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  1. I compared the blue label book to the above photos and it looks like the pieces added were in the top right and bottom right corners. They were simply removed. Sweet book. Looks like top of spine had work removed also.
  2. I’ll take em all Sharon! Of course if others want some I’m happy to share.
  3. What are you talking about? What makes you think I want to mess with your sales thread?
  4. So far you’ve used ”predatory” and “unfairly” to describe the pricing of comic books. Neither is possible. The rules of the boards are pretty simple and make a lot of sense to me. When someone does make such an ill advised comment on another’s sales thread I view it as the equivalent of road rage. The good news is most sellers here now know how much you desire to comment on pricing so, who knows, somebody might ask.
  5. Of a comic book? Holy hyperbole Batman. Not possible. Your initial Instinct is correct. Shake your head and move on. As a buyer the best you can do is make an offer. I’ve got no problem with pm’ing some incredulity but not crapping on it publicly.
  6. Your value add to these boards is tremendous. I, among many, appreciate it. Makes me almost forget that Gary Carter is no longer editing CBM. I have definitely forgot more than you will ever know. Or something like that.
  7. Indeed it was. Before the continent’s moved.
  8. My first comic book. My mother bought it and put in my crib when I was a month old. It, too, was a Canadian newsstand.
  9. This is the book I use as a backdrop for all my photos. Inside are Tarzan daily’s from the 20’s/30’s by Foster and Maxon. Tarzan book added for scale.
  10. Celardo Sunday. Not in the same class as Foster or Hogarth fo shizzle.