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  1. Do it! Some fantastic Kirby art in that one. Here's my FF6. I don't think I've shown this before. My earliest & most expensive Marvel.
  2. Final grades submitted. Thanks to all the participants for making this such a great time on the Interwebs and especially to thirdgreenham & sckao.
  3. After the train wreck of the last round where I tried to second guess the mischievous mind games of Andy and his CGC cohorts, this time I kept it simple and graded what I saw. I went 7.5 & 8.5 which is about on the money. Depending on the period, of course, but I think most of us are slightly stricter than CGC generally.
  4. Oh man. I way overgraded on both books. That's what I get for trying to be clever and anticipating Andy's gift grade submissions. The psychological emoji war has failed this year but he got me with the slabs!
  5. I'm quite happy I didn't score a negative on this round. Now all I need is eight straight bullseyes and I might just creep into the top 50!
  6. In hindsight, very logical advice. But those seemingly wacky grades we've been seeing had me all bamboozled. I went with 4.5 because the eye appeal was so great...and besides no one's going to read it in a slab, are they?
  7. Normally I have some frame of reference when grading these books even it it's proved later to be wildly wrong by CGC standards but with that Jumbo and it's particular defects I had no idea at all. It was a complete guess.