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  1. Pass down to future kid(s). I don't have a huge collection quantity-wise. Will def verse any li'l ones on the ins-and-outs as they grow up.
  2. Hope to make it some day. Always happy to hear more stories on here.
  3. Sweet, and congrats! Is the club list ever updated? Mine (CGC 2.0 SS) - http://www.myslabbedcomics.com/GalleryPiece.asp?Piece=38781&GSub=2893
  4. The scary thing about EQ is that 90k suddenly seems like chump change...
  5. 5.4 million is less than 0.1% of Lucas's wealth... Another way of putting it -- he could acquire 1000 EQs and still have a billion bucks left.
  6. Yes, shoes. Fritz wasn't a huge fan of drawing feet (remember reading that somewhere). Leaning sandals or almost high heels here, looks like... same as in my best piece by him. It led me to actually do a wiki search on high heels... quite the long history. B-)
  7. That's darned tootin' right. None of my Fritz OA appeared in comics.
  8. No idea. OA collectors are an unpredictable lot. 1, 2, 5, 10 million? Unless something actually hits the market, all we can do is speculate. High-end Frazetta collectors are a different breed in the hobby.
  9. I couldn't beat 5.4 mil... but at least I've got my raggedy ol' copies of Eerie and Creepy.
  10. Egyptian Queen, the new ruler of the land at $5.4 million...
  11. $5.4 million final hammer, including buyer's premium. Again, for reference, the top Action 1 sale (CGC 9.0) was $3.2 million in 2014. Egyptian Queen is the new title-holder for the most expensive piece in comic book/OA history to date.
  12. Love 'em all. Will take any.