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  1. Prayers for a complete recovery.
  2. Yes, sour grapes, and your second sentence explains precisely why they would feel that way. They are very frustrated. I would like to see more character and plot driven movies as well, and they are tougher and tougher to get made. I'm not defending these movies, but to claim they're not cinema, and call them despicable is just the frustration bubbling up.
  3. Two filmmakers that have created truly great movies, but can we hear from a film creator under 75 now please? Sorry, this plays as sour grapes, and they couldn't be more off base.
  4. Me neither. ...And's basically wrong, or pointless. Cinema takes many different forms. When he says "I don't see them", if that's meant literally...well, it would kind of invalidate his opinion. He is an excellent director/film maker. Not a god.
  5. Like Thanos...inevitable. The earlier discord was just part of the negotiations.
  6. Ok fine. Asking the question in that way implies I stated (or was implying) others were horrible. It would have been clearer if you left off the last three words; i. e. just "Does that make them horrible?"