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  1. Tonfulle-84 Stan Lee forgeries on eBay

    At least he’s paying attention to proper Stan Lee signature placement these days.
  2. Lurking to see if I can fill any of my last few 12¢ Action holes in my run, but wanted to share what a great seller @skypinkblu is. ...and my Superman magnet from a previous sales thread has a great spot in my home office!.
  3. Here’s my premptive “here” for when the roll call starts...

    Yeah, it’s a true mystery for the ages how your threads keep ending up getting removed...
  5. Is that when we’ll be seeing some of those Action’s? What number range do they run from, if you don’t mind spilling the beans just a bit...
  6. Don't tell me you haven't gone to bed yet?! I figured I'd check in this morning to see what scraps are left. Unfortunately, the Superman run your in I already have completed, so I'm sorry I wasn't able to help liven things up last night. You do know how to leave 'em in suspense though, stopping right at #232
  7. Hey Tamir- i got my books from the first shipment today, so thanks a ton for the great deals. There’s nothing better than having a big old stack of Super books staring back at ya! I have a few funds left in the old discretionary account, so I’m looking forward to see what tonight brings!
  8. This community is the best, as @SOLAR BOY has demonstrated. Congrats on not only running a fantastic thread that I've already dropped a couple hundred bucks in, but also for being a fantastic human being. I can't wait to get my books when the post man finally shows up today!
  9. What a great cover! The hand with the axe coming out from under the table is priceless!
  10. Brian Michael Bendis moving to DC

    I'll be curious to see what he does, that's for sure. I haven't really read anything of his since Siege, and haven't really read anything of his I really enjoyed since Alias...but with a whole new toy box to play with, here's hoping it breathes some new life into his endeavors.
  11. I can’t say as I blame them. They are now playing in a market that CGC created, and that didn’t exist before then. To do otherwise would be foolish. The trick, however, is finding the right balance of what to charge which particular market segment you’re serving.
  12. So I’m pretty sure you have had to have supplied everyone in the State of California solar panels by now, as it seems you’re always on a plane coming or
  13. Hey @SOLAR BOY, I goofed and am going to throw myself on the mercy of the court... In my zeal to take advantage of your super generous offer this morning, I claimed as one of my two free books Superman #186--Copy B (see below) What I forgot is that I had already claimed the COPY A earlier. I don't really need two copies, so I was hoping if it's not too late that I could swap out the Superman #186--Copy B for Superman #160--5.5--$30. If so, I'll take the #160 @$30 and claim the other two as the freebies. Here's the quote to make it all official-like if you allow it. the following three at "buy 1 get 2 free" Sorry for the confusion, and no worries...if it's too confusing to sort out I'll just mark it up as a life lesson and move forward with the duplicate copies.
  14. All right, let's give this a shot, but first of all...hats off to Solar for even attempting a thread of this size, much less keeping it organized. Thank god the search function is much improved with the new boards, as I couldn't even imagine attempting to search for a particular book 100 pages back! the following three at "buy 1 get 2 free" ...and I believe in the not too distant past in this thread that Solar said this deal was not limited to just one claim, so let me try these three as well... the following three at "buy 1 get 2 free"
  15. I’m here for at least as long as it takes to see if you have a Superboy #98 in the que.