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  1. Didn't know that about Inhyuk, yikes. And 12k for a Modern cover is waaaay way upper echelon.
  2. Having seen his lines at big cons like C2E2 (dwarfing those of other big names), not surprised at all. Inhyuk Lee is another wonder from East Asia whose prices are more affordable at the moment. I'd say in digital he might be even more skilled, though Artgerm's pencils seem stronger IMO.
  3. Another fun but perhaps-not-widely-known influence... Art Adams for JSC.
  4. I didn't "get" Frank Cho or Sam Keith at first, but like them both now (though I don't own anything by either).
  5. Dynamite once reached out to me about using my Vampi as a cover, but Artgerm told 'em he doesn't re-use commissions... i.e. more new biz for him. }:-) And then began the Artgerm storm of Vampi covers for Dynamite... https://www.comicartfans.com/gallerypiece.asp?piece=1522478
  6. Plus the OA to this is available on ebay. One of his iconic covers.
  7. Fond memories from that Zulli... I began Sandman in reverse order (with The Wake) back in HS, and was blown away albeit confused.
  8. http://www.stevencerio.com/cerio-interviews-for-seconds-magazine/interview-with-frank-frazetta-seconds-29-1994-by-steven-cerio/ Looks like the interview transcript had some typos... gonna make some corrections. }:-)
  9. Feel free to share the cool stories we know/hear. Below, a Goya name drop by the master. Mish-mashing Goya and Foster sounds like Frazetta art. "SECONDS: Who were some of your influences earlier on? FRAZETTA: Everyone. All the masters that ever lived, many illustrators, and certainly guys who did Comics. Foster would be my main influence. From the sublime to the ridiculous I go from Foster to Segar, who did design. Even though [Segar] did Popeye, I thought he was a brilliant artist. His ability to simplify and tell a story, that’s a great artist. Then you go to the masters who rendered and painted beautifully but told no story at all. It was contrived, it was obvious that they just posed models and weren’t very excited about it, in spite of the skillful approach. Sure it’s great but so what? It leaves me if I have to sit there and wonder about the application of paint. It means nothing. I’d rather look at Harvey Kurtzman. On the other hand, certain classical artists like Goya had magic and power. That’s my own personal judgment. Unfortunately, there’s a million people in this world that have been brainwashed and have to be told what’s good and what isn’t. From an interview conducted by Steven Cerio with Frank Frazetta (2010)"
  10. Just hit edit on your first post, then you can change the title.
  11. The nice thing about landing a grail -- or two or three -- is that it really raises the bar for future purchases. Frivolous buys have way less pull afterwards. So, ironically, it can actually save money in the long run.
  12. Yup, it's happening. GA, SA too were "modern" once upon a time, with appropriate pricing... Copper is turning more and more vintage by the year. Granted, they don't have the same scarcity. But there are Copper books/variants with relatively low print runs. And the super popular ones are sufficiently in-demand to drive prices.
  13. naw, I spot telltale differences. Lucy and Linus have wrinkles around their eyes. Siblings, after all. Only Peppermint Patty has freckles. The gal with the glasses (Marcie?) is a total outlier. No eyebrows, even, sheesh. Charlie Brown and Sally are def siblings, too.
  14. Yep, he had to hit us with a shiny Tradd...