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  1. Ronin- underappreciated? or underwhelming?

    Won a CGC 9.4 Ronin #6 via entrance tick raffle at Berkeley Comic Con earlier in the year. Was stoked. Need to read the series.
  2. The "Newsstand Edition" Phenomenon

    My fave newsstand... thanks to a fellow boardie ! Somewhere in the ballpark of ~2 graded. This one ain’t going anywhere.
  3. Let’s go Laura !!!!!!

    From a king to a king u
  5. When will/will the WALKING DEAD bubble burst?

    If the flagship series is fading, very tall order for spinoffs to carry on the banner. There will be new zombie series, movies, comics. Immortality is reserved for the first in a genre (Dracula), or as you put it, a whole other level of writing in a genre (GoT). Seems like everyone and their mother is tired of TWD, including those still watching.
  6. The "Newsstand Edition" Phenomenon

    Scwheet, enjoy it
  7. The "Newsstand Edition" Phenomenon

    On a related note, I’m getting a newsstand ASM 316 with Mark Jewelers insert SS’d by McFarlane, pressed, and graded. There are two completed/sold listings for newsstand MJ variants of the issue on ebay (one of them mine), and no active listings. The newsstand CGC 9.8 MJ sold for ~70% more than the equivalent direct edition non-MJs. A fun way for me to collect what is normally a very common issue.

    From an embrace to an embrace
  9. WTB: VENOM Mark Bagley OA

    Good call, I picked up a couple gorgeous Siqueira pages from #154 : ) Still/always looking !
  10. Preferably from Lethal Protector or ASM. Thank you in advance !
  11. Voodoo 2 for me, given their relative scarcity. Expecting something roughly mid-grade.

    Air time to air time
  13. The "Newsstand Edition" Phenomenon

    Well put. Opinions will forever range (and rage), but the market over time is always true north.