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  1. Ah the Shan lon's have those gotten popular again? About 10 years ago they were the rage they kinda have fallen away the last few years, but sell well still. I love finding them with cassettes still.
  2. I wish my local shops would do buy 1 get 1 free back issues. I could retire.
  3. Okay 24 invoices out tonight. I have 10 more to go will finish those tomorrow.
  4. And to a lesser degree some market manipulation and hype I think.
  5. Starting sending out invoices tonight as I have answered all PMs now. Please check your invoices for accuracy I can and do make mistakes with this many books. Next your Postage quotes are for Medium long flat rate boxes. I dont ship large flat those boxes suck. Some of you will receive more then one box. I also give a Media rate quote on lower books if you prefer that. Next I ship in order of payment. Some nights I will get out 4 to 5 packages and some nights depending on size of shipments. I will start shipping out on Monday. Keep in mind its going to take me weeks to get all these books out so if you feel like I am ignoring you I am not I am just buried in PMs. I ship in cardboard bricks large then your comics with your books inside bags taped down to the cardboard they wont move trust me and I do everything I can to prevent your books from getting damaged in shipment. And lastly the Post Office has slowed down considerably due to Covid. Your packages will get delayed so I will send the DC so you can watch it. Any other questions just let me know. I have sent out 10 invoices tonight and I will do another 20 or so tomorrow. I will finish Sat night so by Sunday if you don't have an invoice PM me.
  6. Trash. Complete speculation without facts. They have no idea if the "printing was stopped" and no source that retailers were asked to pull copies. Not a variant. Not an error. Every book has this to some degree. That site should know better then to print that without some facts to back it up.
  7. Yes color variations have been around for years. A niche collecting market will pay a little more for one, but thats all it is. The normal collector market will only occasionally recognize them and they have to quite a bit drastically different. Now with this book and the hype market it will get pushed by certain sites/collectors. Great for them if they find a sucker, but its just a color variation from the printing.
  8. And this concludes the sales thread. I will keep this thread open till Friday as I work on invoices and PMs. See anything in the thread you are interested in that is left I am open to offers on most books. Its been a very fun thread. Hope you enjoyed it.