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  1. what's the deal with issue #6? Also damn I'm jealous of the street shark #1s The book was recalled/reprinted due to a wrong inserted art page. Its like the Hack Slash My first Maniac 4 the pages are out of order and don't make sense. I had 5 copies and only one error.
  2. Have you checked the issue 6 did you get lucky?
  3. Read We Live 1 today from Aftershock. Good first issue with a great story at least start. Very refreshing to read a new concept I hadn't seen before. Issue 1 is doing well $10-15 and some variants doing well, but seems issue 1 is little harder to find maybe next week some more shipments will show up. Quite a few store variants will drag it down for awhile.
  4. No new rumors that I know off. I think the rarity of it is driving up the price. Its been a slow cook for awhile. I could kick myself 15+ years ago I bought 25 copies thinking that book would take off and never did. I purged them maybe 5 years ago. Ive sold a few over the years easily as I still find them $1 books. One seller currently looks like a NM/NM- copy for $110, but he has VG in the title. Its actually a nice copy, but his title mistake will keep him from selling it I think.
  5. Ive never understood the Hood 1 never. Bendis had a soft spot for this character, but after being featured several times he doesn't seem to have a huge mass following.
  6. I sold a 1 to 6 set for $175 in NM a few weeks back so I guess I was a little early.
  7. I hope you are right, I m selling an almost full run on ebay, single issue listings, with no reserve, that end today. Issue 1 has 41 watchers right now How does that work for you? Do you have a alot of European buyers for a large lot? I would imagine most US buyers will pass on it due to high cost to ship just guessing?
  8. Those Psylocke issues are really hard to find.
  9. I am extremely disappointed from the 1$ boardie stud.
  10. As others have mentioned i started when Cameron was running by himself.the TN move was a nightmare and I left then. MCS and Sanctum have done well for me for years. And if u order ur local shop should give a discount as well as u pad their orders. Again I know some lcs are worse just a suggestion. And lastly for some of you the service u want you will never find. Ocd is really bad in our hobby and I think its impossible to please some. And those that look to slab moderns consistenly does Beacbum still offer his service?
  11. Yea just saw the news after your post. Michael B Jordan to produce a new Static Movie. Excellent news, but please oh lord not Jayden Smith though. At this point doesn't matter for me. I am just about sold out. Best sales on a book I have had in many years. I bet I have purchased 50 copies of this book in last 6 or 7 years & 5 Platinums and I have sold thru all but just a couple of copies 1s. It has to be the best $1 book I have bought in many years and might be number 1 for me in $1 books.