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  1. Wow, great price! https://www.nostalgiazone.com/proddetail.asp?prod=CinderellaLove(1954)0025(C)Rom Just kidding: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Wartime-Romances-5-good-Cinderella-love-25-poor-Matt-Baker/401895474577?hash=item5d92d64591:g:cWIAAOSwe~pdh9EF
  2. Does anyone have a clue to what percent of these crazy prices on horror/ violent stuff is speculation driven? I find it hard to imagine there are THAT MANY collectors who just love decapitation or injection covers, call me crazy.
  3. The fact is they got hundreds of letters from readers, and sales records could show what was working. When Archie took off it happened really fast. They knew they had something special so Archie was talking over World War II superhero comic books before the war was even close to over. They had the niche to themselves for a short while before the mountain of imitators emerged after the war.
  4. I got Going Steady 12. I've got my two grails now, Cinderella Love 28 and Going Steady 12. I would get Cinderella Love 25 if I could afford it but those are my two Bakers I really wanted.
  5. Golden Age Comics especially during the war years were read by a wide strata of society. So having a scene like that on a book where the AVERAGE reader was probably a 20 year old male makes some sense.
  6. Hi Gator, What is highest possible grade for a detached cover comic that has damage to the margins, that also intrude into (destroy) the text and pictures? Thanks.
  7. Looking for a copy of Going Steady 12, St. John Comics. Would like it to be in G-VG. Thanks, R Baumann
  8. Whatever the case, it is clear there is a lot of speculation going on. Interesting to see third and fourth tier characters in high condition still go for crazy prices.
  9. Crazy prices in HA land. We might be in a bubble.
  10. I am wondering what an accurate value for Cinderella Love 28 would be. It is arguably the second best Cinderella Love cover behind #25, and is quite rare. What is its current value in Good?
  11. Jackpot #6 (First Full Reggie Appearance) WWII Cover Here is my copy of Jackpot #6. I would say it is an important book because it has the first real story between Reggie and Archie. Archie and Reggie are in a road race and establish their enmity which would last 75+ years. First full Reggie appearance according to Wikipedia. The book is in nice shape except on the bottom, where there is paper loss in the shape of half a quarter that goes through the whole book. Only the cover is untouched by this. You can see it in the scan. It does not affect any panels, just the margin. Estimated 1.5-2.0 with noted paper loss and some corner flaking. Pages themselves are supple. Truly a great WWII book mixed with key early Archie. Checks or MO accepted. 30-day return if you are not satisfied. Price is $899. Shipped free in the good old USA.