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  1. I see Ming Chen's sig, but you'll have to sleuth to see what he drew...
  2. Bob McLeod at right, on Snake Eyes. Looks like he used to do inks for GI Joe: https://comics.ha.com/itm/original-comic-art/illustrations/bob-mcleod-snake-eyes-from-gi-joe-original-art-illustration-2008-/a/121730-14088.s
  3. Artgerm's latest original art, on comicartfans.com:
  4. Recent pickup... love the way Jeehyung does facial expressions. What bad, bad Black Cat: https://www.comicartfans.com/gallerydetailsearch.asp?gcat=123916&pm=1&pi=54&order=views
  5. Oh man, Ukyo was my guy in all of the Samurai Shodowns. Once played it in an arcade in Tokyo (seriously), against my best bud who chose Haomaru... he won the first nervewracking match, I won the second, then we decided to leave it at that.
  6. Any comic artist in history, alive or deceased. Budget is not an issue. What scene and by whom? Death Dealer vs. Conan vs. Tarzan by Frazetta. McFarlane Venom vs. Bagley Carnage. Jim Lee X-Men Blue Team vs. Sienkiewicz New Mutants. I'd be an extreeeeeeemely happy camper with any/all of these...
  7. Moon Knight and Elektra thanks to Sienkiewicz. Wolverine thanks to which one artist in particular? Good Q. Psylocke thanks to Jim Lee, no question. Surfer thanks to Tradd. Who else...
  8. Happy to have traded OA for this MMC17... goes well with the MMC2: https://www.myslabbedcomics.com/GalleryPiece.asp?Piece=58883&GSub=2893
  9. This thread actually works (my Ravenloft OA profile pic is evidence enough). Keep at it, gang!
  10. The DnD comic art may be worthless, but try finding an Elmore Dragonlance OA (my dream grail, that Raistlin and Crysania at dusk cover from the Legends trilogy).... would get close to or reach 6 figures. 8+ pieces of Stephen Fabian Ravenloft OA sold out in less than an hour when Mike Burkey posted them. But spare yourself, aye...
  11. That happens among dealers to an extent, but I know waaay too many ordinary collectors who splurge on grails at the risk of their marriages. Too many like me.
  12. Frazetta > Punisher projected > First apps of Batman and Supes https://comics.ha.com/heritage-auctions-press-releases-and-news/egyptian-queen-by-artist-frank-frazetta-sets-5.4-million-world-record-at-heritage-auctions.s?releaseId=3645 Many of us would love a bubble pop for the sake of our disintegrated wallets. But for better or worse, OA collectors have become legion... if you sign up to the comicartfans.com newsletter, you'll see what I mean.