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  1. Here's another for the blocked bidder list. dewilli-54 28 Feedback Rating Bid on a bloodshot comic lot, won the auction, paid and then requested a cancellation almost immediately without explanation. I granted it and then immediately blocked him.
  2. I'm sure Keya Morgan isn't all bad. He's probably just traumatized after being a survivor of the 911 terrorist attacks!
  3. I firmly believe many of the Pre-Unity Valiants are undervalued keys. Pretty much any first appearance I pick up wherever I can find them. Harbinger 1 is really the only one that's risen a bit beyond what many may be willing to pay for a raw copy.
  4. If I remember correctly there was a gorgeously restored AF 15 that had the coveted 9.8 grade awhile back. I think it was on sale for around $50,000. I think if I had to choose between an unrestored low grade or a super high grade restored I'd have to go with the restored.
  5. All this. I've browsed their CGC selection on occasion and for some 9.8 graded issues I was interested in, the going rate was close to double the current going ebay rates or more.
  6. Hello fellow boardies. I've got an Indian buyer raising red flags this morning. He was the high bidder on a Blu-Ray set I'm selling and then messaged me saying he lives in India and wants to ship to his friend's in Oregon. I told him I'd ship to any verified PayPal and eBay address. He seems to have met that condition when making payment. He's also had a few oddball questions he's sent my way throughout this whole process. Like asking me if the set is for Blu-Ray when it's plastered all over the listing and some issues with payment. Even though I may be protected, the fact he told me he lives in India and wants me to ship elsewhere makes me uneasy. I'd rather cancel the transaction than deal with a potential chargeback dispute if his "friend" doesn't ship the item. Anyone here deal with anything similar?
  7. This x 100! Never, ever ever fail to get tracking. If the buyer is at all shady, he'll get the item and then file a claim with eBay. And you'll lose the money. Got burned by a person_who_is_obnoxiously_self-impressed pulling that mess once. NEVER AGAIN.
  8. I also think they take production flaws into consideration. For example, I sent in a copy of Outcast #1, the photo cover, to get graded. Virtually every copy I ever saw had at least one small color-breaking spine stress. Likely from when it was produced. The one I got graded had that as the only flaw I saw. It came back 9.8 just as I expected it would.
  9. I think it will be interesting to see if my account gets flagged. Ordered 25 copies of Oblivion Song #1. Typically, I order 1 each of new Valiant titles and a handful of Image and IDW titles. Outcast #1 I ordered 15 copies of 1 and 10 copies of 2 - 15. Sold several sets before the market tanked on that one and several CGC graded #1s on ebay. Planning to order at least 10 copies of Oblivion Song #2 - 12 also (to sell in sets as well as getting some #1s graded). I very rarely order multiples of anything.
  10. I think the key to being a better grader is to not let defects you see slide. Sure, you may really want that New Mutants 98 to be a near mint copy, but the big stress line on the back cover most wouldn't notice still makes it a Very Fine copy at best.
  11. Great job of the crossing guards coming down 1 MINUTE LATER! Wow!
  12. This is considered a production defect so CGC doesn't grade too harshly on it. This one looks a bit bigger than usual, so my guess is this wouldn't grade out at 9.8. If there's no other defects, you could be looking at a 9.4 or 9.6 copy. Scratches on the back, minor scuff marks and even the slightest hint of a fingerprint can lower the grade on this. On a side note, I've bought many copies of this the last few years so I know what to look for on it. I still haven't gotten any of mine graded. Out of the 7 copies I have, one maybe 2 could potentially get a 9.8 in my opinion. Don't laugh, but one I got off ebay for $50. It's a PGX 9.8 slab! It looks damned nice so I'm thinking it could get at least a 9.6 from CGC. I'm torn on what to do with that one.