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  1. I'm missing those two along with #1 to finish the run. I see 155 probably once a year or so. 150-154 just my opinion seem harder to find.
  2. There are several books in there that will still sell well. From memory 44, 50 variants , 81, 110 are some that come to mind. That being said sets of Invincible are selling well because people are buying them to read as well.
  3. That's reasonable. I will use NM+ when I think a book is perfect and that's about it. But I think the important part and honestly sometimes why a book sells is putting a grade on it. Otherwise how do you achieve the price you are asking? Because you graded it.
  4. The shop in questions been there for 30 years I think owner is in bad health I think. And they don't utilize the internet enough. Many went belly up during covid
  5. Well I grew up reading them I lived for the quarterly reports
  6. Not really lol. I am just a little fish in a big pond. When I started on here 17 years ago there were several sellers that would share sales and market information that was invaluable to me as a starting seller. Just doing the same.
  7. Well again a very busy months for Bronze all the way to moderns. Avengers Annual 10 is smoking VGs selling for $50 currently VFs over $100. Godzilla late issues sell well in any grade from Marvel if you can find them. Machine Man 7 is my top selling book in awhile with over 6 sales in a week and climbing. Captain Marvel one shots with Monica are nice $20-40 sale currently. Cap 323 is really hot. Nottingham is one really hot book. Shadecraft is selling well so far. BRZRKR and SIKTC 8th print I dont get the frenzy. With reported print runs of 600k and 75K don't
  8. raws so no real increase yet. Slabs sales are very few on ebay though so it might be supply demand thing.
  9. hardly. what's the difference between 57 and 62? 5 more years of job misery. For me it wouldn't be retirement anyway, I'd hang a shingle and do low stress stuff like trusts and estates and real estate closings, probably make a lot less, not work as many hours, and sell comics. and paint pictures of psychotic clowns. Agreed I have no desire for that either. Find a low stress job, pay the bills, sell some comics and cruise into retirement instead of crashing in looking around and asking what do I do now?
  10. There is alot of subplot to John Walker being left out. The Watchdogs storyline is completely left it which is what send Walker over the edge. The TV series is too short to tell the story, but its well worth reading. Walker is someone who is manipulated from the beginning and you feel sorry for him in the end. I am interested to see how they resolve this.
  11. Thats what I thought. I bought it cheap and it is NM so I was going to flip it. I was thumbing thru the book because sometimes you find a double cover, or money. This time the page fell out.
  12. Added another 30 books feel free to check them out. Items for sale by rha27 | eBay