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  1. Awesome books. Can’t wait to see what’s next? Just have to say that the Canadian Batman 50 has a way cooler back cover than the US version.
  2. They’re not making any more of them but probably not the smartest starting point for a novice collector. Lots of fake Stans out there. Unsigned Detective 27 is my advice.
  3. Hassle free sale and everyone is getting a great deal. That’s why I’d slab it anyways. Now if only I can find one.
  4. How many angels can dance on the head of a pin? Old Judge Rainbow Morse would ask me that when he was my boss. That and the fact that I didn’t start to “collect “ comics in the mid 70’s until I found the Overstreet Price Guide. What, these things can be worth more than I paid for them?
  5. Cool. No sign of date? (earlier the better). This page might explain what it is. now I see date. What issue of Superman or Action is reprinted?