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  1. Hi Mollie! Could you please add the following books to the following sets? Mighty Thor (2016) Mighty Thor 15 Sorrentino Variant Cover (2 in census) Spider-Gwen Vol. 2 Spider-Gwen 17 Variant Edition (2 in Census) Thanks again!!
  2. Hi Mollie! For Set Batman #608-#619 Can you please add a slot for: DC Comics Essentials: Batman Hush #1 (12 in Census) It's a reprint of Batman #608 and only seems logical to put it in this set. Thank you!!
  3. WTB: Batman 608 Special Editions Hi! I am looking to purchase Special Editions in CGC 9.8 (Blue Label) or High Grade raws of of Batman #608. I'm seeking the Batman 608 After Watchmen Edition as well as the Mattel Special Edition. Thanks in advance for your help!
  4. Hi Mollie! Can you please bring the Star Wars (2015) set current and in addition, add a slot for ... True Believers: Star Wars #1 (4 in census) Thank you!!
  5. x1 Batman 19 Fan Expo Exclusive Limited to 1000 cover by Jim Lee $90 CGC 9.8 Fast Tracked
  6. x1 Amazing Spider-Man 25 Fan Expo Exclusive $80 CGC 9.8 Fast Tracked
  7. Hi! The slot for this book can be found in the " Amazing Spider-Man (2014) Complete with Variants" set
  8. After a trip to the LCS and seeing the owner hiking up the prices on older Venomized variants, I would like to purchase these from you as well (if still available): Kingpin 2 Crain Venomized Variant CGC 9.8 - 1 Copy Man-Thing 1 Venomized Variant CGC 9.8 Unbeatable Squirrel Girl 18 Venomized Variant CGC 9.8 - 1 Copy Thank you!
  9. All-New Wolverine 18 Venomized Variant CGC 9.8 $55 Deadpool 28 Lopez Venomized Variant CGC 9.8 $55 Sorry, I changed which All-New Wolverine #18 I wanted. Thanks!
  10. Microchamber Paper MIA For reasons I don't want to bore everyone with, I had to crack open two slabs today. I cut the books out of their plastic seal and flipped through them. To my surprise, I found no microchamber paper sheet in either book. The books I cracked open are: Superman #50 DCBS Edition, 5/16, Cert #0293631009 Batman: Rebirth #1 Variant Cover, 8/16, Cert #0290417009 I contacted Bree and Brittany asking if microchamber paper was no longer being used. Bree replied and said that yes, microchamber paper was still being used. So just for my own curiosity, I cracked open another slab: Batman: Rebirth #1 Third Printing, 9/16, Cert #0294122002 I contacted Bree and explained to her that this slab didn't have microchamber paper in it either. I mean, one is a coincidence but three slabs? Bree replied and insisted microchamber paper is being used. Now, I'm not asking anyone to run out and start cracking slabs open, but if anyone has run into this also, I would be curious to know. Thanks! WD
  11. Hi Mollie - When you bring Batman (Rebirth- 2016) up to date, could you please include Batman Annual #1 (1/17) - 15 in census. Thank you!!
  12. Hi Mollie - Could you please bring the Batman (Rebirth- 2016) set current? It stopped at issue 8 but per the census we're up to issue 16. Thanks!!
  13. I also discovered another way of getting a summary of all topics I've posted in and what exactly it was I posted. Profile ---> See My Activity This is precisely the function I was looking for.
  14. Hi Mollie! Could you please add the following books to the following sets?. Groot Groot 1 BAM!/2nd & Charles Edition Spider-Gwen Vol. 2 Spider-Gwen 15 (4 in census) Spider-Gwen 15 Keown Variant Cover (2 in census) Spider-Gwen 16 (2 in census) Spider-Gwen 16 Marquez Variant Cover (2 in census) Spider-Gwen 16 Variant Edition (2 in census) Spider-Gwen 16 Johnson Variant Cover (2 in census) Thor (2014) True Believers: Thor 1 Thanks as always!
  15. Hi Mollie! Would like to please get these books tacked onto your list: Mighty Thor (2016) Mighty Thor 13 (3 in census) Mighty Thor 14 (4 in census) Mighty Thor 15 (2 in census) Mighty Thor 15 Variant Edition (2 in census) Thank you!!