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  1. Yeah I noticed that, but wasn't too bothered, i'll get it signed and slabbed one day, while I save up for a 50 print variant. The Bad Brains cover is so amazing, big fan of the band and it fits so well with the whole story.
  2. Thanks Larry, so does that mean there are 700 of the Bad Brains variant?
  3. I'm said I wasn't touching the diversity argument with a 10 foot pole, but I have to chime in. As a minority comic book reader, I'm not buying Silk because its the first representation of an Asian-American leading her own title, I love Stacey Lee's art and the stories intriguing. The female Thor story has been amazing, Jason Aaron's whole run has been amongst the best in history IMO. I've always loved Miles Morales, but I didn't identify with him because we have similar ethnic backgrounds, I just liked to see a young teenage spider-man again and Bendis and Sara were pumping gold out of those books. Kamala Khan is one of the best new original characters, and to be honest I never bought Ms. Marvel titles with Carol Danvers, because the non-powered scenes were lacking, I buy Ms. Marvel for the scenes at home, a culture I know nothing about and am being educated on. People who think this is the PC police, or some mandate to make things diverse are completely making the point. They aren't pandering to minorities like me. Lets think about this logically, if you're a business, why would you try to sell books that are aimed at the minority of the population. That's not what they are doing, they are selling books that sell, and its not because of race or gender, these stories are intriguing, a shot in the arm to Marvel and the industry. And quite frankly going all the way back to the days of Golden Age books and before, are people seriously person_without_enough_empathying about diversity in comics after 60-70 years of 90+% White Male superheroes?
  4. Happy to add this one. From day 1 I thought Lazarus was the perfect Film adaptation, I'm happy enough with TV. Casting is going to make or break it, got to get the perfect Forever. What's Eliza Dushku doing these days?
  5. Going to comission a Punisher blank SS/Sketch cover that riffs on WD1's cover, with Frank Castle instead of Rick Grimes. Then get it signed by Jon Bernthal. Feel free to steal my idea, but I wanna see it! HA!!! Now THAT's a cool idea. I do wonder if they'll give him a hood like they did in PUNISHER NOIR. Loved that mask. I feel like it added to the living menace of THE PUNISHER. I was at my LCS today and there were a lot of people talking trash about Berthnal's casting. I think its amazing, his roles outside of walking dead in Fury and Wolf of Wall-Street (hey Harley Quinn's from that too, it was a mini-comic incubator), give me full confidence in him. I think like DD we will see an evolution in costume, building up to the full blown skull on chest. Either that or he leaves the skull as a tag on his victims, or something like that. The hood would be a nice touch, but when you've got someone as good at getting RAGED as Jon B. you don't want to obscure their face too much.
  6. Finally got my hands on the 2nd print of #1, as well as the "Song About Phantom" Variant, had been sitting on 2/3 waiting to get #1. Another hit for Black Mask in my book, interested to see if Duncan is just spooning about his powers, but its a unique take. Loved the "Costume Try-on" panels in #3. Does anyone know the print runs for the variants, there seem to be 2 versions of the Bad Brains and the "Songs About" variant, as well as a awesome Sid & Nancy Variant which wasn't available outside of Forbidden Planet at a signing. I'll update if you guys have numbers. Cover A Print Run TBD "Songs About" Phantom Variant Print Run 500 "Songs About" Phantom Variant/Limited EditionPrint Run 50 "Bad Brains" Phantom Variant Print Run: 1200 "Bad Brains" Phantom Variant Limited Edition Print Run: 50 "Sid & Nancy" Forbidden Planet Exclusive: Print Run Unknown but LOW
  7. Going to comission a Punisher blank SS/Sketch cover that riffs on WD1's cover, with Frank Castle instead of Rick Grimes. Then get it signed by Jon Bernthal. Feel free to steal my idea, but I wanna see it!
  8. This one's going to take off, I agree that Cover A looks the best. New to this game, when print runs are the same as with the SSalefish and Rubber Chicken both being 250 is it a crapshoot as to which becomes the more valued of the covers?
  9. AntMan was in development for a long long time with Edgar Wright, all the way back in 2003 being on board and other development for it being even earlier in 2000. So it actually predates the MCU.
  10. At least they're not making Deadpool a victim of the PC squad isn't he "dead" plus under that burnt skin they could retcon him to be any ethnicity really. i'm all for diversity in comics though, Marvel's doing it far better than DC. well lets face it Marvels doing a lot better than DC right now.
  11. All-New X-Men 40 is definitely cooling off. aka Bobby Drake's big reveal. Sorry bad joke... couldn't resist.
  12. Do yourself a favor and rather than go for quantity go for a major key or two like an AF15.
  13. Hey Sean, I'm new to the CGC SS game, and was wondering if you'd be offering services for just Stan Lee or the whole of Heroes Con. What kind of fees do we pay on top of the standard CGC fees, and how early do we get books to you?
  14. I've been pretty damn impressed with this book and I'm pretty far from being a fan of McFarlane's writing (his art on the other hand is another story.) Crain is killing it.