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  1. Another great transaction. Thanks for the great Superman books. They were packaged very securely and shipped quickly. Couldn't ask for much more than that!
  2. What a great cover! I'm not sure how much that impressed 10 year olds in 1955, but damn if I can't stop staring at this one. So glad that I'll be able to add it to my collection! Thanks again!
  3. Hey Sharon, great thread as always. Your collection of Super-books never ceases to amaze and delight. I was just thinking about you last week as I was looking at the Superboy books that I got from you last year. Great stuff. So with the pleasantries out of the way, let's talk business... I'll take both Action Comics #199 and Action Comics #206 at 15% off. Thanks, Tom
  4. tomo

    DC 100 Page Giants Walmart exclusive

    Same comic book physical format, just more pages.
  5. tomo

    Robot Man's KUDOS Thread

    Flawless transaction from beginning to end. Great book, quick shipping, well packaged...couldn't ask for much more than that.
  6. Yeah, mine went up for sale about 5 minutes after I stumbled across a surprising ebay listing, as I had no idea. I keep meaning to go through the rest of my tpb's to see if there are any other surprises.
  7. tomo

    Action Comics 1000 variants

    Gleason for the win! I’m so glad he’s staying with the Super-titles when Bendis comes on.
  8. Aaaarghhh...a day late and a dollar short! Nice pick up!
  9. Agreed. Although if the two keys are closer to 8.5 than 9.0, than they could be used to juice the price of the entire lot if they were included. That's what I ended up doing with mine, as my #87 had a 1/4" corner crease on the top right. I ended up including that in the whole lot of 1-100 (minus 98) and did all right. This was right when Cable was teased at the end of the Deadpool movie, so I'm sure the timing benefited me there as well.
  10. tomo

    Tonfulle-84 Stan Lee forgeries on eBay

    At least he’s paying attention to proper Stan Lee signature placement these days.
  11. Lurking to see if I can fill any of my last few 12¢ Action holes in my run, but wanted to share what a great seller @skypinkblu is. ...and my Superman magnet from a previous sales thread has a great spot in my home office!.
  12. Here’s my premptive “here” for when the roll call starts...
  13. tomo


    Yeah, it’s a true mystery for the ages how your threads keep ending up getting removed...
  14. Is that when we’ll be seeing some of those Action’s? What number range do they run from, if you don’t mind spilling the beans just a bit...