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  1. About to add a new purchase so I'm offering some chew items. Looking to sell all as one lot. Pics can be found at the link. chew art Lot contains Chew 38 Cover Chew 6 Page 19 Chew 46 Page 20 Chew 52 Page 18 Chew 53 Page 14 $1,100 for the lot PayPal preferred Free shipping in US I'll take it in thread wins over pm Other 2 covers not for sale.
  2. heres what I have. Don't know if I'm ready to sell 56 yet but 38 is open. 56 is possible. HC5 is only thing not for sale as I've already framed it and its a keeper. Chew art
  3. Big THANKS to Adonis. This came in the mail today. Looks great in hand. [/img]
  4. I believe Rich sent you a foil Va comic con one for me but I got an invoice and paid it for Lloyd and Fox only.
  5. .99 cent auction on this book ends tomorrow. Also a Frank Miller remark on dk3 book ending soon. Ebay Listings
  6. What about sketches? Lots of different types of stuff used on those.
  7. From what I read in an interview the writer said he wants it to be clear it's not a clone or anything other than the real Steve Rogers
  8. Evans and Renner SS Book ends tomorrow starting price below cost. Great if you want to add Hemsworth or anyone else. Also have a Frank Miller remark listed on DK3 book 3 if anyone wants to deal on here for that pm me.