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  1. Pretty early Bowen Doc Savage. Limited to 300.
  2. Absolutely loved it. Still thinking about it a week later. Tarantino is a real master at retelling history like it should have happened.
  3. Definitely like this one. Raws selling for $50 or so.
  4. Currently $99 gpa although something tells me that’s going down. 9 hours up and back to ‘Cuse today. Definitely hauled a larger U-Haul than needed. Here’s a picture of about 70% of the collection. OO is 54 and didn’t start really collecting until 1984, which is about the year I stopped buying new books Comics, mags, books, posters and movie posters. Looking through first box these 9/11 Spideys sort of jumped out at me.
  5. Who pays retail nowadays? I'm a tougher negotiator than that.
  6. I'm told there are 8 boxes of miscellaneous mags!
  8. Lol. You'll be the second to know. Just finished the deal. Gotta go pick them up.