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  1. Very happy with purchase, great packaging, quick shipping. Can’t wait until the next transaction. Thank you very much. Jerry
  2. Not really an artwork, but I had fun painting and putting this model together with my kids. My LCS had it marked 50% off so I figured, why not? Paint cost more than the model Went with gloss paint on the costume and I didn’t have, “Liefeld Pouch Brown,” so we went with Gold and I love how it came out.
  3. take per pm Dead of Night 9 and 11 Frankenstein 4 and 6 Man-Thing 3 and 19
  4. Personally I wouldn't try it. I think you have a far higher chance of getting a lower grade. Someone has to handle the book (mishandled during case break-out, fingerprints, smudges, dirt, etc.) and a press doesn't always mean improvement (inexperience, staple impressions, warping, color rub, etc.)
  5. I live in California myself, but I really do appreciate the camaraderie these Boards offers. I spend many hours here and it’s a huge honor to be a participant in such a great tradition. May sound strange, but I idolize many members here and I have learned a great deal about the hobby I enjoy. Playing in the Green Eggs Grading Contest felt more like an outing with friends, then a distant contest with strangers. Thank you everyone and especially to those who made the contest possible. Funny story, but I was very excited when the final rankings came out. My wife asked me why I was so happy and I told her I won. She was shaking her head and said, “okay.” I told her, “You don’t understand, I’m the geekiest of all the comic book geeks!” (It sounded way cooler in my head).
  6. Thank you. I agree with the anomaly part too. Last year I was 35th place with 42 points.
  7. At least you got positive points on that one. I had 5.0 too, but went 4.5 because I spotted smudges upper right cover.
  8. Awe man, I’m curious about this one. I’d be willing to buy it, to see what’s in it
  9. 9 great rounds, then I blew it !!! Actually I mixed my grades, so I’m not in that bad of shape