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  1. But... They are not professional graders
  2. Agreed I never see a thread about this seller sold me a 9.4 and I got a 9.8 Thanks There are buyers that play the game above. I will not do business with them once I see them starting to play this game. I have only had a few so far, but they are out there.
  3. As a kid I enjoyed it for what it was. The Avengers which is what caused me to go back and read it was done by Stern and he did a great section on Eternlas.
  4. Most didn't care for either back then. Print runs were high and much more talent was on other books. And they could pay them well to stay on titles. MOKF just sat in my comic shops in the 80s.. Eternals was even worse at the time. What I am really interested to see is what the international attention will do for both books.
  5. Ive never been happier collecting and selling comics. I still read a few titles a month, but I am very selective and I have favorite writers that suit my taste. It is harder to find good titles I agree. I still love traveling to flea markets, comic shops, and thrift shops buying comics. Many are more then happy to make great deals if I buy enough. My only problem I have is being selective in attending conventions. I am there for comics not the Cosplay, wrestling, and other stuff.
  6. Agreed it is. At some point I am going to have to make that decision. People pay stupid money on Amazon. I keep thinking it will stop, but doesn't seem likely. As a buyer Amazon is way out of my range for comics, but like he said Prime brings in a lot of customers. If I was a Trade seller I wouldn't hesitate to do full time on Amazon.
  7. Yes one person's system wont work for another person sometimes.
  8. That’s right. I do have some loyal younger customers that collect complete runs. It’s good to see that in the younger crowd. I also carry tons of $1 books. They sell very well. One of my LCS owners told me he survived on $1 books for over 20 years.. Keys and high dollar books are great and would come in from time to time, but $1 books he bought for pennies are his bread and butter.
  9. Eventually those suckers will dry up. It takes buyers a year or two realize they are paying bleed prices. Keep in mind a higher percentage of FB and IG sellers don't ever get paid. Its why I only buy instead of sell there.
  10. My sales were up 10-15% from ‘18 so not really THAT much better but if there’s anything I did different last year it was going heavier on listing lower ticket items starting with $5 books than previous years. It worked extremely well on slower periods I found, as people spent more money on those books as opposed to big books This is all I have done for 20 years works fine. You wont retire a millionaire, but its great extra income every year. I don't sell keys in less they fall into my lap dirt cheap.
  11. Id like to see that. I mean they are all gold right? What makes this one different?
  12. I think my favorite is still the bright blue it's so cool to see. Black is also tough I have only found one of them.
  13. What I like most about those hologram variants is that there are several. Fun stuff to look for. Green Green/Blue Blue Blue/Black Almost all Black.
  14. I disagree. They got the concept right for Morbius. They changed it some, but the concept is correct. The trailer did its job. It has me interested enough to watch it.