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  1. Sweet, thanks. I’ll even upgrade to Priority mail for faster delivery and insurance.
  2. Thank you much. Seems like you would be the only one who can get the bulk deal. But move fast.
  3. BULK DEAL. anyone who buys all three sets will get free shipping, a savings of $15!!!
  4. SET 3 This is only a 3 pack but contains right in the middle (for better preservation ), first appearance of the Dinobots. $25 for this pack.
  5. SET 1 This is a 5 pack of comics to include Web of Spider-Man 1. Price is only $20.00 or $4 a book
  6. I have 3 multi-packs I’d like to sale. The condition appear to be great except for storage curl usually associated with these types of books. I did see a little bend on the edge of Web of Spider-Man 1. First to claim it wins. Shipping to US address is $5.00 for one set. Refunds accepted for 14 days Paypal preferred, check/MO is okay too
  7. I bought a bin full of comic books for just one book. The guy who sold them to me wouldn’t sell me just the one book. So I just want to rid of the others. I am able to fit about 80 books into a medium flat rate box. I think USPS is still charging $13.65 for US address. These books probably average around the FN range. I estimate 80 books with several minor keys. I’m asking $20 plus shipping for the lot. Anyone want to take a chance on them? Shipping to US address $13.65 Paypal accepted No refunds If anyone is interested in the book I kept, check out spoiler.