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  1. I'm very sorry I've only just seen this and the forum software is supposed to notify me of new replies. I'll try and get a couple up next week but I'm afraid we'll be heading back in time again. I know I've been lax in updating this but during the winter months I tend to go into shutdown mode.
  2. Great book, AJD. If I ever go into GA collecting these ECs would be top of the list.
  3. Wow, long reach from that octopus. I'm glad the harpoonist avoided the eye, that would have made me winch.
  4. Marvel Pence Priced Variants

    Well, I haven't bought any more low grade pence copies. Sometimes I like to go into my forum shell for a bit, storing up energy for some more misguided and irrelevant journalistic reviews.
  5. Marvel Pence Priced Variants

    It looks a bit too high grade for you, I think you should give it to me.
  6. Marvel Pence Priced Variants

    Congrats on the GW #70. You can't keep a good pence copy down!
  7. Apparently I'm a ninja at grading Yogis but suck at non-bear related books. Congrats to Betty-Bates, may you have a long and fruitful campaign.
  8. Guessed like someone who likes to grade Rockwell style!
  9. Argh, you're right of course. Don't know why I did that other than that I'm an insufficiently_thoughtful_person. I deserve 10/9. EDIT: Just seen I did it in the order the large scans were posted. Still my fault of course for not following the instructions but at least I'm not totally random.
  10. Apologies to adampasz for cutting & pasting the format of his post but it saved me a lot of time for doing my own version but I'm struggling to understand why I got 10/9. What am I missing here? ASM 85: Mine 8.0, Actual 8.5 --> +2W ASM 129: Mine 4.0, Actual 3.5 --> +2W JLA: Mine 8.5, Actual 8 --> +2W GL: Mine 9.0, Actual 9.2 --> +2W PP: Mine 3.5, Actual 4 --> +2W Toma: Mine 2.0, Actual 2.5 --> +2W TT: Mine 7.0, Actual 6.5 --> +2W MF: Mine 6.5, Actual 5.0 --> +2L SC: Mine 0.5, Actual 0.5 --> +3W WAR: Mine 6.0, Actual 6 --> +3W By my calculation I should be 20/2.
  11. Wildly inaccurate guesses submitted.
  12. Closed

    I'll take the scratchy one!