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  1. Just picked up some clean DC 1940s MUTT & JEFF & WESTERNS and I can't give them away at the store, Got me thinking what one-time major GA genre or characters time has come and gone & 10 yrs will really have little to no fan interest in your opinion?
  2. Frank Mozz

    Crom! HELP AN OLD GUY OUT! Need some advise?

  3. A longtime comic collector with no, nada not one bit of experience in the original art market. .I am working on finally slowing down a bit and having a comic man cave ( kids are grown up & the house has a lot of room) so I finally get to see some of my 45 yrs of collecting outside of the long "heavy" white boxes.. Anyway, I am hoping to add some nice OA to my comic lair & since I started with Conan in the late 1970s ( really Archies but we don't talk about that ) I am just trying to get a general range for what some of the projected Heritage OA pieces in February auction might bring& figure this is the place to ask for an honest evaluation? There is a nice John Buscema and Joe SinnottMarvel Treasury Edition #23 Conan the Barbarian Cover and two BWS early splash pages from issue 5 & 7 just trying to see what some experts think any of these might bring. My take on the BWS pages is apx 25/35k the #23 cover I have no idea any help would be great. So out of my realm this feels like I am 11 yrs old again and walking into Passaic book center for the first time asking if they have any old comics
  4. Frank Mozz

    AF 15 vs ASM 1

    I am not sure the AC#1 vs SM #1 Applies here as both ASM#1 IN 5.0 & AF15 1.5 are plentiful in either grade, ASM #1 is moving a bit right now but over the long haul & a year from now that may not be the case, it does run in cycles. I would still go with the AF#15. ASM #1 will always be the secondary book IMHO. AF15 has so much going for it Arguably the most iconic Marvel Character, a classic badass cover even your grandmother has seen plus all 3 legends are represented as Kirby, Ditko & Lee all got in on the action, it's his first Appearance, I mean it has everything you want from a major key. Let put it this way I never meet an AMAZING FANTASY I DIDN'T LIKE LOL
  5. Just picked up a reading copy of DC ALL-STAR COMICS # 7 1941 & on the last page Superman & Batman make a Cameo appearance in the same story, how early is this for them to be together in the same story ( same panel?) How many other stories pre-date this issue for them to be in the same story arch. Just wondering??
  6. I think the grade is dead on its a solid nm book based on the pics.
  7. Frank Mozz


    1st " I'll TAKE IT" wins lot Shipping in USA $9.99, if outside please contact me first. Paypal Only $199.99 That's About $8 a book! No returns on these all are complete. Includes 24 complete classic Bud Fisher Books From 1945-1956 A Nice Readers Lot with the Average Grade of VG some better some Good. Includes issues 20, 22, 25, 28,29,30,32,33,35,36,37,38,42,53,57,62,63,65,68,73,80,89 & 2 Dells 104/110 1958/59
  8. Frank Mozz

    Incredible Hulk #181 - is it *that* red-hot?

    Yea, been waiting for years for that yellow spandex to come back into vogue
  9. Frank Mozz

    Coverless Complete Action 1 on eBay!

    Thats cool when was that? Auction, private, bin?
  10. Frank Mozz

    Coverless Complete Action 1 on eBay!

    Thanks for the offer really wasn't going on a feeling & maybe I am just looking in the wrong places so your help is much appreciated & maybe you could tell me of the most confirmed recent coverless complete sales on this book? I am just not finding it anywhere & again maybe I am way off on this book & the timing had nothing to do with the final hammer. However, having been selling on eBay for 18 yrs and at our 2 retail stores for almost 13 I have found that BIN prices tend to be higher than auction prices, at least in my experiences. And again any info on recent sales would be great
  11. Frank Mozz

    Coverless Complete Action 1 on eBay!

    Absolutely correct Gator. my point was that someone was willing to pay 105, this one ended on an auction at 80+ on an ebay auction on x mas eve, so the assumption that 80ish is the current FMV seems low to me and in the right circumstances I feel you could get better number , now I am not as plugged in as you are so I may not be as aware of recent confirmed private or auctioned sale of complete coverless examples so I could just be off on the FMV.
  12. Frank Mozz

    Coverless Complete Action 1 on eBay!

    I understand it sold at a solid record price but imho does not represent the full current market potential of this book, ( I would note it seems like there was a legit 105 offer on the table) truth is if the new owner gives me 4 weeks I would do the 99k ( sell a few more common gems) & could even live with the potential 15k negative equity for the next few yrs .
  13. Frank Mozz

    Coverless Complete Action 1 on eBay!

    " I SAY I SAY BOY ITS ALL ABOUT TIMING IF YOU WANT TO BE A CHICKEN HAWK" If the new owner put this up on a BIN for 99.999 it would sell in a very short time. I sincerely feel that timing was a factor on several levels for this book not hitting 100k. I don't know how much of an impact the auction ending on X mas eve was but have to assume it had to have some ( its just a bad time to post this period ) also a bin would gives people time to move money around ie sell off books or other collectibles to make a move on a book in this caliber. I would note that the stock market being all over the place on 401ks ect doesn't help, people I know are nervous about there money right now. If this had been listed last summer for 99k it sells asap imho. My conclusion I think the buyer got a good solid deal & the seller set a world record! MERRY XMAS to both of them!
  14. Frank Mozz

    Coverless Complete Action 1 on eBay!

    100% dead on with this one, the book just broke a record and as to the 105 offer does anyone know the complete story on that? What were the details?