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  1. I think they were covering their arses in using the phrase "dog-like".
  2. 11th Annual March Madness CGC Grading Tournament - Sign Up

    These are great! Count me in.
  3. I plan on selling my pence copies to you so I can complete my Billy Bunter meets James May look. I've been collecting for the last 5 years so I haven't actually sold any books in an emergency measure yet. I did sell off my JIM collection because it didn't interest me but zero seller remorse involved. However I do have sympathy for some of the rash decisions described in this thread, especially the OP, that must hurt.
  4. And mock them hard! Micro-chamber tissues?
  5. Have a great holiday, Ed and I hope you have better luck in finding the missing ten in 2018.
  6. Christmas Pantomime Special!! Yes, it's that time of year when I take a review of a Marvel comic, combine it with a Christmas tradition and make a mangled mess out of both of 'em for your delicitation & delight! Ok, ok, it may not be as polished as last year's FF Christmas Carol but let's raise the curtain on tonight's offering anyway. The Players Matt Murdock as Richard 'Daredevil' Whittington Ka-Zar, a cat & Sheena, Queen of the Jungle as Tarzan, Puss-in-Zabuties & Sheena, Queen of the Jungle* *disclaimer; Sheena, Queen of the Jungle does not appear in this theatre. Please follow the signs to your nearest Antipodean establishment to see her. Lord Parnival Plunder as Captain Hook With special guest appearances from... Karen Page-Turner as Button *she only has one, she only needs one* and Foggy Nelson as An Ugly Sister Daredevil #12 January 1966 Bought from the boards. My Copy - Grade 4.0 Cover: 3/5 ~ Here we see Romita's first drawing job for Marvel and whilst not being super exciting or particularly gripping it is, to me, aesthetically pleasing. Some nice perspective, well framed and great musculature on Ka-Zar but did we need the large, pointing blurb? Ka-Zar is right there! On the branch! Art: 3.5/5 ~ Layouts by Kirby, pencils by Romita. This is a very dynamic, fighting filled issue, set in a variety of locations. New York, cruise liner, nifty looking schooner/convertible submarine, prehistoric Antarctic. And if I add in pirates, psudo-tarzan, man-eating plants, tribesmen, dinosaurs & a hideous proto-human type you can imagine how varied & interesting the artwork is. It's hard to calculate how much influence Romita had on the issue but he does make an immediate impact with his figures being more muscular and attractive than seen before on the title. With so much fury inside the covers it's slightly ironic that my favourite was the splash page with a full sized Murdock leaving the 60's office setting of his law firm. Story: 2.5/5 ~ It's an odd score for a story that was never dull, indeed I think the problem is there was too much happening and most of it too fantastical. Taking one element on it's own may have worked but to bung them all in together (Daredevil's holiday, cruise ship, pirates, amazingly quick journey to Antarctica, prehistoric jungles, Skull Island (!), Ka-Zan, Neanderthals, sentient man-eating plants) became a tale that was always teetering on the precipice of disaster. My personal dislikes were for the corny speech of the Swamp Men (Stan Lee indirectly apologies for it mid-panel), Ka-Zar's almost as stilted dialogue. The absurdity of Ka-Zar waiting for a chance to attack the Swamp Men as they attacked Skull Island and then apparently forgetting about them as they had buggered off and the Plunderer's mob moved into Skull Island whereupon Ka-Zar said the same thing about waiting(see QOTD). Then there's the even greater absurdity of Lord Plunderer claiming that Skull Island is his realm, does Ka-Zar suffer from narcolepsy? First there was the not attacking the swamp men and now forgetting that these brigands had apparently set up shop in his backyard. Anyway, Ka-Zar does eventually attack the pirates and Daredevil, busy explaining that they could help each other, gets dealt a mighty blow which literally knocks the radar sense out of him. Cliffhanger ending as Ka-Zar on his way to harvest Ju-Ju berries to heal his new (rather contrived) buddy is trapped by a vicious man-eating plant whilst a helpless DD is too close in proximity to a nasty looking Ape Man. Quote of the Day ~ "Swamp Men return to village on mainland! Ka-Zar about to attack...but now, Ka-Zar wait...watch strangers! Strangers may be greater danger!" My assessment ~ An extraordinary tale but not a good one. I'm not sure who could have carried this off in Marvel's pantheon of the mid-60's, perhaps the FF but this is a very strange tale to drop Daredevil into. Thanks for reading and happy holidays!
  7. If, God forbid you were to die today.....

    Don't do it. It's a wonderful life!
  8. My top 3 from this year would have to be, my earliest Spidey, (almost) my favourite early FF & my favourite Doom cover. All obtained from the boards, thanks guys.
  9. There was a scammer selling another book, an AF15 with a photoshopped label, also from Bulgaria recently. He got banned on Nov 28th. Now it may be a coincidence but....
  10. I think if there was a GA book I'd collect it would be one of the sci-fi ones. That's the first time I've seen a UTC of a Planet, quite a sexual undertone going on there. I really like the covers of Weird Science/Fantasy that I think you posted earlier...or it may have been in Ed's thread. Either way they look great too.