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  1. Out today so far Assassin Comics Pitboss Johnenock And some ebay shipments.
  2. And that most Facebook sellers have no clue where they got their price from.
  3. The teenager in my wants to agree. I still remember the hate I had for the that broke up Peter and Kitty. I was crushed at the time.
  4. I am going to have to 2nd this. While I loved Secret Wars and Wolverine. Mark G wrote a masterpiece. I miss his writing.
  5. 20-30% price adjustment is certainly within a fair range, but again you have to show a pattern one sale means nothing. I have no predictor of what % it will be. We will know in a few months. Really if you want to know just pick a book that sales consistently at a certain range and track it for 6 months. I would guess the first month it might even rise some say April. The next 5 months it should fall and how much would the %. That's just a suggestion. I wouldn't disagree with any of that. Really what it comes down to is this. Do you think prices will fall? I do across the board except for high end keys and will do so for many months due to wage disparity. But, that window hasn't opened yet and probably wont until the stimulus payments are used up. You can take that anyway you want, but the way it translates for me in the next few to maybe 6 months there will be some opportunity a lot of it.
  6. I couldn't disagree with you more; there are several dealers and collectors I know of that have inventory and collections in the tens of thousands. None of these guys use ebay/online to sell. I know of a buddy with over 2000 long boxes.... To quote Donut: "Comics are everywhere!". If you are running out of stuff to list you will just have to be more diligent in finding collections, trust me, there will never be a shortage there. I don't think the most recently published books (within the last few months) really hold a lot of weight in the total volume of market comic sales - unless that's what your online selling is specializing in? Edited 4 minutes ago by spreads The point I was making is online sales have risen because of the lack of conventions and stores. Now over the next few month when money starts to run low from people losing their jobs then comics will come up for sale and they will be cheaper because they will need the money. Its happened before, but not at this level because unemployment and forloughs have sky rocketed. Am I missing something you are telling me here? I am not really arguing that there isn't inventory available. And this isn't personally my situation other then the fact I hate I cant go to conventions currently.
  7. I wouldn't bet on it. Folks will stop running auctions in this environment. Sellers will only be dumping at super low prices if they are personally desperate. Did we all have a buying bonanza in 2008/2009? I don't remember it that way. Some stuff softened, sure, but it wasn't even like 1999/2000. And in a month or two things will be reopening. People getting laid off (if they are not high income) will actually be making MORE than if they were still employed in many situations over the next month or two. Yes, health insurance is scarey if you've lost it. There's Cobra for an emergency. The key to Cobra is just not using it! Then you don't have to pay the jacked up premium. We can agree to disagree. I am just basing it off my surge in sales the last 2 weeks and what will happen in the next few months. I saw something similar in 2008, but I think this will be larger by far.
  8. Well what you are seeing is the artificial inflation when the bottom falls out. It wont happen overnight, but I bet if you track a book for the next 2 months or so it wont be going up.
  9. Out today GLCBrad Broke as a Joke. Slowed by Ebay shipments today which have really picked up.
  10. Really the big question is whats next? Online sellers you can tell are starting to get desperate as they don't have the large back stock that a brick and mortar store would have they deal with only New issues and variants. Ive gotten tons of emails from them about sales and mystery boxes and such. Spec sites have run out of stuff to talk about or lack the knowledge to bring up better topics or honestly some of their writers have serious problems of their own to deal with that I don't doubt at all. Not really their fault, but many were a little to geared to the modern market. With shops closed and no conventions there isn't a lot of material to work with. The question really is how long before this all dries up for us as sellers. For buyers its a dream scenario in about a month or two. Any key you want will be yours at a discounted price except maybe a few grails. Hulk 181 and AF 15 may be the examples of exceptions. Honestly thought it will be interesting to see if they show up at auction houses or if sellers just go to ebay since places like MCS are shut down currently which has caused problems for some sellers I know. I am very envious of this because I liquated my personal collection many years ago to finance my kids college funds. I am still actively buying, but for things I know that are recession proof. Past that this next few months we are going to see some book movement like we haven't seen since probably 2008. Again I am envious of active collectors now and if they get cheap I may start my collection again.
  11. Out today Azncardsforever Echu Keylargocomics Norrin302 & 3 Ebay packages.
  12. I wish they would just build a website so I could look thru there back issues. I cant seem to find it if they have it.