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  1. Nope, an obscure Italian website - I managed to get the following for that price: x3 Blood Syndicate #1 (sealed) x1 Blood Syndicate #32 x2 Blood Syndicate #33, #34 and #35 Hardware #36 Hardware #37 Hardware #39 Hardware #40 Hardware #41 Hardware #42 Hardware #43 Hardware #44 Hardware #45 Hardware #46 Hardware #47 Heroes #2, #4, and #6 Icon #36 and #37 Shadow Cabinet #12, #14, #16 and #17 Static #29 x2 Wise Man #1, #2 and #3
  2. On a site note: you won't believe the issues I bought for £105 today
  3. My huge new collection of Milestone shall be coming between this week and the next
  4. So you don't agree with Harley, Batman Beyond and Ahsoka? But I understand where you're coming from ~
  5. It sure is haha - it's a very old-ish comic FYI: take a look at the price for Star Wars' Ahsoka's first appearance in the comics ~
  6. Real Ghostbusters #1 (the UK edition) is the first comic appearance of the Ghostbusters, but it's not as common (let alone known) as the US version, thus should be worth quite a bit - more so if it still has the original badge attached to the over; not to mention there's not one single copy that has been graded by CGC as of yet. That may be an exception to the "shouldn't be worth more" precept
  7. Hey there ^_^ I bought some Silver Age boards and bags from Silver Acre Comics, for my Modern Comics, and they fit rather well; but I ordered some more and I notice they seemed rather different - specifically, the second boards are a tad bit shorter than the original ones: The first boards being 22cm in width (which were perfect) however, the second boards I purchased are a tad too narrow at the sides compared to the last boards - with the second boards being 21.5cm in width - which is causing the comics to move from side-to-side more than the first. The first board was used in Deathwish #1 and the second board was used in Blood Syndicate #16, but my question is whether this will cause damage or other issues to my comic? Should I sent the second boards back? Is it an issue with the bags instead?
  8. I meant what Geeks was referring too: whether the other comics, as in Icon, Xombi, Static, Blood Syndicate, etc have a 2nd print as #17 does ~ I need to check some of my books
  9. I rambled a bit there I was suggesting perhaps that second-print isn't just exclusive to #17 and that in fact there could be more issues with that indicia. Plus the print-run comes into question ~
  10. Woah, never seen that before - I mean surely that's not the same with the other books? That version doesn't include the UK insignia which could mean this is not exclusive for #17.
  11. That's the same with all the Newsstand and Direct prints though:
  12. I presume you mean like the rest? A direct and newsstand printing?
  13. Yeah, all of them have - including Worlds Collide #1 (which has the Platinum edition, similar to Xombi) ~