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  1. I've been the lucky recipient of many gifts here on the boards and one of the best was to befriend the face of the anti-cgc.
  2. Yeah, it's been like this for a very long time. Basically checks have been eradicated over here...even domestic ones. I don't think banks even issue them any more. I used to write for a US automotive magazine and they sent me US checks, my bank refused to accept them, finally found a bank who did and the fee was beyond outrageous, basically if it was for an amount less than $500 it wasn't even worth cashing it.
  3. I've been buying stuff from Heritage for two decades, so there is a lot of stuff that I get offers on, most of the time it's on books I bought in 2003 or something for 20% of current value and someone is offering me 25% of current value..hey that's a profit in my book But I have wanted to accept offers, someone offered me what I thought was a very fair price for a book I kinda fell out of love with, before I could answer (okay I'm prone to procrastination) he sent me an even higher offer. Having never accepted an offer and being geographically challenged I phoned up customer service and asked them how I would get my moolah if I did go through with it. They offered me a check or if push comes to shove a bank transfer or even a wire transfer. Alas none worked for me as US checks (cheques !) are not accepted over here and getting money transferred from a US bank to my bank would cost me an arm and a leg. When I explained this, I was told that no need to worry, they would just keep the money and use it as credit for my next order...but I would need to spring for the postage to send the slab insured halfway around the world. I also asked if would have to pay Heritage's fee upfront or would they deduct that from my "credit". They were not able to answer that question for me, so I decided not to sell. Turns out, weeks later the guy offering to buy it through Heritage was a boardie
  4. After downsizing somewhat the last few years, these are the copies I decided to keep. You don’t see a lot of old label AF15s around any more, but I never wanted the headache of having to send it to the US to get cleaned/pressed/reslabbed and importing it back to me in Belgium. I think it was graded the first year I was on the boards, so that must have been in 2002.
  5. What I tend to see a lot here as well is people not being able to differentiate between slander and libel and of course the ubiquitous “I could care less”
  6. And yet you write your dates in the US format and not the European one, and know how to spell disappear correctly (which is one of the top 30 most misspelled words in English). Also if you studied English in a Russian (or any other school outside of North America) institute, you would use "maths" and not the American "math" Curiouser and curiouser. (which is also incorrect by the way)
  7. After seeing the last poster you posted I can understand what kind of break you need...
  8. This is fab and needs its own thread...a lot of collectors do not realise the time and money involved to get an all white-pager run together, and then you did it in all the same grade. Huge congrats, some of these white pagers come up maybe once or twice a year and then you need to be that guy who is willing to spend 25-40% over GPA as you can be sure some other nutty white page collector will.
  9. As a white page collector I can attest ASM #3 is wicked hard to find with white pages, took me years to track one down. Nice copy, good luck with the sale