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  1. My ticket to the club:
  2. I haven't been able to tease that out yet, but I was pleased to find them on Thursday.
  3. Double post from the ECCC thread: All I'm saying is that my son better not stick me in a crappy home later in life, as this was his mega book of the show.
  4. Just got back home from the trip, and once again I was not disappointed. Highlights of the buying included the following: My son and I tried to buy out most of @blazingbob of his Swamp Thing and ToS selections too. A great show, and I'd encourage everyone to check it out next year. We even got @comicquant to finally buy some books at a con.
  5. Double post from the auction thread, put this week's upgrade:
  6. Always try to hit Lowells and Uli's next door. Best bratwurst outside of Munich. As for the con itself, I was impressed by the GA/SA selection last year--particularly from some of the more local dealers.
  7. My son and I will be there Thursday through Saturday. If it's anything like last year's showing, you won't regret it!
  8. Picked this one up at a local con last year, and finally got around to getting it submitted recently:
  9. Because nothing says "Evil" like a gift set. I was a lucky recipient of said set back in the day. Great find!
  10. I'll get there--eventually. And when that day happens, @Batmanderson will cosplay as Paste Pot Pete for all future cons we attend.
  11. And that's the most important aspect of collecting for fun. Nice find!
  12. Agreed. It didn't take long to talk myself into picking that copy up last week.
  13. Picked this up at Emerald City last March, and finally got around to submitting it.
  14. So here's the Christmas gift for myself, the ESB bounty hunter club is coming together nicely.
  15. 2019's Goals include: 1. Continue the high grade SA Avengers run. 2. Hopefully pull the trigger on a Hulk 1. 3. Continue finding nice GA Actions for my son's collection. 4. Enjoy the con in Seattle in March.
  16. Always enjoy this thread when it rolls around. My three main grabs of the year continued my Avengers upgrade focus:
  17. It's a double-post from the Clink thread, but it's worth it: