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  1. chromium

    How do sellers feel about selling at HA?

    Y'all need to learn Dutch pronto.
  2. chromium

    How do sellers feel about selling at HA?

    Very interesting debate... I've been extremely close to consigning a bunch of stuff to HA (one push of a button away on the email) but in the end I decided to go at it on my own. Now, I've been a very satisfied buyer from Heritage since 2002... but they do take a big bite out the pie, which is fine if you are in a hurry to sell...but I'm in no hurry and don't need to sell, just want to. I had about 12-15 EC pages from the 50's to sell (Ingels - Wood - Davis - Craig), and common sense told me to sell them on Heritage as out of all the auction houses they do attract the most buyers for this kind of material. In the end I didn't and 5 weeks ago sent out an email to 5 other collectors, I sold 8 pages in under a month, all private. Only one of the people I contacted bought a page, the other pages went to collectors who knew those people and two to art dealers (that paid my full ask). So if you have a network, the time and no urgency I would highly recommend trying a private sale first.
  3. I'm pretty sure Felix used an audio filter on Gene's voice, I've spoken with Gene and he doesn't have that deep Barry White-like vocal timbre in real life
  4. I’m still here and I attended college in Bruges and yes Stella Artois is fabulous for an every day beer.
  5. You are correct, years ago Dave Gibbons told me he sold all the pages (excluding the covers) to a London comic store, if my memory doesn't fail me I believe it was Gosh! Comics. Parisfred went over and bought a lot of art directly at Gosh to sell in his Paris comic shop "Editions Déesse" , I think the price they were asking was around $25 a page. I got my page from the guy who bought it there in early 1987. Philippe Boon bought his page on Heritage during the Summer auction of 2015. By now I think most of the Watchmen art is in the US.
  6. How weird. He has the mirror page to my Watchmen page and only lives an hour or so away. Such a small world.
  7. chromium

    November HA OA auction

    So you're saying it's cool art ?
  8. chromium

    Roddulates Feedback Thread

    Bought a book from Adam, fast, flexible and friendly seller. Recommended.
  9. chromium

    November HA OA auction

    Something interesting happened to me this week concerning European vs US collectors, I'm downsizing my collection, and put up about a dozen pieces, including 5 or 6 EC pages. Now because of the size and the fact I like things simple I put them up for sale on 2Dgalleries, the European counterpart of CAF, thinking they would sell in Europe, easier to ship, using bank transfer in Europe etc... Well the first 5 pieces I sold all went to US buyers (including 2 EC pages) who managed find them anyway No problem of course, I would sell to a collector in the Tibetan Plateau but where are these "European buyers" ?
  10. Another weekend, another dark room.
  11. chromium

    Heritage - adding Sales Tax to more states

    That's why we deported him over there.
  12. chromium

    RIP Marie Severin

    Rest in peace.. a truly underrated artist who was a part of arguably the two greatest comics bullpens of all time.
  13. chromium

    Heritage - adding Sales Tax to more states

    Travel is educational.