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  1. So it should I have two copies, but I accidentally creased the cover of my first one - the aim is to get both signed by the cast of Ghostbusters: Afterlife sometime next year ~
  2. The Real Ghostbusters #1, which predates the American comic ~
  3. I mean, I always thought 1956 was the starting point, though I forgot about Showcase #4 - but then again there's Martian Manhunter's appearance too ~
  4. His first appearance was in Young Marvelman #25 (where the reprinting began) - which was published in February 3, 1954 thus still a Golden Age variety: in which Freeman transitioned into the character of Dickie Dauntless. The issues I was referring to in the OP were: Young Marvelman #124: December 31, 1955 Young Marvelman #125: January 7, 1956 Which is almost 100 issues since the transition, which occurred during the Golden Age.
  5. I see, thanks ^_^ The character in question is Young Marvelman - being a British comic published by now defunct L.Miller and Son; the Comic Code Seal wouldn't be applicable in that case, I do believe ~
  6. Hey there ^_^ Just curious on this matter as I very well know it's a slippery slope at times, but I have a comic of a particularly named character which was published in January 7, 1956, and the issue before that - which included the exact same character, mind you - was published on December 31, 1955. My question is whether the January 7, 1956 issue would technically be construed as the first Silver Age appearance of the said character?
  7. Or how about what they did for Marvelman's namesake: Shazam? "1st appearance of Marvelman (later becomes Miracleman) since the Silver Age." or for Warrior #3: "1st appearance of Kid Marvelman (later becomes Kid Miracleman) since the Silver Age." Apologies, you're right, as stated by Padraig O Mealoid ~
  8. Yes, and the first appearance of Marvelman would be Mavelman #25, however, these are the modern versions which have the "Marvel" in their name removed - later to be corrected in the Miracleman 1985 series by Eclipse via their reprint - for the trademark infringement lawsuit filed by Marvel Comics over the use of the name "Marvel" in Marvelman, hence why the name Marvelman is in speech-marks in the census of Warrior #1:
  9. I'm curious about this one, as I just don't know, as well as being unsure whether I've missed an issue - more so that CGC hasn't acknowledged it, nor has anyone sent a Warrior #2 or #3 for grading. Would Warrior #2 be classed as a full appearance or a cameo appearance? As with what CGC have labelled Miracleman's appearance in Warrior #1, it seems like the following label would be fitting for either Warrior #2 or #3: First appearance of "Kid Marvelman" (later becomes Kid Miracleman). Warrior #2 An enraged Johnny Bates smashing the table at the end of the issue Warrior #3 Johnny meeting with Michael and revealing himself to still be Kid Miracleman.
  10. New X-Men #133 Underrated cover - naturally, in my opinion - with the Silhouette of Wolverine appearing in Dust's eyes
  11. I'm not sure if anyone noticed it during their assessments, but near the left-hand-side of N'Kantu's head - on the front cover above - there is a faded 50p mark - also on the top of the first page there's a '50p' annotation in pencil - would this influence the grading?
  12. Johnny, may I send you some information on some census', as I am submitting a few books soon ^_^
  13. BUMPED for importance - hopefully more people will be able too submit their respective lists ~
  14. Just bought this, but I'm wondering whether it is actually Gary Leach's signature:
  15. WOOHOOO Gary Cohn is at Fairfax Comic Con this year (postponed I know), but I'm curious how one would go about getting his signature, given that I'm from England
  16. Are Dan Mishkin or Gary Cohn signing anything at the end of the year, or in 2021?
  17. On trend with my previous Young Marvelman comic, I've recently bought these two painting books (I have the 2nd Young Marvelman book that I bought in the past), as L Miller & Co issued a series of four of these magic painting and colouring books in 1955 - 2 for Young Marvelman and 2 for Marvelman, though I'm wondering whether CGC would even accept these if I were to submit them:
  18. Cost £59.99 and still over the moon that I didn't have to pay any import taxes
  19. Flash #155 is a very UNDERRATED book, but you know what may be even more underrated? #245 more so than #186, naturally ~ The image of the #245 may look terribly blurry, but it's around VF+ ~
  20. I was wondering what grade do you think this is? Would this benefit from a press or a clean? All comments are welcomed! Thank you ^_^