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  1. Appreciate it! The Frazetta remains the gem of my collection...
  2. That was fun. Happy with being in the Top 10 for both the Published and Tastemaker categories.
  3. Psylocke in the left panel vs. bottom panel (my preferred style) look like two completely different characters.
  4. Naw... one of my threads was sent into CGC purgatory for cross-posting. And that crowd tends to skew heavily supehero-lovin'. I think our leading entry has something like 15+ votes, which seems aplenty!
  5. Well put, and this has been very fun -- swell examples throughout the thread. Thanks to boardies for their votes. Paid 350 for the Chamber of Chills ghost page (first issue from the original GA series), 500 for the early Milo Manara page, and 300 for the Jae Lee Namor page with Namorita.
  6. PUBLISHED Namor: The Sub-Mariner #29, page 12 (Namorita), by Jae Lee
  7. PUBLISHED Chamber of Chills #21 (#1), Page 32, by Rudy Palais (1951)
  8. Gonna be half-dormant myself, next few weeks... Mazatlan now, 4 East Asian countries comin' up.
  9. Really enjoyed dealing with Jeff for my Matt Baker several years back. Cool piece, agreed on its major points.
  10. As a kid, I remember distinctly feeling that Moonie looked like a badass. Seriously, Stormshadow gets it, too -- you wear white head to toe when you're not easy to make bleed. The color of ghosts. I also appreciated that he wasn't overpowered, and yet was more than just a boring normal human with gadgets. Lastly, as others have alluded, he's crazy. Crazy chars who generally fight for the "good" side (a la Rorschach) are exceedingly fun to root for.