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  1. Shaolingoat

    Avengers collecting thread!

    I'll get there--eventually. And when that day happens, @Batmanderson will cosplay as Paste Pot Pete for all future cons we attend.
  2. Shaolingoat

    Avengers collecting thread!

    And that's the most important aspect of collecting for fun. Nice find!
  3. Shaolingoat

    Avengers collecting thread!

    Agreed. It didn't take long to talk myself into picking that copy up last week.
  4. Shaolingoat

    Avengers collecting thread!

    Upgrade of the month:
  5. Picked this up at Emerald City last March, and finally got around to submitting it.
  6. So here's the Christmas gift for myself, the ESB bounty hunter club is coming together nicely.
  7. Shaolingoat

    Fun with #1 Post your Marvel Silver Age #1 issues

    My main SA #1--so far!
  8. Excellent report. Some great wall books in those pics!
  9. Shaolingoat

    Your Collecting Goals for 2019!

    2019's Goals include: 1. Continue the high grade SA Avengers run. 2. Hopefully pull the trigger on a Hulk 1. 3. Continue finding nice GA Actions for my son's collection. 4. Enjoy the con in Seattle in March.
  10. Always enjoy this thread when it rolls around. My three main grabs of the year continued my Avengers upgrade focus:
  11. Shaolingoat

    Avengers collecting thread!

    It's a double-post from the Clink thread, but it's worth it:
  12. Just had this delivered today:
  13. Shaolingoat

    ComicLink 2018 Show 'em if you got 'em

    I missed out on the 9.6 Avengers #11, but was pleased to land the following upgrade to my run:
  14. Sorry to have missed this one, as I was working this holiday weekend and couldn't get away from Fort Worth. Maybe next time!
  15. Shaolingoat

    In praise of Paste Pot Pete

    One of these days I'm going to convince both @Batmanderson and @comicquant to cosplay as PPP and go to a major con. I'm not sure when it'll be, but I'll trick them somehow.