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  1. Interior art from Junior comics used as cover for this rare one.
  2. Must read if you’re a vintage comic book devotee. Couldn’t wait for this every month, at least until Cochran got there. Bless his heart. GLWTS
  3. That auction got late early and fast. Can’t remember another page of Krenkel alone attributed published comic book (magazine) art ever selling before. Page has it all.
  4. Auctioneer (not Barry) certainly knows more about Starbucks than she does comic art.
  5. Pure wild speculation on my part but would it surprise anyone to learn that the buyer, seller and “commission” were preordained? Lots of “free” publicity for Heritage.
  6. Wilbur Comics 5 sold for big money today in the Heritage auction. Swing and a miss on my part.
  7. Nice looking books as always Rick.
  8. Anyone have any idea how many Kirby OA pages exist that depict his most famous characters genesis? Rarer than hen’s teeth I’d guess.
  9. The female auctioneer is worthless. Ive seen no evidence so far that she has any idea what “widget” she is schilling.
  10. Right now I’m selling more than I’m buying. It makes me sad. Darn kids.
  11. Shame, shame, shame. His response is worthy of a neg.
  12. Yes. I’ve sold about 30 books with the program with zero problems. Not sure how the buyers can afford it but I guess beggars can’t be choosers.
  13. I actually started a second eBay ID to list raw books. There I try to add photos of any unseen defects and make note of any surprises. Doesn’t pay to offer a grade unless it is real nice imho. Using my original id I only sell CGC graded comics. No muss no fuss (and no returns!)
  14. Was looking at eBay SOLD listings to see if a long box that contained binders full of comic related cards and pogs had any value when this thread popped into my head. (I got the card binders as an incidental when I purchased a 30 long box collection of mostly bronze and copper books about 5 years ago. ). Made me wonder how bad a collection has to be to no longer be “worth it”? Everyone must have a limit.