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  1. Incredible run of results from Mr TawkyTawny & Azkaban. Have they gone all Robert Johnson on us? As long as I don't regress from last year's finishing position I'll be happy. With four rounds left however...
  2. I still have to watch that scene from behind the sofa. Terrifying. Great film though.
  3. On the already extremely low grade you have it wouldn't have any effect on the technical grade but you run a big risk of damaging it as well as certainly making it look worse.
  4. That's the answer I would have given as well.
  5. What the what!!!! Don't do it! You will damage it's condition still further and make it look a damn sight more unattractive. You hold in your hands a treasured piece of comic book history, don't mess with it. P.S. My name is Kevin Smith and I would like my book back, please.
  6. Oh carp! I got popcorn as well. Is there no end to greenham's emoji inspired torture?
  7. Harry Lime

    AJD's comic notebook

    Love that Silver Flash #19 cover! Although I agree that the interior art is inconsistent, perhaps too inconsistent.
  8. Ah, the infamous both books are the same grade round. Gets me every time ( so that would be twice). Was really tempted to go with 8.5 on the JIM as it looked like Marvel pre-chipping in a couple of places but it looked so nice I decided on 9.0. The Alf had far too many spine tics/creases to be any higher than an 8, imo. So went with that ignoring the cerebrum which was whispering "CGC bump, CGC bump". I've gotta be happy with 6 points, though.
  9. Harry Lime

    PGM Fantastic Four #48 March 1965

    3.0 with a chance of 3.5
  10. Harry Lime

    PGM FF48

    I think this would be a 6.0. Shame about the knobbly knee, though.