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  1. Harry Lime

    Stan Lee RIP

    RIP Stan Lee. You'll remain an absolute legend.
  2. Harry Lime

    Doctor Strange For Sale

    I'll take these as well, please.
  3. Harry Lime

    Doctor Strange For Sale

    Bottom one please. I'll take these!
  4. Harry Lime

    Halloween means Marvel Horror

    Middle one, please.
  5. Harry Lime

    Adam Warlock Marvel Premiere #1 CGC question

    Even going by the scans the most I'd give that is a 6.0 and it could well be worse in hand. But really you should be posting this in the hey buddy, can you spare a grade? forum.
  6. Young people don't need no stinkin' rules!
  7. Harry Lime

    Pre- Hero Marvels!!!!

    Did Kirby invent the barcode?
  8. The Iron Men The first lot that is
  9. X-Men #44--4.5 Copy--$15 X-men #139--Nice 8.0 Copy--$15 X-men #143--Nice 8.5 Copy--$10 I'll take at 40% off.
  10. Congratulations! You get the Limey No-Prize! I was wondering how many people actually read the QOTD so I thought I'd embellish it this time.