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  1. I’ll go with the over 100k but only because it’s an unbelievably special book. Wish I were bidding on it.
  2. ThothAmon

    Probation worthy?

    Wish I knew about Craig’s List better but so far I’ve heard no proof why the “dirtbag” is responsible for your ads being deleted. Without that info your post remains borderline rant in my estimation.
  3. ThothAmon

    Is this X-Men collection worth buying?

    Think you might need to be into the collection for $2000 or less to make the trip worthwhile. Good luck and it’s always fun to find a collection!
  4. ThothAmon

    Got a comic room??? Showcase it here!

    Thanks. Nah it’s nothing more than a poster order form. Here’s an updated photo.
  5. ThothAmon

    Heavy Metal Magazine

    Kinda cool “Treasury” sized from Heavy Metal.
  6. ThothAmon

    This week in your collection?

    Small collection I bought.
  7. Nice tough book. I’ll say 4.5.
  8. Lol. Can’t hurt the grading process.
  9. ThothAmon

    More Crack

    With blade skills like that you should be a brain surgeon. The few slabs I’ve disemboweled (never a Mile High mind you) I found using a paper cutter to slice open the sleeve works well and is a little less scary than a box cutter.
  10. ThothAmon

    Archie 1-10 +50 CLUB

    I found this. Archie is well represented starting at issue 5. Didn’t go through the census data but only three books, in the first 50, starting with Archie 21 have sold according to GPA. Only one through Heritage. The three that have sold went for record prices and are the highest graded. My guess is that they are safely ensconced in the nicest Archie collection out there.
  11. ThothAmon

    GA warehouse finds of the past

    Man. What a great thread to read. Believe I’ve bought many books off eBay over the years from Redbeard. Hoping Redbeard is doing well recovering from the transplant. Got a new hip myself two years back and recovery is a long process.
  12. ThothAmon

    Comiclink 2018 auction - soft prices?

    The fact that the auction was held at the same time the stock market had suffered a ten percent correction didn’t help. Rising interest rates don’t create an environment conducive to record sales.
  13. ThothAmon

    My CGC Submissions

    Life with Archie 3. Tops the census. As Does the Katy Keene 62
  14. ThothAmon

    Have a Cigar! Golden Age only....!

    A few recently graded. Thanks to Rick for replacing my recently sold SS6.