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  1. I would imagine this will continue. They want that hidden revenue they have been missing for years. That's not the only way to be put over the $20K limit if you are close all types of stuff can push you over. Be interesting this year as many new sellers are already starting to panic on Facebook now and why many people on Instagram try to get you to pay them for F/F so they wont get his with a 1099 and of course forfeit paypal protection.
  2. Out tomorrow. Laurente Jonathan78Loboagain On Deck Qtrmilerocket(Probably as well out tomorrow) AJsLongbox Kapzilla zsos99
  3. Thats a valid point and concern. At some point the music will stop. Just put the money away now and buying opportunities will be great when it happens.
  4. Where are you located, roughly? Midwest. For me I have to go farther for inventory. I am envious of Hector and others who live in large cities with abundant inventory.
  5. This isn't the same thing. This is influenced by a pandemic and government stimulus it isn't the same thing as a frenzy which yes we see every 5 to 10 years. Normally I would agree with you but I'm can easily point at 3 supportable data points that dilute your argument. Stimulus and pandemic are easy to show while the growth of new collectors/speculators is harder. Those 3 make a perfect storm and we can add 4 if we use your argument. All even go farther and say we will never see this again. My sales last 4 to 6 months are 3x what they were in previous years. My problem now is find
  6. The Modern, Copper, and Bronze Market are truly on fire currently. With no end in sight. I cant speak to SA because I rarely deal in it. The influx of cash, along with the lack of conventions, and new buyers/speculators has created a buying storm I will never see again in my selling career. Competition even locally has come out of the woodwork like I have never seen. Tons of books are seeing new highs. Heck even books that I sell in my selling thread that are just reaching buyers in the next week or two have already doubled and sometimes tripled in value. Star Wars continues t
  7. It was really big for awhile on G+ and a few other sites a year or two ago. HBO has picked it up, but I havent read much on development at all. I have a couple of related issues I stashed somewhere in some boxes.
  8. Shipped today Assassin Comics - 1 Full BoxRjahn98 mikemurdock - Realitytrip On deck Laurente Jonathan78Loboagain Qtrmilerocket
  9. I believe its like that so Disney wont have people cancelling on them due to lack of fresh content.
  10. Episode 3 was a nice improvement over the first two. Still not in love with the format though.
  11. Out tomorrow Assassin Comics - 1 Full Box Rjahn98 Ebay shipments On Deck mikemurdock - working on it now(maybe out tomorrow) Realitytrip Laurente Jonathan78 Loboagain
  12. 4 times: Captain Marvel>Photon>Pulsar>Spectrum. ASM Annual #16>Avengers:Unplugged #5>New Thunderbolts #9>Mighty Avengers vol 2 #1 Nobody likes a know it all.
  13. Out tomorrow BB8 Ebay packages Kairos70 On Deck Assassain Comics Rjahn98 mikemurdock
  14. How many "firsts" are there between the two female Captain Marvels? Well Monica Rambeau from memory has been changed twice. She changed to Photon and then to Spectrum. I am not sure if she is still Spectrum or not. Those are the 2 I remember.
  15. It is I sold 3 copies the last month or so. I always enjoyed CM loved her in Avengers, but they made her too powerful and that was the downfall of the character I thought.