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  1. chromium

    Heritage - adding Sales Tax to more states

    That's why we deported him over there.
  2. chromium

    RIP Marie Severin

    Rest in peace.. a truly underrated artist who was a part of arguably the two greatest comics bullpens of all time.
  3. chromium

    Heritage - adding Sales Tax to more states

    Travel is educational.
  4. chromium

    Heritage - adding Sales Tax to more states

    All valid points and I don't disagree at all...only problem is that the system is crumbling and that I'm pretty sure the end is in sight. My retirement age was postponed with 9 more years in one fell swoop last year and while for over 50 years 90% of the Belgians were relatively well off, now over 15% don't have enough in the bank to cover one month's wages. Healthcare is feeling the crunch too, at least a proper college education is still very cheap compared to the US. But then again we no have no natural resources at all, We are not particularly smart in comparison with other countries, but I just want to state that our brains or maybe more correct our level of education is all we have. In Belgium we invest ca 5–6% of our gross national product in education.
  5. chromium

    Heritage - adding Sales Tax to more states

    If the trend continues with all online sites I’m sure someone will set something up in Delaware.
  6. chromium

    Heritage - adding Sales Tax to more states

    My 4 ship-to states are now added. It feels like a conspiracy.
  7. chromium

    Heritage - adding Sales Tax to more states

    I pay 32,5% duty + taxes shipped to Belgium Tried all kinds of ball Maybe wait for a hard Brexit
  8. chromium

    Heritage - adding Sales Tax to more states

    When you log in you now get this message For Comics & Comic Art: Effective September 1st, Heritage Auctions is required by state law to charge applicable sales tax on any items in this category delivered to addresses in the following states: Colorado, Massachusetts, Michigan, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Washington. Exemptions include dealers with valid sales tax numbers who are purchasing for resale and who furnish us with a properly completed resale certificate, for the states listed
  9. chromium

    Wizard World Chicago -- August 23-26, 2018

    Happy Bechara Maalouf was set up this year after two years of missing the show. He always brings the goods. Last few years there wasn’t that much OA in the room.
  10. chromium

    s14roller Feedback thread!

    Fast, friendly and flexible seller. Recommended.
  11. chromium

    HA Summer Signature Auction Aug 2-4

    No. But Heritage have a European branch in Holland as well and when you bid on those auctions and you live in the EU, then you pay whatever VAT your country charges. Buying from Heritage in the US requires one to jump through hoops as well, I don't have to pay taxes if I have the item shipped to my home address, but do have to pay 32% import duty on value and shipping, so anything you win over $5K makes it cheaper to fly out to the US and pick it up in person and fly back. Good thing I have a US address as well... in an (as of now) non-taxed state.
  12. chromium

    HA Summer Signature Auction Aug 2-4

    Well it did hurt the Heritage European auction, 25% commission + 21% tax meant that a 10K piece would end up costing you close to 15K. Especially the high end pieces suffered. There were a a lot of post-auction BINs and the Tin-Tin page that had an estimation of 720k - 960k sold for 425K.
  13. chromium

    2018 Collecting Goals

    On schedule... but then again not really. Get a nice Mignola pre-2005 Hellboy page -check, in fact I got two. Get a Kirby Dr Doom page.. -Had a punt when three of them came to market, but when you are up against a higher-up at a certain comic company, you know it's a lost cause Sell! Sell! Sell! - Sold 10 pages this year, most I've ever sold in such a short period. Get my super secret page by Gene Day - 12 years+ and still looking. Roger used to have it but sold it a looooong time ago. But it's a low-key page and it will show up one day on eBay or something (or so I have been telling myself since 2005)
  14. chromium

    CAF and/or 2DG to post art?

    I use both, have been using CAF for almost ten years, and about 3 months ago I signed up for 2DG. CAF is still THE place for US original art, but 2DG made more sense to me from a seller's standpoint. I really don't use CAF that much, have never sold anything, bought one or two pieces and visit it maybe once a week. I'm not really bothered by comments or likes, so a large part of my stuff isn't even "up" There is a language barrier using 2DG, but this year I decided to start selling some of my art, since quite a few pages are those HUGE EC pages, I really don't want to ship those to the US. So I made an account on 2DG and put of 5 or 6 pages to test the waters and sold 5 pieces within a few days (including two pages I hadn't put up). They might have sold on CAF as well, maybe for a higher dollar amount as 2DG is 80% (?) European-art, but it would have involved all the logistics and agita. The only time I ever sell art in the US is in August, as I'm in Florida and Chicago for almost a month each year, in fact this year I'm already bringing 4 pages with me, one to send from within the US and three for buyers at Chicago con. I've toyed with the idea of getting a premium account on CAF as well, but I think I would scare off most buyers with my caveat that I have such a small window to sell