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  1. I know this take the post a little to the left or right ( no politics here) but WHAT IF: NOV 12th 2009 " I POSTED/PREDICT IN 10 YEARS A COVERLESS COPY OF ACTION 1 WILL BE WORTH 100K could you imagine the response? Let's be honest who in their right mind would have thought the day would come when one or even two comics ( I still think the right Tec 27 does the same) would be legit 100k contenders? WOW right? I mean you realize that in some parts of this country that's a decent house, a badass muscle car, a solid 401K & a whole lot of other cool real world s#it, Just blows my mind!
  2. Tec 27 I would put at 80k for cream off white or better maybe even 100k. At this point when it comes to AC & Tec 27 its apples to apples ( god knows we have had enough post about which one is the one) but either are the ultimate GA grails for most collectors and will continue to go up as long as the top keeps going up.
  3. I have to be honest based what Iv seen the days of 50K or even 75K are Looooooog gone do I think this could be a mid 80s yep ( in fact this went for 80+ last year on bids on ebay on a very bad auction) but just as easily could do 100k tomorrow and it would not surprise anyone imho, supple and demand and all that
  4. Wondering what makes you think that? Based on what? The seller put up some legit prices for individual pages that have recorded sales. Also when you say considerable less what is that number? 25/50/75?
  5. TEXT FROM THE LISTING: There is no comic book more highly regarded than this one... It it the undisputed king of the Grails. It features the first appearance of Superman, including his origin story of being sent to earth from a dying planet. Moreover, this is the first Super Hero comic book ever and many consider this book started the Golden Age. A world record sale for a comic was set with this very book in it's best grade 9.0, making it the most valuable book in existence. There are believed to be somewhere in the ballpark of 50-100 copies of Action Comics #1 and only 40 of those in the CGC Census are unrestored. The first page alone last year sold for over $25.5K and was brittle pages! To date, the first 4 pages have been auctioned over the last year for roughly $50K and page 5 with the cover panel is being auctioned this December, still leaving 2 more superman pages, and 25 more pages including the centerfold. Non Superman pages have sold for $2K+ and are being offered here on ebay for well over this amount. Do the math, there are 7 Superman pages, and another 25 pages including the centerfold valued in the $2-3k range, which more than justifies the BIN price. This book, less the cover, is otherwise complete and is very presentable with cream to off-white pages. Though less the cover, it's almost another comic within a comic showing the transformation of Kal-El to Superman all through the first page slab. Keep as is, or if you're able to find a cover you now have yourself a quarter million on up book in today's market.
  6. I had just sold two big books from my personal collection ( AF 15 & a married CA #1) & had a nice chunk of change to buy a PC book. A week before this came up for auction on Ebay I was offered an incomplete copy ( no centerfold & I think only 1 or 2 BM pages) I was ok with no cover but decided I just did not want an incomplete copy and had resolved myself to moving on and started to look for a Captain America #1 & then this came up on a 7 day auction which gave me time to do research & come up with what I thought would be a crazy pants bid, This was a PC buy and the store could not absorb a purchase like this without having to resell it at some point. So I had to talk to my wife and she was ok with a me taking out a small loan from our savings as I was going to need another 15k based on what I thought would give me a decent shot at winning it. Long story short I put my bidnapper bid in and went to bed & when I first looked I thought I had been out bid ( to be honest I was relieved) only to realize I had won the book by less than $100. By far the most I had ever paid for a single comic for my personal collection and needless to say at this point I could never afford to replace it & to this day I still pinch myself when I realize I own it. (I am two away from a complete run of low grade complete pre tech books but none of them have come close to being this crazy pants but #31 is one of the two so who knows............Honey I have have a question to ask
  7. Pretty much everyone has said get a FULL BOOK, so I am in the minority. However, if you have a chance to get a nice BATMAN CGC quality page from tec 27 on your budget GRAB it ASAP & run! Pretty much all of the other books you buy will be there down the road & if you do some research they generally have a built in appreciation or in some cases depreciation projection that can be predetermined (not counting on market fluctuation on HOT characters ( ie the movie bump). But I promise you will never not find a buyer for that page or lose money. We have reached a point where AC #1 & TEC #27 are in a different category all together they are not just comics anymore but HISTORIC AMERICAN POP CULTURE LEGENDS that will matter long after even the best current GA books start to decline as the hobby inevitably moves past books now treasured by the aging 2nd and 3rd generation of collectors. Yes AF15, HULK 181 & X23 are all good solid long term investments they are also a dime a dozen. But how many collectors do you know that have a page to either of those iconic books ? On a side note: which page it is must be taken into consideration imho. Husband: I just bought the Submariner #1 Wife: Great, what do you want for dinner, Friend at work:: Who? Husband :I just bought an original page from the first Batman comic Wife: You mean Detective #27? Friend at work Dude awesome Holy S#it! What's that worth? Belloq: " Look at this. It's worthless - ten dollars from a vendor in the street. But I take it, I bury it in the sand for a thousand years, it becomes priceless."
