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  1. chromium

    Have you sold all of your comics to buy art?

    I sold about 12,000 of the +- 15,000 comics that were in my collection between 2012 and 2015. Put all the money into original art and only kept the 100 first issues of all the Marvel Silver Age titles (and all keys from all ages) Very happy I did this and just in time, I have about 2500-3000 comics left, which I'm not planning to sell any time soon and am actually in the middle of selling off part of my OA collection to buy even more (higher end OA). I would rather retire someday with ten 20K+ pages than with 200 $1000 pages or 10,000 $20 comics.
  2. chromium

    Heritage June European Signature Auction

    Even when bought and paid in Europe ?
  3. chromium

    Heritage June European Signature Auction

    It's there in the auction details on the Heritage website ? 21% is the sales tax in Europe. You wouldn't pay any tax at all as you are in Los Angeles.
  4. chromium

    Presenting Greggy-9000 - The comic collector's pal!

    I travelled 4200 miles to meet the Greggy-9000 and it was more than worth it. And then I travelled almost 6000 miles to meet the original one. I'll travel to the moon and back to meet the Greggy Funko Pop.
  5. chromium

    Heritage June European Signature Auction

    You only pay 5.5% customs fee ? Wow, we pay 31%. Most of the times I win something on Heritage, it's cheaper for me to fly to the US and take it back with me on the plane than it is to have it shipped.
  6. chromium

    Heritage June European Signature Auction

    Not sure you'll get charged the 21% tax since you are in the US. I was going to go hard for the Wood - Spirit in Space page, but if ends at $10K, I end up paying $15000+ for it, no thanks.
  7. Sweet pickup, congrats...really nice Peanuts strip
  8. chromium

    Heritage June European Signature Auction

    25% buyer's premium + 21% tax on top of that...looks like I'll be sitting this one out.
  9. chromium

    HA May Auction, lots of great art !

    Good point, never thought of that.
  10. chromium

    HA May Auction, lots of great art !

    The current Heritage auction not being my first rodeo I've seen all kinds of crazy and unexpected prices... but this one has me stumped. I have a smallish EC art collection and woke up this morning to two PMs on CAF enquiring about one of my Wally Wood pages, normally when something like this happens I know there's been a disturbance in the (price) force. Now the Wally Wood page that sold last night want way after my bedtime so I didn't see it, nor was I really interested in it as I don't think it's that great. But of course (and happily) taste is subjective.. I know Wally wood EC sci-fi pages are not coming up for sale any more..but can anyone explain to me why this page sold for over $10,750 Sure, it's a first page...but there's just a tiny bit of Wood machinery in one panel and that's it... or did it sell on atmosphere alone ? Not trying to knock who bought it but I honestly don't see it and would appreciate if someone could enlighten me.
  11. chromium

    HA May Auction, lots of great art !

    And another piece with "aftermarket" stats and paste-ons
  12. chromium

    Heritage archive make an offer

    About once a month I get an offer on the stuff I've bought on Heritage, have never accepted one, but I probably wouldn't be able to get the item to Heritage in under two weeks.
  13. No it's you. These boards have killed your attention span.
  14. chromium

    Original Jack Kirby Sketch for Sale

    Didn't he mention he bought the piece from Romitaman ? Should be easy to either return it or have Mike come on here and vouch for the authenticity of the piece.
  15. chromium

    HA May Auction, lots of great art !

    Sorry, that's my best guess and it's all I got.