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  1. Just in, art for a Werewolf sourcebook (the White Wolf RPG), by Brian LeBlanc: https://www.comicartfans.com/gallerypiece.asp?piece=1719099
  2. I remember trading a couple UXM 266 slabs for Harley's raw SS6 years back... good times. Graded well, eventually sold it to fund OA, go figure. }:-)
  3. One of my OA colleagues got a raw for less than a buck back in the day... no words... 😊
  4. Eggcellent thread idea as always, good Buraddo, and solid sleuthing. The extent of my recent research involved tracking down the Werewolf (White Wolf) sourcebook that contained a painting done by Brian LeBlanc. All I knew was the year of its creation, so I found a digital drove of sourcebooks and scrolled down page after page of werewolves and other beasties. Upwards of a thousand+ pages. Eventually, I hit jackpot... it was from the War Against the Pure sourcebook. Felt great. }:-)
  5. A 1.0 with a detached cover for 14k... got my 2.0 Stan Lee SS for 10.5 back in the day. Wahoo !
  6. Up to 10,750. And unlike the ebay 1.0 for 13k (no qualifiers), this one has a detached cover.
  7. To each his own. There's absolutely nothing wrong with collecting out of nostalgia -- guilty as charged, and I salute you for that. But there are plenty of properties that won't stand the test of time without (a) strong revivals, and moreover (b) powerful backers pushing the strong revivals. Supply becomes meaningless sans future demand. FWIW, I continue to see Peanuts merchandise everywhere, from airports to shops in Seoul. Apple's acquisition indeed means many good things. Last I've heard about Garfield was the 2004 live action movie... uh oh.
  8. Count me in the nostalgic but not a fan camp. I'd take one for free, I guess... This is one property that ain't making a comeback, folks. But the MCU comment was funny : >
  9. Word -- if people care, they'll follow the link. Else keep scrolling. I like both options and have done both.
  10. My first Maleev, an early one: https://www.comicartfans.com/gallerypiece.asp?piece=1717568
  11. If Bernie plates are in on this, let's get Frazetta's EQ i.e Eerie #23 cover for a cool $5.4 mil. B-) Edit: Oh, interiors only it seems!
  12. Interesting that OP named two eggcellent artists whose OA is pretty damned hard to find in the wild. Good taste.
  13. Thumbs up, and I was looking at this CGC 1.0 auction: https://www.ebay.com/itm/274714934518 13k, hot damn. Better with tax.