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  1. Golden Age War comics

    Like that cover. I wonder why they colored the front tire pink?
  2. Statue Collections

    I did. That's why I ordered two of them. One to sell or trade at my LCS.
  3. Statue Collections

    Think Geek was running the Dark Knight Returns: Batman vs. Superman for $79.99. They raised the price back up to $179.99. I'm glad I put my order in when I did. The two I ordered should be delivered tomorrow.
  4. PGM Canteen Kate 3

    I got no idea. That book stumps me.
  5. Golden Age War comics

    Great book!
  6. I'm going with a 4.0. Good luck and nice find!
  7. He has the same hairdo as Superman does in the cover with Wonder Woman though. Jae Lee drew that. I wonder what he thinks of that cover?
  8. That's the Superman that Nicolas Cage and Tim Burton were going to give us.
  9. Golden Age War comics

    I really like that one. Sweet!
  10. This week in your Magazine collection.

    Now that's funny!