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  1. Yes, any GT-15000 purchased currently would be refurbished or second hand. There is a DS-50000 which would meet the requirements of being CCD and large enough to fit a slab in the flatbed and are still being sold brand new. They do cost a pretty penny, $1399.00 MSRP.
  2. Yup, in theory, both should work. They are both CCD type scanners and they appear to fit the size of a slab in the flatbed.
  3. Rob said on Twitter that Deadpool #10 is actually Major X's first appearance.
  4. I don’t think there are any all in ones. The size you need to scan a slab is pretty big compared to the ones that all in ones come with. I just got an Epson GT-15000 and it’s huge.
  5. Right, I understand. You need a scanner with CCD technology. Everything you can generally get at Best Buy or Staples or any other B&M store is not made with CCD. Here is a scanner that is brand new, still in production, big enough to scan a slabbed comic and also is a CCD scanner: If you want to look it up yourself, you need to find a scanner that can scan this size: Maximum Scan Area:11.7" x 17 and also has CCD as its scanning technology.
  6. Unfortunately, no. Online is going to best your best bet. I just purchased an Epson GT-15000 for around $350 which should be here tomorrow.
  7. I've got a ton of long boxes below my father's house. It's been exposed to the weather for several years, so I don't know the exact condition. They were given to my mom from a friend of hers who worked at an LCS way back in the mid-90s that closed down. I often wonder if there's anything of value in the long boxes. I have been tempted to go down there but haven't had time to do so yet.
  8. Bought it and read half of it. I got the blank cover variant. Hoping to get a sketch on there one day.
  9. What about Flickr? I haven't seen them mentioned here. I've used them in the past and I know they used to give 1TB of space free when they got rid of their premium service but IIRC they brought it back. Should be cheaper than $399/year.
  10. Just out of curiosity where did you come across such a nice set of that particular comic?
  11. Ever since he broke out, he's kinda turned into an anti-hero to me. I watch the TV show and I can't get myself to hate him even after what happened with Lucille. I just know how he ends up and he is becoming a tad bit likable imho lol.
  12. Hey Arch, is there a setting anywhere to allow alt+s to submit a post? This is usually a default setting on various forums like vBulletin and I thought this particular board too but it might be a setting you have to enable.
  13. I guess since I'm a member of so many forums and I'm used to using more modern software than what was being used before. I remember the first forum I ever joined was using the ultimate software which IIRC was what they were using before moving to this platform. But I haven't seen that software used very much for quite some time. I think this and vB is probably the two most common forum software that I see implemented throughout various popular forums. I'm used to it I guess. I like it!