  8. I looked at some recent sales & maybe I am missing something but a typical 3.0 with chipping is getting 18-20k which is about where the book has been over the past few years ( yes I know there are exceptions either way) " I never meet an AF 15 I didn't like" Here is my personal history with the book, I bought my first one in 1988 for $1500 on time payments ( I picked Bluberries all summer to buy that book) from Rainbow comics here in South Jersey, it was raw and when graded came back a VF 7.5 and after being pressed last year its a 8.0 OW it is my personal book and will stay with me until I need some type of medical attention I can't afford Net gain a lot As a store owner since late 2006 I bought my first AF15 in 2005 on ebay with time payment again ( picked it up at a Nathans parking lot in NY) for $6500 it graded Blue 5.0 no chipping and in 2007ish I sold it on ebay for $11,999 to a buyer in Germany ( top $$$ sale for that grade at the time) to help start the store. Net gain apx 4k Two weeks later 2008 I bought a Blue 4.5 witth tape on the insdie cover and chipping on an ebay BIN for $4500 ( sat there for 4 days) 2 years later it sold in the store for $8500 apx net gain 4k 2009 l am at the once a month Wayne NJ comic/toy show and I buy a stunning 4.0 no chipping ow for 10k & trade it in 2013 for a Star Wars figure that I sell for 18k net gain apx 8k 2017/18 I buy a 3.0 with chipping here on the boards for apx 17k and net gain thus far 0, then I am offered another typical 3.5 chipping for 20k (time payments again) again net gain 0 ( I still have both almost sold one here on the boards last year but the buyer backed out) However, discounting the 8.0 but counting the profit on the sold/traded AF15s since 2007 ( apx 15/16k) I am about 21k into the 3.0 & 3.5 so for me AF 15 has always been a solid winner and I will always buy one at a FAIR DEAL if I see it for sale, the recent sales on ebay for thr 5.0 and on Heritage will be money makers for the new owners at some point imho. Like I said " I never meet an AF 15 I didn't like" I would love to hear other boardies AF #15 history good or bad?
  9. Thus the point of my post " all of us in one way or another have bought into & are responsable for where this hobby is"
  10. So I am watching Jerry Maguire & reading a recent post ( I can do both with moden cable) where some of us are surprised & upset with the current HOT trend of resubmit/press & press again & again until the book takes a substantial jump in grade & I write this big giant response andafter reading it I just felt like it should get its own post. So here is what I have to say about that & grading in general at this point in our hobby. Most older collectors know the entire concept of grading comics is really BS (you're putting a book into a case so you can't read the book WTF?) Let's be honest there is no real discernable difference between a 9.0 & a 9.8 & its all about perception. ( I remember the initial reason to get get a book graded by the EXPERTS was to see if it had any resto lol) The entire so-called hobby/industry is now motivated by one thing MONEY & even older hardcore collector at one point of another have been/are caught up in this cycle (myself included). The truth is vintage comic collecting really isn't an affordable hobby anymore (unless you like glossy reprints). The average collector is now priced out of having a chance to own most SA/GA high-grade keys ( which was not the case just two short decades ago). However, If you have been collecting for years and never had to sell anything you may have an amazing and valuable collection ( god bless) but truth is many collectors could not afford to replace most of those books today due to the INSANE rate those books have gone up since the introduction of grading & the internet. Which like it or not has turned a relatively small hobby into big business ( don't get me started about what is happening on a daily basis with movie-related HOT books, what a joke, is the first app of Gofer Girl the book to look for this week? naturally only graded & in 9.8 ) It kinda makes me sad because growing up my local comic store used to open 3 days a week and if we were lucky the owner was on time from his real job, it was never about money it was about loving comics & surprise reading them & that's why I think many older collectors still tend to collect complete runs ( not just covers or keys which again is pure BS IMHO & definitely heavily influenced & manipulated by the introduction of grading which is about what again? making MONEY not collecting comics. Are you really telling me ACTION #2 is now historically less important than #7? Guess what it's not! I know I know #7 is his 2nd cover well #2 is his 2nd appearance EVER! So the next time you see a once common AF #15 2.0 that has been pressed 4x & is now a 4.0 sell for 40k the only one to blame is the man in the mirror because all of us in one way or another have bought into & are responsable for where this hobby is.
  11. Cap #1s recent sales history is very much in step with Evans & Marvel's current movie popularity & the current collector market perception is that the #1 GA Marvel to own is no longer MM #1 but Cap #1 and I think it will retain that position for years to come regardless of the movies. However, that being said Batman #1 is just so damn iconic from the stunning cover to the insane amount of significant historic content it's got everything you would want in a comic! At this point Joker is as popular as Batman & is without question the #1 baddie in all of comicdom. The early Kane,Finger & Robinson era work ( Joker is just so wicked cool) is still very relevant to the characters modern interpretation & arguably has stood the test of time better than any other Golden Age character . So I understand why Batman #1 keeps breaking records & IMHO will continue to do so. (even if its not all that rare).
  12. Wondering what the highest confirmed 2019 3 GA sales public & private have been? So total would be 6 if you know & any feeling on the impact they have or may have on next year?