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  1. It only takes one high-end purchase to open the floodgates... : > With OP, I predict it'll happen sooner than later, and he'll be all the happier for it.
  2. Can't think of a deal gone bad yet. Never dealt with anyone whose feedback isn't visible/proven. Grape + Ape, you deserved better, m'friend!
  3. UPDATE: Progress very good. The Gallery is now in the official schedule of the CoinFest 2020 conference (virtual this year): See April 3 under "Description": https://eventchain.io/event-details/37640881089839455f9bac2126962c24 Thereby exposing to OA hundreds of generally younger folks, many of whom likely haven't known of its existence but -- I predict -- will find it cool. Gallery Twitter's pinned post has been retweeted by one of the largest crypto/digital art exchanges. There are three -- SuperRare, KnownOrigin, and MakersPlace. Feel free to check 'em out when bored.
  4. That dude Carrion from the Maximum Carnage storyline comes to mind.
  5. https://twitter.com/Artgerm/status/1240984249110417408?s=20
  6. Uh, my bday is actually... in July. But close enough !!
  7. Be really, really early in line at a con... no more of those any time soon.
  8. Looks like a resurrected thread, will play. : ) Frazetta, Jim Lee, Sienkiewicz, McFarlane, Bagley, Matt Baker, DeCarlo, Lightle, Artgerm, JSC.
  9. Anyhoo... back to OA. Must take a closer look at the May auction as my birthday follows soon thereafter. : >
  10. Hate to say it, but 100% truth. Desperate efforts to save their (doomed) Olympics complicating matters.
  11. Healing Factor would be great about now...
  12. Getting the sense there's been a wave of new Artgerm commissions, pls share if any boardies have been so fortunate!
  13. JSC definitely been uppin' the creativity + stylistic elements of late. Black Cat noir cover also comes to mind.