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  1. Finally got my hands on the 2nd print of #1, as well as the "Song About Phantom" Variant, had been sitting on 2/3 waiting to get #1. Another hit for Black Mask in my book, interested to see if Duncan is just spooning about his powers, but its a unique take. Loved the "Costume Try-on" panels in #3. Does anyone know the print runs for the variants, there seem to be 2 versions of the Bad Brains and the "Songs About" variant, as well as a awesome Sid & Nancy Variant which wasn't available outside of Forbidden Planet at a signing. I'll update if you guys have numbers. Cover A Print Run TBD "Songs About" Phantom Variant Print Run 500 "Songs About" Phantom Variant/Limited EditionPrint Run 50 "Bad Brains" Phantom Variant Print Run: 1200 "Bad Brains" Phantom Variant Limited Edition Print Run: 50 "Sid & Nancy" Forbidden Planet Exclusive: Print Run Unknown but LOW