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  1. Is it right that 10 movies were announced by 2021? Don't laugh; Is there a list of them with anticipated dates? I haven't seen a comprehensive one, just people talking about specific ones.
  2. I could see doing Blood and Fire, but this is just not that interesting. And finish the main books, George.
  3. Finally saw this yesterday. I thought it was very good. One of the better Marvel movies in fact. Brie Larson was fine in the title role. Samuel Jackson was great. The humor was unexpected and well played.
  4. Avatar was/is an overhyped and overrated movie based much more on a fad (3D) than originality. And an old fad at that. With technology it was just a better executed fad.
  5. I've been with them for several years. They use shrink wrap and rubber bands, and the books have been in excellent condition. Haven't seen a problem here.
  6. I'd like to say I'm excited, but I'd be lying. I just don't understand the concept of doing a prequel to a story that isn't even finished.
  7. I think you're touching on the essence of the upset. This story has always been about not getting what we want - or what we think we want, but the story resonates and haunts more in the end. This was such a complicated story, with so many characters that you had to know on some level you wouldn't be happy about some of the outcomes. Like life. Even though it's simplistic, there is merit that the ending was rushed. They needed the seven or so episodes that would have made for two normal seasons to better found some characters motivations, set up some of the more improbable happenings. But at the end, everything would have been as it turned out. And we wouldn't be happy with some of it,
  8. The only thing that I can see is that the empty chairs are more or less angled toward the head, making him the center of attention. He moves them to point towards each other, maybe making it more of a "we" atmosphere, and not expect him to have all the answers.
  9. In the previous scene it looked like there were two or three on the table ready to go (by raven presumably). In the scene where he burns the one he's writing, they're gone.
  10. "Well… yes. And no. And yes. And no. And yes. And no. And yes." This is a typical comment from George Martin. Clear as mud.
  11. Cool. I love visual references and foreshadowings like that. The show generally did a good job of it; one miss was when Jamie pushed Bran out of the window. It should have been with the hand that was later cut off.