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  1. Doom Patrol #90--Now we have a gorgeous black cover. Very sharp with same spine roll. But i noticed a color bleed back cover and top left of cover. looks like a distributor bleed. I will be conservative and say 6.5. Asking $20
  2. Doom Patrol #89--Love bright yellow covers and this one is bright. Same spine roll that can be pressed. I grade this as a 7.5 or better. Asking $25SOLD
  3. Doom Patrol #88--Another just gorgeous cover with incredible art. Same spine roll that can be pressed. This is a 7.5 or better. Asking $25SOLD
  4. Doom Patrol #87--Solid copy with great color. Has spine roll that can easily be pressed out. I grade this as a 7.5 or better and with press even better. Asking $20SOLD
  5. Doom Patrol #86--I love this cover and i think this is my second favorite next to #99. But i see a lot less of these than the other. Great colors and in nice shape. Back cover has a couple small chips and a tear, some shadowing. Can benefit from a press. I grade this as a 6.0. Asking $90SOLD
  6. Superman #170--Cover is gorgeous, bright colors and looks nice with slight spine roll that can be pressed. Back cover has a triangle piece missing thats a good size. Also some shadowing on the back cover. Lets drop it down to a 5.0. Asking $10SOLD
  7. Superman #145--Here is a very sharp copy with Great color. I put this in the 7.5 or better grade range. A graded one on ebay in 6.5 is asking $180. This is much nicer. Asking $125SOLD
  8. Round 2 starting in 20 min everyone. Good luck. I might post more than i wanted tonight if it all goes well. Thanks
  9. Thank you sir. Great pickups and thank you for finishing off round 1. Round 2 starts tonight at 9pm my time here in California. Maybe sooner if my last appointment cancels.
  10. Im posting tonight,tomorrow and tuesday and sending invoices on wed. So you have all those days to see if i post anything else you like. I rather i only send out 6-9 packages. Im too busy to be sending out 30 packages next week lol.
  11. And fellas that batman #168 is gorgeous. Surprised no one has jumped on it. Not often DC prints comics with no staples attached to the comic ever.
  12. UPDATE TIME----Tonight at 9pm CA time I will be posting 20 more. Sorry guys im a solar sales rep i work very long hours. Have 4 appointments today and will post the comics right after my last appointment finishes. There will be some Doom Patrol tonight, some world's finest and two superman books. One is a 10 center and the other a twelve. Will be a nice group at great prices so don't miss out. Here is whats left of round 1. Batman #170--This is much nicer than the Fine + that went on ebay for $73 in march. This is 8.0 or better in my opinion. Take a look. Asking
  13. I have to keep something lol. The pics I'm put in the estate sales/garage sales post are my keepers. I upgraded some of my current books and might sell some. We will see.
  14. Yea all of these books are from that sale. The action #252, showcase #37, brave and bold #54, batman #171 are all here, my Favorite is the first phantom zone. Such high grade.
  15. Yes sir. I took the gamble from California and had my sister drive out to pick them up. Gems for sure.
  16. Thats it for tonight guys. Tomorrow ill do Doom Patrol, World's finest and a couple Superman. The following night Ill do metal men, superman and batman giants. Thank you all
  17. Detective #342--This has some ripples in the bottom that can be pressed out. Lets just call it a 6.5 to be safe here. Asking $20
  18. Detective #332--Such a cool joker cover. one of my favorites. Solid 7.5 because of tiny chip in top left corner. Asking $50SOLD
  19. Detective #331--God i love this cool pink cover....DC is where its at. This is a solid 8.0 or better. Asking $35SOLD
  20. There are 4 more detectives then im calling it a night. Tomorrow same time ill post another 20 or so books. Thanks guys and gals.