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  1. Hi, just want to make an update. I no longer own the 9.4 SS OW book but I do own this one. A 9.4 SS both Eastman and Laird signed, white pages. Thanks.
  2. Hi Maloney, I mentioned it before but you have my 9.4 in the blue label category. It should be in the yellow category (Signed and Sketched by Kevin) I am also submitting my second first print purchased recently 9.2 SS Kevin and Peter both with sketches. Thanks!
  3. What did they fix exactly? Just curious because I have a 2nd print with a long crease and some signature depressions on the cover. Who signs in ball point pen! Argh. As far as I am aware they only pressed it. If the crease doesn't break the color it most likely can be pressed out. Yeah ball point is rough /: good luck!
  4. I subbed at a con in July, ran me around $110 after having Eastman sign it, one of his team members David subbed it for me at the booth.
  5. You got my 9.4 in the CGC Universal Blue Label, it's a Signature Series now
  6. Just came in from CGC, you can remove my other entry. CCS brought it up from a 9.2 to a 9.4! Super stoked.