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  1. New X-Men #133 Underrated cover - naturally, in my opinion - with the Silhouette of Wolverine appearing in Dust's eyes
  2. I'm not sure if anyone noticed it during their assessments, but near the left-hand-side of N'Kantu's head - on the front cover above - there is a faded 50p mark - also on the top of the first page there's a '50p' annotation in pencil - would this influence the grading?
  3. Johnny, may I send you some information on some census', as I am submitting a few books soon ^_^
  4. BUMPED for importance - hopefully more people will be able too submit their respective lists ~
  5. Just bought this, but I'm wondering whether it is actually Gary Leach's signature:
  6. WOOHOOO Gary Cohn is at Fairfax Comic Con this year (postponed I know), but I'm curious how one would go about getting his signature, given that I'm from England
  7. Are Dan Mishkin or Gary Cohn signing anything at the end of the year, or in 2021?
  8. On trend with my previous Young Marvelman comic, I've recently bought these two painting books (I have the 2nd Young Marvelman book that I bought in the past), as L Miller & Co issued a series of four of these magic painting and colouring books in 1955 - 2 for Young Marvelman and 2 for Marvelman, though I'm wondering whether CGC would even accept these if I were to submit them:
  9. Cost £59.99 and still over the moon that I didn't have to pay any import taxes
  10. Flash #155 is a very UNDERRATED book, but you know what may be even more underrated? #245 more so than #186, naturally ~ The image of the #245 may look terribly blurry, but it's around VF+ ~
  11. I was wondering what grade do you think this is? Would this benefit from a press or a clean? All comments are welcomed! Thank you ^_^