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  1. Well if you can find a 9.4 or better you will do very well. So far I have only found 8.5 to 9.2. This one is 9.4, but has a slight printer defect like seam from the printer on it so I wont slab it either.
  2. Went to a couple of shows the last few weeks always interesting what I see and hear as I am digging in boxes. Saw 2 copies of What if 10 sell right in front of me from $50-80 and online is somewhere around there as well. A lot of discussion still about that book still. House of and Powers of X still dominate Marvel sales on new issues. For the first time issue 6 didn't sell out locally. So supply has finally caught up. What a fantastic series. Batman Beyond 3 is doing very well. Sold 5 copies of ASM 210 in the last couple of weeks easily. Spider-man Unlimited 1 was the hot book this past week. Will be interesting to see how demand and supply break out. I even bought several copies dirt cheap to put back for later. (I sold a couple as well for $15-20) That triple cover sale slab sale was amazing. Spider-man II 1 is getting some sales notice in both regular issue and variants. Once & future while 1st print sales are down 2nd prints and later do very well. The story is solid so far I haven't sold many for that reason I like the story and think it will do well later. Betty 186 latest cover selling well. Tough find low print run I think. Gargoyles is finally getting its due. Ive sold sets from $100-150 over the years. The last 3 issues or so are pretty hard to find in any grade. Issue 1 is currently a $15-20 book. Eternals still selling well I sell a couple a week now of different issues. I can sell issue 3 and 5 pretty much in a day or two. Although I have listed one for a week or two so maybe demand has slowed down. Look for the 1st edition TPBs they sell very well. Elephantmen 18 Color or B/W both sell well in the JSC cover. Dig those $1 boxes they are there. Look for early Black Adam issues to appreciate again soon. Keep checking those Walmarts those Venom 3 2nd prints are there. Don't be a person_who_is_obnoxiously_self-impressed and tear them up looking. Found my first sets of 2000+ DC newsstands other day. I find Marvels all the time no DC most of the time so I am happy. Man do I wish I would have bought more copies of Spawn 201-249. The prices are stunning now.
  3. Ive gotten several books in lately that are otherwise 9.4 to 9.6 easy, but have light foxing on the interiors of the back covers. How much of a grade knock off would CGC take if I submitted them? Any thoughts or experiences on it?
  4. I've been searching online for these other two variants but can't find them. Looks like only the Baltimore copy exists. Read this website and it will explain it better then I can. The FF copy doesn't exist, but there is Avengers and X-Men ones.
  5. I just base it off of never seeing them in shops or flea markets. I am sure they aren't ultra scarce, but you aren't going to find these very often. I mean it is Wizard afterall.
  6. Wrong. It’s hype and shilling Well I wouldn't argue that's its large part as well.
  7. You take one sentence of my post and turn into something it isn't. I am a rational person you want to turn this into something its not. If someone presents a fairly rational discussion point without any of the hyperbole that is in above paragraph I am fine with it. We can give them a different viewpoint and usually they will take it. As long as we tell them our view of why we feel this isn't correct its an impass until the poster stays here awhile and begins to understand why we feel this way. I don't see the need to beat them over the head with every time someone new comes in. My point to the poster was for them to understand our viewpoint of why we have to be careful when trying to guess at the ratio numbers for thingslike newsstands and such. The educated guess part doesn't bother me its an honest attempt by many here. I can understand how they arrive at it. I am not going to beat a poster to death till until they start using stuff like 1/100 newsstand and such. Id like to at least extend that courtesy to them and allow them to learn. You beat them to death first and then ask questions. I am not going to let you drag me into going from Point A to Point B here. Most don't have a problem with this. They have a problem when they use the information to make references such as 1/100 they cant prove. There in lies the difference for me. I am quite sure you don't agree with that and that again is fine with me. I am not looking to change you mind. I am just a little more lenient with new posters. Eventually they get the point except for a rare few.
  8. Found a 498 DCU 3rd print today, but it was beat to hell, but I still bought too. Cant let a rare book go like that even as a beater lol.
  9. It's not an educated guess. That's the whole problem. It's making up numbers in the absence of hard data that "sounds good", but doesn't actually apply to what people are trying to make it apply to. I can guess how many tacos that Taco Bell makes in a day by trying to apply the number of taco shells sold at the grocery store, but those numbers don't have anything to do with each other, either. That's not how it works. Yes, "some posters" ARE trying to take perception and make it reality, and yes, that's when the problems start to arise. You are making a large assumption here. I have no problem with someone giving an estimate of circulation numbers. As long as they say they estimating I am fine with it. This is a much larger issue for you then many of us. We can all look at the data and give a ballpark idea and go yeah that's an idea of where it might be and leave it at that. These insufficiently_thoughtful_persons claiming they have more with no proof are easily dismissed. Most of us are educated enough to accept that fact that we will never truly know. But we use the tools that are available to us to make a rational assumption or guess. As long as the poster says that and doesn't make any wild assumptions I am okay with that knowing that it is only a best a guess. There is no need to beat the point to death with them and most board members I think would agree with this basic assumption. Many of us have been out in the field for a very long time and can easily dispute claims that are not within reason.
  10. Basically saying a educated guess right? If so then that's perfectly fine. As long as it left that way. Some posters on here try to take that perception and make it reality and that's when the problems start to arise. From our perspective does that make sense to you?
  11. Thank you! When you mean price variant is it a 9 cent newsstand? This one is 2.25. Yes this is the newsstand version. I think there is a 3rd & 4th version of this where the $.09 isn't on the cover. One is the Baltimore Con Variant it is easier to find I think there is a 4th normal price book without the $.09 version. Anyone confirm this? Its similar to the X-Men and Avengers copies that do exist.
  12. Very good find. Not as valuable as some others, but I find that one to be the hardest to find. There is also I think a price variant as well.
  13. Oh, I thought the bottom row was all NS Some of you have to look closer at I thought the same thing first time I saw one of those.