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    X-MEN #1 club

  2. 65 and 66 are amazing covers. thanks for posting your copies.
  3. I checked the census on 66 and 8.0 is the highest graded copy. I wonder if that is the church pedigree.
  4. 38 and 69 here. we need to kick up the boardie percentage. @Artboy99 we were dueling it out for 53. congrats on picking up that beauty. ending up going hard on the 38 since i thought that was my last chance to get a mile high. i didn't know i won 69 until after the auction was complete. 69 ended up being the cheapest mile high sold if i am looking at the numbers correctly. congrats to all the boardies that picked up these bad boys. i really wanted 70, but signal died while waiting for kids to finish gymnastics.
  5. Chickenwings


    take hulk 181 per pm
  6. Chickenwings

    WTB Invincible 1 CGC 9.8 Universal WP

    I have a copy for sale. Pm me if interested!
  7. Chickenwings


    nice books kevin!
  8. No payment plans discussed. Hoping to have a deal done within a day. Some solid offers.