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  1. I am a huge fan of Tradd's and his mini-series with Donny Cates on Silver Surfer has been the most enjoyable visual experience I've had in comics for awhile. I loved everything about this series except that it was only 5 freaking issues! I am motivated to drop the right amount(s) for the right page(s). Please message me if you have anything you might be willing to sell/trade. My CAF gallery is Justin Topages. Thanks for taking the time to check out this post
  2. I'm fairly new to the hobby, consequently there's too few double-page-spreads in my collection as of now but I was able to land this doublicious guy from the current Cates/Stegman run of Venom along with a double-page-splash from Venom Inc, again by Stegman.
  3. The last issue of Little Bird by Ian Bertram. A surprise success and visual treat for these weary eyes.
  4. In any condition WWBN 32 is a must buy for me. I love that there is whole group devoted to this book and MK. I was expecting somewhere in the ballpark of 20-30k but I was simply dumbfounded by 50k. Some naysayers are calling shenanigans. I think it's more likely that someone recognized that 9.8's are scarce and probably is also banking on a MCU appearance at some point. That said, there had to be at least two bidders to get it that high. Not sure how I am just discovering this group but I can't pass up any opportunity to spread some MK love!! Thanks for having me. Cheers!
  5. Just received this scan of my first Tyler Boss Moon Knight commission, I gave just a couple of ideas to Tyler and he came up with this.
  6. Opening the boxes to hopefully move some of my Preciouses. I always ask myself how I would want to be treated either as buyer or seller then act accordingly. Thank you for your feedback
  7. I sold Gene a Blue Bolt 114. Once the deal was set, he paid quickly and communicated well. A real pleasure to deal with. Thanks Gene!
  8. Still no Carnage pages...but here's another fresh Venom Inc. double page spread (p.22-23) from issue 1.
  9. So many great, creative artists on the boards! I really love this thread, it may just prompt me to create faster than my current rate of growing grass. Here are a couple of comic related pieces I've recently done, I hope y'all like! My friend/neighbor had a birthday party and was celebrating buying his first house with his fiance. Since I knew he was into Sandman, I did this mixed media piece for their new house on 11x17 comic art board. (Should have scanned it before I handed it over) My local movie house in Portland was hosting Linda Blair for a special showing
  10. Wow! There are some amazing pages here!!! I would love to have more diverse eras (Bagley, Larsen, etc) Here are my humble offerings. Most, recently acquired. Frank Kadar commission Juan 2.0 pin-up Ryan Stegman pages
  11. Hello everyone! Thanks for having me! I signed up a while ago but haven't delved into the boardrooms yet. I am trying to change that. I never seriously collected when I was a kid but got introduced to collecting comics in 2010, the rest is history. I've kinda come full circle since then; meaning comics>slabs>signatures>sketches>commissions>OA. My interests include: books/art related to anti-heroes like Moon Knight, Ghost Rider & Venom. Also occult/supernatural characters like Spectre, Swamp Thing, Phantom Stranger, Demon. Some of my favorite artist
  12. Searching high and low for pages from: Amazing Spider-Man 375: Spidey Vs. Venom: The Final Confrontation (Mark Bagley) Showcase '94 #1: The Great Pretender (Christian Alamy) Visionaries (Marvel/Star) 1987 #1-6 - pages, splashes or covers (Mark Bagley)