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  1. Lucky Baru

    Tales from the Crypt 39

    4.0 - interesting cover
  2. Lucky Baru

    PGM Crime Suspenstories 21

    A fiver, good luck
  3. Lucky Baru

    Daredevil Collecting Thread

    OMG, great wall!
  4. Lucky Baru

    Karloff, Dell, TV horror and more.....

    Always thought this was an interesting cover. The colors pop on the book.
  5. Lucky Baru

    Karloff, Dell, TV horror and more.....

    That's freaky. The pause on the blink makes you doubt you saw what you saw.
  6. Lucky Baru

    PGM Ms. Marvel #18

    2.0, good luck
  7. Lucky Baru

    PGM my Avengers 4

    Interesting conversation. Like to know what grade you get if you send it in.
  8. Lucky Baru

    Hidden/surprise art

    I purchased a piece from Chris Samnee. He threw in an extra head shot he'd sketched as a thank you. It was a surprise to find in the package he sent.
  9. Lucky Baru

    PGM 80 Page Giant #2

    The color really pops on that! Like everyone else - 4.0
  10. The creator makes the decision and it might change. An example would be Jim Towe. He did his Youngblood work digitally. When he went over to Marvel and did Spider-Man/Deadpool he switched to pencils.
  11. Lucky Baru

    Karloff, Dell, TV horror and more.....

    Super, you still have time to pick out and get my gift to me.
  12. Noting that Infinity Inc "splashy" type pages sell for around $800.00 I have to agree. The consignor was a happy person when that page ended. Like I said, there was some interesting ending prices in that auction.
  13. Are you going to do anything on the Comic Connect auction that is ending? Some interesting prices. For example, I think the McFarlane Spitfire and the Troubleshooters page ending price made the consignor happy. A great page that really allowed an early view of McFarlane's style. I never knew he worked on that book until I saw that. The $50.00 price written at the top of the page was a great reminder of what the prices of pages used to be.
  14. I was looking around eBay and came across the Do You Pooh homage cover books. I was kind of taken aboack at the pricing on some of them. Do they have that big a following? Looks like there is a ton of different covers. Anyone know if any are sought out?
  15. Lucky Baru

    PGM Eternals

    At least a 7.0
  16. Lucky Baru

    PGM ASM #50

    4.5, good luck