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  1. Really interested in seeing if you can single handedly resuscitate Westerns I’ll put money on you will.
  2. Since you mentioned it. The spine split “5.0” Mr. District Attorney you bought for $38. There is only 1 graded copy on the census. A 4.0. GPA for that VG copy is $53. As you point out whether you got a good or bad a deal is frankly irrelevant. I also collect Mr. DA and do not have a 39. I’d want a 5.0 for my collection but not a 1.0 at any price. No excuse I can think of would justify such pathetic grading by an “Overstreet Advisor”. Anyone else think that buying an ad in the book might be all it takes to get that coveted status?
  3. Normally I am very forgiving for bad grading on eBay where the item is photographed well and all defects are pictured. I checked out your 5.0 with the detached back cover on eBays sold listings and I can say he failed miserably. From the photos it is impossible to tell that the back cover is detached. BTW who paid for the return shipping?
  4. Awesome results Namisgr! Too lazy to photograph all the Conan’s but here’s the first picture frame.
  5. Nice buy. That little chip off the back probably takes it down to a 7.0 all by itself. Need one like this for my Master collection!
  6. I think you will make out just fine by keeping it. Sub 💰1000 Playboy 1’s seem pretty rare.