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  1. INKER FOR WHAT ARTIST?........ FOR EXAMPLE: Who was the worst inker for Jack Kirby IMHO? Once a combo has been said please feel free to comment, but try and find another example, Should be fun.
  2. No probies or HOSers. First in thread wins over any PM discussions or takes, FREE USPS SHIPPING IN THE USA, PayPal only. No returns on graded books RELISTED: I WASN'T AWARE OF THE MULTIPLE TREAD RULES, NOTE THIS LISTING TAKES PRESIDENT OVER ANY OTHER POSTS. I HOPE I GOT RIGHT THIS TIME, IF NOT LET ME KNOW ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MARVEL 1973 AVENGERS IRON MAN # 55 1st THANOS & DRAX CGC BLUE 8.0 VF $759 SHIPPED --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MARVEL IRON MAN # 1 CGC 5.5 FN WHITE PAGES KEY PREMIERE ISSUE ORIGIN $375.SHIPPED ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MARVEL AVENGERS # 5 CLASSIC LEE KIRBY LAVA MEN CGC 7.5 BLUE VF, NICE SOLID BOOK! $375 SHIPPED ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- HOT STUFF # 1 HARVEY 1957 CGC BLUE 4.0 1st APP KEY CLASSIC KREMER COVER $425 SHIPPED ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DC BATMAN # 139 CGC 4.0 BLUE FIRST APPEARANCE OF THE ORIGINAL BAT-GIRL $350 SHIPPED ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TALES OF SUSPENSE # 1 ATLAS MARVEL 1959 SCI FI CLASSIC COVER CGC BLUE 1.0 $350 SHIPPED
  3. I guess we will have to agree to disagree I would note that the same argument has been and to some extent is still is being used with Golden age comics for almost as long as I can remember & yet that era of the hobby along with Silver & Bronze is seeing real growth. I feel it very nieve to think one day ( how long are we talking here?) nobody will care that Jack Kirby did that FF page or that Neil Adams did that splash or Todd Mcfarlane did that cover but will be buying it for the ch content alone ie because the Fantastic Four, Green Arrow & Spiderman are on the page. I Just don't see that ever being that being case be it illustration art or not. 30 yrs from now some kid will pick up DKR read it and fall in love and they will want that Batman page, cover etc not because its a Batman page but because its a MILLER Batman page, granted a HC AF cover, maybe not so much. There will always be trends but like it or not the great comic illustration artist are here to stay IMHO
  4. I think the closest thing to compare the OA market to would obviously be the comic market itself, for year people have predicted the DOOM of golden age comic market and in reality its as strong as ever, ( the original generation that bought those books new is all but gone) yes there will be trends in OA like any hobby, HOT artists, Hot characters etc, but anyone who thinks classic Kirby, Ditko, Smith, Adams, Big John, McFarlane, Miller, Lee & many other artists OA is going to hit the skids based on the changing generational demographics might want to rethink that thought. Staying on topic AF was a niche indy book at best & while I agree very few characters or OA from that era will stand the test of time in terms of long term investment potential ( yes there are a few exceptions from that indy era) that market will have very little impact to the overall stability of OA in my opinion its two entirely different types of OA markets being compared. IMHO OA from The big dog artists & characters of the silver, bronze and to some extent copper & modern age will be in demand long after most of us are dust in the wind & remain good solid investments & if I am wrong OA is still cool as f@ck to own & hang on your wall.
  5. Have to say when AF hit it was seen as a big step forward for where the NEW independent comics were heading & definitely considered one of the more innovative alternative books of that early phase of indy books, funny for me it's hard to place it into context now because of how dated the book seems. Almost like watching an old MTV new wave video 40 yrs later.
  6. Just a really insightful and well thought out post, I agree 100%
  7. Gators dead on with this one & the facts are the facts, pressing is GAME ON and anyone can play from small fries to giant size. But then again maybe I am just rationalizing my reality?
  8. Complete, coverless & while not a huge deal in regard for many members here, the pride of my collection and really a dream to own.
  9. Don't know why but I keep thinking of this quote with this book.........Look at this. It’s worthless — ten dollars from a vendor in the street. But I take it, I bury it in the sand for a thousand years, it becomes priceless. Like the Ark.” Is it me or does the historical aspect of this book not blow you away? While I don't know the entire history of the book I know what it says on the label and what iv read here & it seems this book has been around the block a few times with several members. However for me personally when I think of what this book represents to our hobby I find it fascinating it really is a significant piece of comic book history regardless of the grade or company that graded it IMHO.
  10. Still think M #1 is undervalued in these modern trends setting days of collecting or I am just old. Either way, call it what you will but IMHO it would be a bad @ss comic to add to any serious collection.
  11. Very insightful and interesting post this phase or feeling you're talking about isn't just reserved to OA it's a symptom that permeates into almost all aspects of collecting almost anything IMHO. Over the years I have found many people who love to collect to be very focused to the point of obsession ( myself included) & at times keeping these tendencies in check & healthy can be a battle. Be it fast cars, toys, comics OA & so on the thrill can and does get out of control for certain personalities & then BOOM out of nowhere it's not quite as important as it was just a few months/years ago. Personally my collecting habits have changed a lot over the years & now I tend to just focus on things that I have a connection with from my childhood/teens or that I find to be cool as hell ( Bruce Lee Megos are at Walmart for 20 bucks, that's badass) & to be honest items that I think are solid long term investments ( sorry I buy for potential future financial gain not just the all-encompassing love of the hobby) I know I am the only one here who does that lol. Anyway, my point is when I started to make all of it a little less important I found myself really reinvigorated and enjoying my varied hobbies again. I no longer find myself wanting to have it all and my current interest at most shows is in low-end readers that I don't have to worry about damaging ( I am almost done an entire original Conan run for under $400 9.8 encased can stick it you know where lol. I also find that I am enjoying the many friends & long conversation as much as the hunt & friendly competition that existed at many shows & even here online. I think many of us can relate to your feelings & while It sounds so simple my advice is to make it fun again, enjoy it and when the next piece of OA comes up that inspires you or blows you away you will know its something special & not just a filler for a cheap 15 minute high.
  12. The Roy Thomas Gil Kane GZ CONAN run is among one of the best of the era IMHO
  13. You just have to laugh at human nature......................... I put this post up to just get an idea if it was a smart long term move on my part and at this point about 12hr later I got 2 legit responses and 5pms asking if I could send pics of both books and did I have a BIN price for either. Some cool some not " what's the best price for a fellow boardie?" People just never cease to amaze me. To be clear I was asking for some input into the move not trying to make a sale.
  14. Currently, have (2) AF15 CGC blue 3.0 If I sell them both & add around 15k around what grade do you think I can pick up and is it a smart upgrade or move .........long term?