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  1. My memory is failing. That cover was offered about 36 months ago. You got a great splash page!
  2. Valentino's artwork from SHadowhawk is very hard to find the FMV on. Lot of reason for that but people generally want his Guardians of the Galaxy work, there isn't that many ShadowHawk pages he worked on, and ShadowHawk has fallen out of people's memories. For example, I remember that in the last 24 months the "Secret Reveal" cover was sold through a private transaction. It failed to register a bid when it was offered on eBay. Weird for sure. If you ever want to part with it send me a PM.
  3. Brett Booth's Backlash and Taboo offering provided a glimpse back to the early 1990's.
  4. Besides the ones already posted Jeff Smith, Mike Mignola, Eric Powell, Stan Sakai, and Sergio Aragonés.
  5. The inking that McFarlane did over Greg Capullo's Spawn pencils comes to mind when I read your post.
  6. That might be why it is still down. Maybe they are revamping it to be more like the CGC boards? Just an observation but if the head voldi mod puts up anymore sticky threads then the entire first page will be sticky threads. A cluttered mess is right.
  7. CAF is cliquish. It seems that collectors within whatever click respond to one another and ignore all others.
  8. For me it comes down to whether or not you’d want a beloved member of your family selling something for $ 800.00 only to find out it was worth $ 50,000.00+. I wouldn’t want my mother being the seller in that type of hypothetical sale. Oh, and I wouldn’t want the buyer in my hypothetical sale teaching ethics to my child either.
  9. Touch base with them. You might be surprised by the answer that you are provided.
  10. In your conversations with the auction house personnel, did any of the bring up where they have a seen a softening of the OA and comic book market(s) over the last year?
  11. Your post is spot on. Saw it yesterday morning. The animation is off the charts but they should have 1) left well enough alone and 2) thought about putting such and adult theme/message/philosophical question in a kid's movie. I asked our 6 year old if he'd want to see Toy Story 4 again or the Secret Life of Pets 2 again and he said "Max, I wanna see Max." I have no doubt the movie will make tons of money for Disney.
  12. I'm lost. Yep, Stan had a story. A story that Miller threw a huge wrench in with Matt's dad becoming a drunk who beat Matt, Stick being introduced, and turning Matt into an antihero. Matt evolved but his origin and what he got turned into are nothing like Stan's and Bill's starting point. The same can be said about what Kelly and McGuinness did with Deadpool. Please note that I enjoy the Deadpool that Kelly and McGuinness brought forth. That look and writing of the book are Deadpool to me. Just as Miller's Daredevil is Daredevil to me.
  13. That can be said about every character. They all evolve. Yes, Deadpool was shaped by Kelly and McGuinness. He's been shaped by just about everyone who wrote and drew the character. To not recognize that is like saying that Bill Everett doesn't exist because Miller made Daredevil the character we all associate him being today.
  14. Rob, like many creators in today's comic collecting world, has figured out that some collectors put a perceived value on a comic if the creator signs it and then it gets slabbed. More than likely he's trying to figure out at what price people will no longer stand in line to get his signature. If people keep paying then he's gonna keep charging more for it and add any additional upcharge those same collectors are willing to pay.