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  1. Venom Movie

    Trailer CGI looks even better. PUMPED
  2. Venom Movie

    Oh man, mass rave reactions....!!!
  3. Hells yes, bring on the hot toys baby 🤠🤠
  4. WTB - Speedball (seriously)

    https://outside-affiliatelinksnotallowed.ebay.com/outside-affiliatelinksnotallowed/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F152966960889 Let me know if you get it, fun page !
  5. WTB - Speedball (seriously)

    There’s a New Warriors #1 page with Speedball in action on ebay (by Bagley), that’s at Best Offer for less than half that.
  6. Let’s go, all ! Nothing attracts a crowd like some good deals nudge nudge : )
  7. This book technically belongs to my wife. My single win from the sensational Berk Collection auctions. In hindsight, it’s interesting to own a CGC 9.6 from 1951 !
  8. My First Mark Bagley Art

    As a fellow Bagley Ultimate Spidey owner, love it !!
  9. Original Jack Kirby Sketch for Sale

    This sketch was indeed met with skepticism in the FB forums, as well, regretfully. The face is also way off.
  10. 2011 for Sonny’s most valuable cards. Though his first (non-MLB uni) superfractor is from 2010. : ) Nice win yesterday!
  11. Thought I’d offer up these unique (1 of 1) beauties for Marvel keys. Sonny (recent Cy Young 3rd in voting and All-Star) is a fixture on the rotation for a Yankees team poised to go deep in the playoffs. Open to reasonable offers, see ebay sales of other 1st BC superfractors, ballpark $2000 figure for both but can split up. I’ve traded his Canary 1/1 and Red /5 for a nice CGC + raw lot.
  12. Archie art: any fans and collectors here?

    Finally picked up my first Bob Montana, from Archie’s Joke Book #2 no less ! http://www.comicartfans.com/gallerypiece.asp?piece=1460081
  13. Treasuring my Havok sketch by Lee all the more... Got it as a throw-in with an X-Men lot of 200 books, for $500... $2.50 per book. Included all the Copper keys like Uncanny 266 in NM-.
  14. The death of the run collector? I'm not so sure...

    I enjoy both keys and runs. Pretty happy about my partial runs plus assorted keys, like Uncanny x-Men 200 to 340, plus #1, 50, 134, etc.