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  1. I meant no disrespect but was just dumbfounded by the starting price. I hope you get what you are looking for, is it really close to 10K or is that just a super best case scenario? I just got to know.
  2. Looks like one was taken down.. oh, wait, here it is..
  3. Are these 2 eBay sellers out of their minds? or am I missing something?
  4. I did some research on 1994 X-Men work.. I nearly had a heart attack, with all the puzzle, coloring, activity, trading cards, etc., the list is never ending. I also think it was a big year for the animated series as I found a panini sticker album.
  5. Thanks to everyone for your diligence and hard work. You guys are the best.
  6. Had someone send me a list of every marvel card from the 1990's with no luck. Checked every Beast image and nothing matched.
  7. Paper is 9.5 x 13.5, image is 8.5 x 12.5. I did some research on trading cards from 1994 but found nothing.
  8. Thank you so much for looking. I really appreciate you doing that for me. I tried to message him through facebook but got no response. It just looks too polished to be unpublished. The quest continues..
  9. Got this one a while ago and haven't been able to find where it has been published. Maybe it is unpublished? Hoping someone out there has any idea. I did notice that it might be from Wizard magazine but I have no back issues from 1994 (dated by Ron Lim and Tom Palmer?) Thanks for your feedback.
  10. Check this out. Sold for $946 on 1/26 Now $2000
  11. Keep on FLIPPING, romitaman!!!! Originally sold on eBay with a BUY IT NOW of $450 Now $1500 Nice!
  12. This is the fastest flip attempt ever.... Sold for 132 on 1/20/20 Now on eBay for 260
  13. And this one too.. Sold for less than $599 (offer accepted) Now $1400
  14. How cool of you to share your story and where this was used. Wonder if they will find a buyer? There has got to be a Human Fly fan out there you would want this. Perhaps if the price is lowered, he may sell it.