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  1. What a great piece, and the perfect time of year to celebrate it. Congrats!
  2. It’s no Wolves of St. August, but here’s my piece. I know at least one other board member has owned this as well. I love this thread!
  3. I love this thread, because you get to see how everyone’s favorite styles are so different. I was disppointed there wasn’t more Mignola in here though!
  4. I suppose I’m more used to the literature market...my namesake being from the Kingkiller Chronicles. I’ve been waiting for the the third book in that series since 2011. Six months or year-long waits don’t get to me anymore. As long as the story keeps my interest. But I certainly understand where you are coming from. Comics seem to rely on consistency...it’ll be interesting to watch sales on this. I still hope they have a few arcs left.
  5. July 18 looks like release date for issue #10. Not an ideal schedule, but the art, in particular, is still awesome. An amazing world to explore. I wonder if they gave any thought to handling it like Black Hammer, with some side series to expand and keep readers engaged while the main series catches up.
  6. J.H. Williams III put up with me constantly emailing him after he first tweeted this cover for Absolute Sandman Overture. Easily my largest purchase to date. Super excited to get it framed!
  7. I was waiting to see some pages from the last issue! Fantastic get...super jealous. There wasn’t nearly enough talk on the boards about the last few issues. It was a great ending! I cheered out loud when I saw this page. ??? Jason
  8. I'd love a 9.8 if still available (blue label I believe is what is still available). Jason
  9. Oh my...that's a tantalizing picture. Between these pictures and the new issue it's been quite a day for this book. Can't wait to have a chance to pick one of those up! Thanks for sharing.
  10. So it's sounds like I don't need to be obsessively refreshing your page just yet? It's good to hear that something may be coming though...I love this series!