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  1. ThothAmon

    Iron Man 1

    NIce copy and date stamp! Let’s say 7.0.
  2. New pickup in a nice collection I just purchased. Suspense Comics 11. Fun to know books like this still exist in the wild
  3. 85/100. Nothing newer than 2000 or so.
  4. Probably a very common occurrence. Am interested in knowing what tier of submission you used? Often wondered if economy submissions are handled differently than a high value walk through? The “good” news in your case I really don’t see either books grade being impacted much, if any, by a detached cover. Especially true of the Sgt. Fury. Kudos to Bomber-Bob for his insights.
  5. ThothAmon

    Happy Valentine's Day! Show Some Love!

    Besides that it’s probably his finest “bulging pants” cover.
  6. ThothAmon

    Archie 1-10 +50 CLUB

    Group shot!
  7. ThothAmon

    Archie 1-10 +50 CLUB

    Very impressed by Inaflash’s sale of Archie 35 in 9.4 right here on the boards. Not sure if I would have ponied up the 5k if I’d seen it in time but I would have been sorely tempted. His Archie 8 was also sweet. Hard to find one of those things with an attached cover.
  8. ThothAmon

    This Week Back From CGC

    Killing it. Please leave some for the rest of us.
  9. Archie 13. One of my favorites.
  10. ThothAmon

    Bronze Age Treasuries

    This copy is unused and looks a bit older. Don’t really have any information on these but am curious. Threw the Spidey/Superman Treasury in to give some perspective on the coloring book. Not the easiest thing to store.
  11. ThothAmon

    Ginger 4 is the new Archie 50

    Doubtful that DeCarlo needed Viagra in his golden years. Funny thing is I think I wore Jughead’s outfit in the seventies.