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  1. I think we never will be sure...maybe it's not a bad thing, adds to the mystery When I went to DC to have a look at the pages not too long after they were donated, I asked Sarah Duke, the curator if it was Marie Severin. Her name had popped up in the boards and i was also in the camp of the believers due to her ongoing ties to Ditko. I got more convinced once I was there because of the fact there are (were) only a few Marvel comic pages in the Library and some of them were drawn by Marie no Kirby, no Buscema, but a couple of Marie Severin Silver Age pages. So I figured Marie donated them together with the Ditko pages... But the lady told me she couldn't deny or confirm if it was Marie and to the best of her knowledge Marie had never donated any art to the museum... But my fellow collectors with me thought she was blowing smoke up our arses.
  2. Without any problem, I'm from Belgium and got a card way back in 2010 to go and see the AF 15 art. Takes about 15 mins to make/get the card. When you schedule an appointment, they ask you to come 15-30 minutes early so you can get registered.
  3. chromium

    Masterworks - Open to trades

    Daredevil 1, 1st 17 open Daredevil 1 - 11 Thor 1, 1st 18 open Journey Into Mystery 83 - 100 per pm.
  4. chromium

    HA February Auction

    Fricken’ Marvel.
  5. chromium

    Best of 2018: Results posted

    I think that's the general three entries were purchased in 2018 FWIW, was a joy to participate, thanks for organising things and thanks to you people who voted for my stuff. I know it makes me a bad person, but I'm glad I ended up above James Halperin in the panel pages section There's hope for us mere mortals yet.
  6. chromium

    Best of 2018 - Discuss your nominees here

    Ah the time of year when a young man's fancy turns to Lowry. Happy to be participating again, thanks to the people who put all the time and effort in to make this a fun event every year. You know who you are Anyway, I sold more than I bought this year, but still managed to get about 10 pieces...went back and forth which three to post and in the end decided to post the ones that made me happier than a Long Island Ice Tea after a hard day at work.Hope you enjoy these as much as I do. Thor 207 p14 ...Come get some - John Buscema Let's face it, everyone loves a good dust up, especially one where arch-foes go all out. Aided only by good old Mjolnir and the odd cool sound effect, Thor dishes it out and "Crusher" Creel...well absorbs it. Hellboy Conqueror Worm #3 P23...The Attack of the killer B-characters - Mike Mignola I've been lucky to acquire a fair deal of Mignola Hellboy pages, but this time I bought one without Hellboy ! "Infidel !" I hear you cry, but come on, if Hellboy was on this page as well it would explode. The Story is called "Conqueror Worm" and there he is in all his slimy g(l)ory in panel 1. But Mignola gives us even more..there he is as well...the original jar-head Herman von Klempt himself (past and future !) But the crowning glory must be a rare appearance of probably Mignola's greatest creation (and the reason I went hog wild to buy this page)...the Superior Specimen of the Simian Species...the all-conquering Kriegaffe. If DC had put War Apes instead of Monkeys on all those 60's cover I bet their circulation would have been even higher. Astonishing Tales #2 P8 DOOM !!! Doom !!! Wood !!! What you were expecting more ? Take a look at this glorious page and try to convince yourself there's better match. It's like Marvel and EC comics had a quickie in Stan's broom closet and this was the result. Thank you Wallace Wood for making me smile every time I look at this page.
  7. chromium

    Taurus Auctions

    ...and you lost me again.
  8. chromium

    Taurus Auctions

    Hmmm... I'm thinking of giving you guys a chance and might have a punt at a few things.
  9. chromium

    CGC Witness at Gary Con?

    Sean speaking Latin ? Quasi !
  10. chromium


    Where you the gentleman that offered me $1700 for my ASM #13 CGC 6.0 White through Heritage last week ?
  11. chromium

    How do sellers feel about selling at HA?

    Y'all need to learn Dutch pronto.
  12. chromium

    How do sellers feel about selling at HA?

    Very interesting debate... I've been extremely close to consigning a bunch of stuff to HA (one push of a button away on the email) but in the end I decided to go at it on my own. Now, I've been a very satisfied buyer from Heritage since 2002... but they do take a big bite out the pie, which is fine if you are in a hurry to sell...but I'm in no hurry and don't need to sell, just want to. I had about 12-15 EC pages from the 50's to sell (Ingels - Wood - Davis - Craig), and common sense told me to sell them on Heritage as out of all the auction houses they do attract the most buyers for this kind of material. In the end I didn't and 5 weeks ago sent out an email to 5 other collectors, I sold 8 pages in under a month, all private. Only one of the people I contacted bought a page, the other pages went to collectors who knew those people and two to art dealers (that paid my full ask). So if you have a network, the time and no urgency I would highly recommend trying a private sale first.
  13. I'm pretty sure Felix used an audio filter on Gene's voice, I've spoken with Gene and he doesn't have that deep Barry White-like vocal timbre in real life