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  1. Hi there, as the title says I'm looking for one of the Sandman 8 Karen Berger Editorial Variants at a 9.8. I'm a man with simple needs, and this is my dream book. I'm working on 9.8s for the entire series as it's my all time favorite read, and I'd trade pretty much any book(s) (except my recently acquired and happily owned Sandman 75 2nd print 9.8) for this. I'd give you well over the FMV in trades for the book and if you even care, it would go to a very good home. I have a decent sized list of desirable 9.8 keys from a variety of Marvel, DC, and Dark Horse series and could also track down anything you might be looking for within reason. Thank you for looking!
  2. Hi there, I'm new to the forums but a long time collector. I have a copy of Dime Press 4 9.8 SS with Mignola as the signature. I'm interested in trading it for a Dime Press 4 9.8 blue label. I would trade them straight up, or even offer some cash on top of it even though mine is worth more. There are only 4 of you out there that have a copy of this, so it's a long shot that you'd even see this message, but here's hoping.