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  1. First day wearing my new Hulk socks. First day having my Hulk #1 in hand.
  2. Can never go wrong with that pair, congrats!
  3. It would be a damn shame should photographic evidence ever pop up of that evening's aftermath.
  4. 1. Continue to knock out my search for 9.6 copies of single digit Avengers issues. 2. Hulk 1.
  5. Picked up the following over the summer to put back as a Christmas present for my son. Finally got around to having it graded.
  6. I can't comment on selling a raw collection to MCS, but I will say that I've been impressed with their operation regarding listing slabs for consignment. Last month I delivered about 90 slabbed books to MCS in an effort to streamline my collection in preps for a grail hunt. I listed 20% of the books on the exchange and the remainder spread between their weekly/prime auctions. My experience has been very positive, and their user interface regarding GPA info/prior sales history if listing on the exchange is helpful. The turnaround time concerning payment is much quicker than the 30-45 days
  7. I mentioned this in the Comic Events forum, but I was impressed with the overall selection of both GA and mid-high grade SA books at the con this year. @Batmanderson, @comicquant, and I went to Wizard Chicago in 2017, and we all agreed that we were underwhelmed with the selection that year. This year was somewhat of a test to see if we kept it on the schedule for travel moving forward or not, but we all were pleased with what we found. I picked up a nice GA Cap and my son loaded up on a bunch of SA Actions for his collection. We'll be back next year, and hopefully by then we will con
  8. I would agree with John's comments, as I felt that the selection of mid-high grade GA/SA books was much stronger this year as compared to 2017. I did notice fewer $1-5 books/modern variant dealers present, but as that's not really my focus, I wasn't too bothered by that trend. My main grabs for myself and my son were: All in all, a fun show/weekend, even if Richard Grieco tried to steal our Uber!
  9. After circling it for a few months, I finally pulled the trigger on this one. Special thanks to @DvilleBookstore for the hook-up.
  10. I haven't been able to tease that out yet, but I was pleased to find them on Thursday.