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  1. Got a new Canadian reprint, send me a message!

  2. I got a fantastic batch of mixed grade bronze books from Joe, and they were amazing! An all around excellent transaction – I will be glad to work with Joe again.
  3. Absolutely flawless transaction - would deal with again in a heartbeat!
  4. First off, a quick tip of the hat to the comment above ^ by thehumantorch, which may well my favourite Kuds comment ever! Now on to the matter at hand; Jim is fantastic to deal with, fair beyond the the call of duty and excited about the great project he has embarked upon! If you ever have the privilege of doing business with him, do so with full confidence!
  5. I sold a batch of Epic Illustrateds to Mike and he was fair, patient, humorous and paid promptly! A great all-around guy to deal with, or to put it another way: I Like Mike
  6. Thanks to everybody for your thoughtful answers, I appreciate the feedback. I don't know if I need to move such a question to another section, but does anyone have thoughts on a grade for this this book? I know it's obviously a flawed book but I'm still inexperienced enough to have questions about how far those flaws bring the book down. Your further thoughts are appreciated.
  7. That's my hope. It's clearly a defect but there doesn't really seem to be any attempt to restore.