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  1. Like every meme stock these days and buyers with FOMO, comic book buying has become no different... a lot of people are paying absolutely ludicrous prices for books. When prices drop on comics (and I believe they will at some point), a lot of people will be left bag holding books they paid idiotic prices for .. just my ... and I don’t feel sorry for them either .
  2. brilliant - thanks for sharing ... I verified this with some GPA data
  3. The feedback was what he left me. He left positive feedback and wrote: “Good seller fast shipping” I didn’t leave him any feedback. The time frame for me to leave him feedback closed by the time he opened the case.
  4. In January 2020, a buyer bought my BB28 CGC 3.0. He DM'd me about getting him the book ASAP because it was a birthday gift for his girlfriend. I thought it was odd anyone would give such an expensive gift, let alone to a girlfriend. But, what do I know? To each their own. I expedited this to him and it arrived when he needed it. He gave me a positive eBay feedback and that was it. Fast forward to April and I get notified by PP that he opened a case, citing that he didn't authorize (or was unaware of the purchase). I provided all evidence I had, which included - a det
  5. Antique show find from a few years back Ignore the sticker prices on these. got the entire lot for $550 The JIM 85 graded at 5.0 with off-white pages after a press fixed the spine roll. The IM 55 was mid grade 6.0-7.0 X-Men 4 was a GD FF 45 was a VG
  6. Honesty is a lot less profitable than being a scam artist he’ll do it until he can’t... still with 100% positive feedback, the buyers are making it seem like he’ll be able to do this for a while. shameful
  7. Donon bought a high grade Hulk 181 from me and the transaction couldn't have gone smoother. Great communication, zero drama and fast payment... I WILL DEAL WITH HIM AGAIN..! Thanks, Mike
  8. this doesn't show that it's been read a bunch of times. you have any closer pics?
  9. GSX 1 Sold to BoosterBeetle Hulk 181 still for sale
  10. Not a fan of any of these custom labels to be honest. Seems like a hokey cash grab.