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  1. I was able to buy a beautiful copy of JIM #83 from Brian. It was a perfect transaction and I highly recommend him for any purhase. Looking forward to the next one.
  2. Are you still accepting books for Hamill and Fisher? Thank you
  3. Hi everyone, time to finally jump in. I'm George, I finished my ASM + AF #15 run last year! That was my big collecting goal. I also collect and read mostly Marvel Silver Age and The Walking Dead. In the last year i have been reading Golden Age Human Torch, Marvel Mystery Comics, All-Winners and pre-code horror. I'm 38 and I started reading comics at age 7 when my father gave me some FF and Thor books that he enjoyed as a kid. I fell in love with spidey after I read Kraven's Last Hunt (I wore those books out). I stopped reading after McFarlane's run on Spidey and took an 18yr hiatus as there were too many X books and I didn't enjoy the early Image Comics. Five years ago I had a renewed interest in this fantastic hobby (or lifestyle) you can choose the wording. I have been soaking up some of your comments and insight like a sponge, I hope to learn more about adding and upgrading to my collection from some of the masters in the hobby. My collecting goals over the next year are to add a Tales of Suspense #39 mid-grade, either upgrade one of my 4.5 AF #15's or add one more mid-grade and start an All-Winners run(I love that series)! Thank you gentlemen, I look forward to hearing from some of you.