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  1. The reality remains -- if you give a collector the choice between receiving the cover or a splash of a given pre-Modern issue, 9 times out of 10 the cover will win. Hell, one could then turn around to sell the cover and use the proceeds on the splash + other things. Though sea changes ain't happening, I appreciate the perspectives herein nonetheless.
  2. You're welcome to visit and look at it whenever you like"
  3. Watched this yesterday. Too damned good. Being a Marvel guy, I've long found Joker to be my favorite DC anything. There's no true equivalent.
  4. Hate CGC's NGs for coverless books. Give 'em a 0.3, per Overstreet.
  5. Am at about 90%. The remaining pieces I'd love to add are pretty much stratospheric... and I've made do with "replacements" (e.g., a Venom sketch by McFarlane in place of a McF Venom published ASM page). Actually, bet I could do some work if I sold most of my comic + remaining sports card collections. But unwilling to cross that bridge. Shoulda bought Litecoin when it was less than a dollar.
  6. Indeed -- practically everyone knows "the" AH Supergirl cover. ASM 667, that X-23 variant by Dell'Otto... JSC Black Cats... The OA covers may well go for multiples of those books' prices.
  7. Word. The only Modern exceptions that immediately come to mind are the creme de creme of (in)famous variant covers. Dell'Otto, AH, JSC, etc... and frankly, most of those seem to remain in the owner's possession anyhow.
  8. And relatedly... most of the iconic covers are pre-Modern.
  9. Class acts. Sold part of my collection to them for five figures; couldn't have gone more smoothly.
  10. There are relatively few iconic splashes... but there are so many iconic covers.