Please leave feedback if you are so inclined.