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  1. I would say 6.0. Although the creasing on the top and the spine, fantastic colours on the book as Comic Jack has said.
  2. I am thinking a 1.8-2.0 myself. Excellent book you've got, very nice colours. I am curious if it is deemed restoration as well?
  3. Hi everyone just a quick update on the books that have been sold. The books that are still for sale will be posted on the first page. Thanks again to everyone who bought books and participated in the thread. I will leave the remaining books up for a few days and if you're interested in something, please don't hesitate to shoot me an offer. I will shoot everyone who bought books a PM in the morning. Thanks, Gene Strange Mysteries 20 sold to Darth Corgi Strange Mysteries 21 sold to Robot Man The Hand of Fate 13 sold to comicquant Witches Tales 26 sold to comicquant Baffling Mysteries 8 sold to Point Five Tales of Horror 10 sold to Gregd Baffling Mysteries 11 sold to comicquant Spellbound 11 sold to Gregd Baffling Mysteries 7 sold to Ricksneatstuff Crime Suspenstories 22 sold to dinesh_S Blue Bolt Weird Tales 112 sold via PM Out of the Shadows 13 sold to Incredible Pulp Haunted Thrills 4 sold to OdinsSecrets This Magazine is Haunted 5 sold to OdinsSecrets This Magazine is Haunted 7 sold to OdinsSecrets This Magazine is Haunted 11 sold to Gregd This Magazine is Haunted 13 sold to comicquant Tomb of Terror 15 sold to Incredible Pulp Weird Tales of the Future 7 sold to comicquant Voodoo 6 sold via PM Startling Terror Tales 6 sold to Changer
  4. For my first sales thread I'm glad it went as well as it did! Thanks to you and everyone else who bought books tonight, I'm sorry it took so long to get everything up. I'm going to head to bed but I will be PM ing everyone who took books on the thread tonight and will check my PM's for any offers on the books that remain in the morning. Thanks again to everyone who participated and I look forward to making more sales threads in the future! Thanks, Gene
  5. I would grade this one at a 2.5-3.0. There is some staining on the front and back cover, some tears in a couple of the pages, and the pages are a bit out of line. Still one of L.B Coles best covers in my opinion and I really really really hate to see this one go, but I know if it sells it will go to someone who loves it just as much as I do, just like the rest of my books. GPA has a 3.0 selling for 900 and a 3.5 selling for 800. Removed from the thread!
  6. Startling terror tales 6. I would grade this one as a 4.5. Nothing much to say about this one other than it has very nice colours and a bit of a smell SOLD
  7. Blue Bolt Weird Tales 114. This one is a CGC 4.5 but has been de-slabbed. Super nice colours on this one and a cool stamp on the back! Last GPA on this one was a 5.0 that went for 1746$ SOLD