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  1. Original Jack Kirby Sketch for Sale

    Didn't he mention he bought the piece from Romitaman ? Should be easy to either return it or have Mike come on here and vouch for the authenticity of the piece.
  2. HA May Auction, lots of great art !

    Sorry, that's my best guess and it's all I got.
  3. HA May Auction, lots of great art !

    Maybe Bruce Friedman . He was an editor under Martin Goodman and a friend co-worker of Stan Lee. Worked in the same building for at least a decade until at least the mid 60's. His sons are involved in comics as well.
  4. I forgot about that I was very happy to sell it to you. Did I tell you that I was basically offered almost double for it the day after I had struck a deal with you from a French "Demon" collector (who knew something like that existed ?) and he did hound me to sell it to him instead. But he already had similar examples and you really loved it. I lucked out on buying it at a low price so there was no need to squeeze the lemon, it's not always about the money. There was another ex-boardie that asked me to buy a NFS piece from my collection, he seemed like a true collector on the boards, came across like a nice guy so I sold it to him, for maybe 10% more than I paid for it...Two months later he flips it on CAF. I confronted him about it and he told me "hey I never told you I was buying it for myself". Ok fool me once. A few months later I put a few new pieces on my CAF and there he was again asking how much I wanted for all three pieces. I didn't even bother to reply any more.
  5. I can't be the only one to have gotten an offer where the buyer actually did the "math" and "market research" and told me how much I should sell my page for (in detail) ? Too bad I never kept the email, but it went something like : "A similar page sold for $5000 on Heritage recently, but it was nicer than yours, so yours would be $3500, but Heritage takes almost 25% of the final price, so you would be left with $2625. Also you would have to wait at least a month to get paid, I'm willing to send you $2625 right away' That was one for the ages Oh and it was marked NFS.
  6. OA at Library of Congress

    I went to see the AF 15 art at the LOC during the first few months they had it. I asked the curator Sarah Duke what other Marvel art they had and the told me there wasn't that much but they had a "few" Marie Severin pages. Mind you that was back in maybe there has been a snowball effect since then.
  7. Classic arcade video games

    I made my own machine, I wanted a cocktail arcade table type which could easily be transported from room, this one has 128 classic arcade games from the early 80's... it's a lot of fun and doesn't take too much toom. It's standing next to my Spider-man pinball machine in my man cave, but can be rolled into the kid's rooms very quickly. It would have looked neater if I had sunk the electronics lower into the cabinet, but I also have side-buttons to play virtual pinball and speakers and my woodworking skills are not good enough to make a perfect template using just hand tools and I wanted a little ledge to rest my arms on as well
  8. Richard Rae returns ? Watched the documentary, highly enjoyable...thought I saw a fake Dr. Seuss sketch and heard something about fake Peanuts strips.
  9. Thoroughly enjoyed the podcast (again!) Felix. Very happy you started doing this, like some of you I also prefer the "collectors just chewing the fat" episodes, especially as I'm one of those sad specimens that doesn't know a single other person who also collects art. In fact the only time I ever get some facetime with other OA collectors is when I go to the US to bum around SDCC or Chicago Comic Con. And I think Andy "forgot" to add the juice to his highest purchase ever just because he didn't want to psychologically deal with the bigger number . I don't really subscribe to the notion that people at Heritage forget to add the buyer's premium to their bids, as it's there right in front in them each time they bid. How someone can forget a few thousand in "juice" is beyond me. Whenever I make a bid I just mentally add 20%. And yes I know it's 19,5% but with shipping and bank fees it might as well be 20. Keep up the good work, I don't care if the collectors are BSDs or sketch-hounds, each of them has a few interesting stories and I've learned more from the podcast than I have in my 10 years+ of collecting.
  10. You know like Michael Jackson not really being "Bad"
  11. I believe Mignola Hellboy also could be in a higher tier... considering not a lot of truly A-pages come to market, B-pages, or A- pages have been selling around the $12K mark for almost 18 months now. Last month a panel page from Almost Colossus went for $15,535.00 and in 2017 quite a few sold between $10K and $14K
  12. Call Bill Cox and ask him to set up the software so animated gifs can be put in the comments section. I'm sure traffic will spike.
  13. New Ditko CAF post

    Great page congrats, when someone asks why Ditko is better on ASM than Romita, just show them that first panel. Now that's a "Spider-man" pose.
  14. The Official Feb 22-24 Heritage Auction Thread

    Wow a Heritage auction that has finished for me just before midnight, won two out the three pages I was interested in and I'll actually manage to get a decent amount of sleep this time around. So glad my stuff came up early during "Barry Time"
  15. The Official Feb 22-24 Heritage Auction Thread

    Would have caught on quicker if you had used an animated gif.