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  1. Super Special One low shipping price Lot of 3 CGC graded books at $33.00 each You get the following three books for $99.00 plus shipping ASM 6 CGC 7.5, ASM 50 CGC 9.2, and ASM 300 CGC 9.0
  2. Not much data on this one except a 9.8 sold for $475 Amazing Spider-Man 50 CGC 9.2 - $59.00
  3. I have some great key Spider-Man Reprint books that would look great in any collection. I have them priced to move so act quickly. First wins No one from the probation list No returns on graded books. If books are damaged during shipping, then I will make an exception. Shipping up to 3 graded books is $14.35 to US address. USPS Priority medium flat rate. Paypal preferred. Other payment methods are okay but must clear before shipping.
  4. I see it now. The Cox logo is also on the cover’s stairs. Don’t know why I had a hard time seeing that. Awkward how almost all other Conan 58 books on eBay doesn’t do that. Thanks for the help
  5. And here’s the splash page just for reference. I don’t think the reds on this page matches up w cover
  6. Here’s my book again and there’s heavy pink inside the front cover. It matches up with the reds in the front cover art. But what caused the front cover stains?
  7. These are from the eBay book. At first I thought it might be the same book but if you look at the edges you can tell it’s not (especially the comic code).
  8. These may be dumb questions that gets answered quickly, but I can’t figure this out and I really want to know the answers. What are these pink stain-like marks, what caused it, and does it affect the grade? I bought a Conan 58 recently and noticed these pink stain-like marks on the cover. I found one on eBay with the same stains so I figured it was production related. I thought it was artwork from the back of the front cover showing through But after I got the book, the inside cover showed something different. Here’s some pictures: The copy I bought (stain can be seen upper, right of “C” and left and right of Belit).
  9. Go ahead and add New Teen Titan 3,6,7,8,16,23,41,42,43 and if no on wants the freebies, I’ll read them.