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  1. Anyone wishing to pass along their collection to one of their kids that will appreciate comic collecting, I am available for adoption
  2. My GT-15000 had deep scratches in the glass. I just carefully removed it and had a glass shop cut me a new one. The plastic strips that are part of the scanner bed peel off easily and for the gray glass line borders there is nice gray cellophane like tape that looks perfect when applied.(to the underside of the new glass) It all depends how much that kind of thing bothers you. Mine is like new with the glass and that tape. The new glass is tempered with edges polished and was very inexpensive to buy.
  3. I am looking for First printings of Fat Freddy's Cat issue 1 with no creases along the spine (just has "By Gilbert Shelton".... no other names on cover. Red cover with $.75 cents price) Willing to pay from $25 to $100 per piece depending on how nice of a copy. Also, looking for 1st printing of Issue 5 ($1.00 cover price and Purple border) with no spine creases. and issues 6 (yellow theme with $2.00 U.S. price) and 7 (pied piper theme) 1st prints. Will pay $15 to $30/each depending on how nice of a copy. If someone has a bead on the Haight-Asbury issue 5 in CGC 9.8, I am willing to pay $750 for that one just to complete my 9.8 run of issues 2 thru 5. Please send me private messages to discuss.
  4. I would like to purchase the below in CGC 9.8 if anyone has any extras or needs cash. Will consider other asking prices via pm $100 per each: X-O Manowar 17 X-O Manowar 20 X-O Manowar 23 X-O Manowar 24 X-O Manowar 26 X-O Manowar 27 X-O Manowar 31 X-O Manowar 33 X-O Manowar 37 X-O Manowar 38 X-O Manowar 42 X-O Manowar 45 X-O Manowar 47 X-O Manowar 50-O X-O Manowar 51 X-O Manowar 54 X-O Manowar 55 X-O Manowar 58 X-O Manowar 59 X-O Manowar 67 Rai 16 Rai 19 Rai 21 Rai 22 Rai 23 Rai 24 Rai 25 Rai 27 Shadowman 31 Shadowman 35 Harbinger Bluebird TPB 9.8 $450
  5. You can, but you can also download the driver and free epson scanning software that works fantastic
  6. So, I finally got around to submitting my Fat Freddy's Cat comics. This was one of my favorite series from back when it came out. I am so happy I also created a set that is now #1 in the Fat Freddy's Cat category complete with detailed descriptions and high quality scans. I had to build the synopsis from scratch for each issue from my reader copies so in case any of you were wondering about the actual main stories contained within each issue Here is the link to my set:
  7. Hi Mollie, Both of the below issues are graded and on the way back from CGC and need to be added as I post this. Thanks! Set: Fat Freddy's Cat Issue: Fat Freddy's Cat 1 Fourth Printing On the above, I have a request in already to have the fourth printing added for issue #1. When I was looking at the census, I notice there are no graded copies of issue #2 third print. Can you remove that one when you get the 4th printing of #1 added? Set: NYX: No Way Home Issues: NYX: No Way Home 5 NYX: No Way Home 6
  8. No PL/HOS members. Payment via PayPal. First gets it. If via PM, then the earliest PM gets it. Please pay within 2 days of invoice, or the book will be available for sale again. Look at the nice, high-res scans before committing. No returns as I intend to pay off some recent acquisitions of my own and I'm just not that into Venom (this was just re-slabbed so it's pristine!)