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  1. My ticket to the club:
  2. I haven't been able to tease that out yet, but I was pleased to find them on Thursday.
  3. Double post from the ECCC thread: All I'm saying is that my son better not stick me in a crappy home later in life, as this was his mega book of the show.
  4. Just got back home from the trip, and once again I was not disappointed. Highlights of the buying included the following: My son and I tried to buy out most of @blazingbob of his Swamp Thing and ToS selections too. A great show, and I'd encourage everyone to check it out next year. We even got @comicquant to finally buy some books at a con.
  5. Double post from the auction thread, put this week's upgrade:
  6. Always try to hit Lowells and Uli's next door. Best bratwurst outside of Munich. As for the con itself, I was impressed by the GA/SA selection last year--particularly from some of the more local dealers.
  7. My son and I will be there Thursday through Saturday. If it's anything like last year's showing, you won't regret it!
  8. Picked this one up at a local con last year, and finally got around to getting it submitted recently:
  9. Because nothing says "Evil" like a gift set. I was a lucky recipient of said set back in the day. Great find!
  10. I'll get there--eventually. And when that day happens, @Batmanderson will cosplay as Paste Pot Pete for all future cons we attend.
  11. And that's the most important aspect of collecting for fun. Nice find!