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  1. From 4/27/16 ... Just a friendly reminder Thanks, Gemma! P.S. Thanks for creating the Obi-Wan & Anakin set!
  2. Hi Dre - Have you seen any copies of the Spider-Gwen #9 Campbell variants at the show? If so, I would be most interested in a CGC 9.8 Fast Track set Thanks again for all your efforts!
  3. x1 $110 CGC 9.8 Fast Tracked Great pick Jim! Thanks, James!
  4. Well, they've taken down the little red box saying "Winners will be announced July 8, 2016."
  5. Hi Gemma - Could you please add ... Spider-Gwen Vol. 2 Spider-Gwen 5 Variant Cover (2 in census) Thanks again!! WD
  6. Hi Gemma - Could you please add to set: Mighty Thor (2016) Mighty Thor 6 (2 in census) Mighty Thor 6 Chin Variant Cover (2 in census) Mighty Thor 7 (2 in census) Thank you!!
  7. Hi Gemma - Could you please add to set: Batman (2011) Batman 51 (9 in census) Batman 51 Variant Cover (6 in census) Batman 52 (4 in census) Batman 52 Variant Cover (3 in census) Thank you!!
  8. Hi Gemma - Could you please add ... Amazing Spider-Man (2015) Amazing Spider-Man 11 (8 in census) Amazing Spider-Man 12 (6 in census) Spider-Gwen Vol. 2 Spider-Gwen 7 (2 in census) Spider-Gwen 7 Campbell Variant Cover (4 in census) Spider-Gwen 8 (3 in census) Star Wars (2015) Star Wars 15 Sketch Cover (4 in census) (Previously requested) Star Wars 18 (3 in census) Star Wars 18 Action Figure Variant (5 in census) Thanks as always!
  9. I'll take The Lady Death: Chaos Rules 1 Premium Gold Foil Edition by JSC for $100 CGC 9.8 Fast Tracked The JSC lady death exclusive for $225 CGC 9.8 Fast Tracked Thanks, Dre!
  10. In this thread: Gemma stated the following: I PM'd her and asked her about these Star Wars/Darth Vader one-shots ... Star Wars Special: C-3PO (6/16) Star Wars: Vader Down (1/16) ... and asked if the the former should be included in the Star Wars 2015 set and the latter in the Darth Vader 2015 set. OR should they have individual competitive sets of their own. Gemma asked me to put it out to the masses to see where others stand. Personally, I would prefer individual competitive sets but for me, it's not the end of the world if they end up being included in the Star Wars and Darth Vader sets, respectively. Thoughts? Feedback? Thanks!
  11. Hi Gemma - Could you please add to the Star Wars (2015) set: Star Wars #15 Sketch Cover (4 in census) Thank you!