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  1. https://www.cgccomics.com/boards/topic/384705-kablin12-kudos-thread/?tab=comments#comment-9016174
  2. Hi everyone been a while since I been on the boards and it's nice to be back. Today I have a batman 121 cgc 5.5 ow/w PayPal only! No returns on graded books. Asking price is $3400 Price drop $3200 Feel free to dm me if interested! I believe I have attached my kudos thread, got plenty of references from the fb communities as well as ig if more are needed. Full disclosure I live in the UK but all my books are in the USA and are shipped from with in the USA. Books are always shipped fully insured and tracked with adult signature.
  3. So you know the rules, no probs or HOS. 1st in thread or PM gets book. PayPal for payment. Shipping from uk to usa included (3 working days) All new Wolverine 19 mattina black and white 1.500 cgc 9.8 ss mattina $1800 Kudos thread:
  4. Don't have any doubts, top guy, great transaction. Asked for express shipping and was happy to accommodate