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  1. Harry Lime

    AJD's comic notebook

    Nice score, AJD. Canteen Kate seems to have a complicated & somewhat contradictory personality but as long as Major Herringbone is happy with the results I guess the Marines will keep on fightin'!
  2. Thank you very much, it's very gracious of you to say that. Hopefully, I'll be starting them back up again in the New Year. And thanks for the birthday wishes, Steve. I owe you one.
  3. Harry Lime

    AJD's comic notebook

    Hole-Card is a very unusual name, is it a reference to the second cover? Poker-Hole would have been more suitable if he's off to rescue the lovely but captive, Lia Sung?
  4. Harry Lime

    Doctor Tom Brent and his Flying Nurses

    Gorgo is a sex maniac. Not content with licking giant lizards, he's now dry humping entire buildings!
  5. Harry Lime

    Doctor Tom Brent and his Flying Nurses

    Gorgo looks like his giving the Venusian lizard an eyelid frenchy and the lizard is liking it...a lot! Pffft 'Harry grade', my books aren't that bad, many of them have covers.
  6. Slackers! You've seen the heavy CGC slabs now it's time for the morning Marvel maniacs.
  7. Harry Lime


    I'll take it.
  8. It's from FF Annual 8 which is a reprint of FF Annual 1, classic early FF story & art. Good luck with the sale, Claudio. It's always great to peruse your threads.
  9. The front doesn't look too bad. I think it could well make a 2.0.