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  1. Favorite "jilted" romance cover

    Did he steal that belt from Santa Claus?
  2. Favorite "jilted" romance cover

    What kind of photo shoot was that?
  3. Favorite "jilted" romance cover

    Shocking, just shocking.
  4. Where are the Mad Magazine collectors?

    Me too. I though it ended in the 1990's.
  5. Best Women's High Diving - Gold!

    Is that Grayson's mom?
  6. Best Women's High Diving - Gold!

    I've always wondered why Speed Centaur wasn't as popular as Spider-Man.
  7. Best Women's High Diving - Gold!

    Man, there is a bunch of therapy hours tied to that comic.
  8. Dream of Love Club

    Reminds me of those Gold Key Comics
  9. It went to $ 7,500. Looks like it will.
  10. It isn't on the OP's list but the Sam Kieth Marvel Tales 255 cover took off. Currently at $ 6,900 with 71 bids in 3 days.
  11. Favorite "jilted" romance cover

    That dude has on some shorty shorts. In the 80's we referred to them as _______ huggers. I think that was the last time they were found for sale except for the UDT swim shorts that the SEALs like to run around in.
  12. Favorite "jilted" romance cover

    Desperate and lonely, hired a gigolo, what?
  13. Favorite "jilted" romance cover

    Because she likes his sandals?
  14. Favorite "jilted" romance cover

    Is it me or are her hands ultra small?
  15. Daredevil Hostess Ads

    Thanks for sharing those. I had forgotten about them but remember them from a simpler time!
  16. The Most Collected Non-Hero GA Title

    Yep, +1
  17. Favorite "jilted" romance cover

    Harsh, so very harsh.
  18. Please grade this Air Ace V2 #2!

    Around a 2.0.
  19. PGM: Superman 172

    I agree with a 7.5. That is a nice copy of that book!
  20. This week in your Magazine collection.

    It does. The artist did a great job.
  21. PGM Brave & The Bold #28

    6.0. Congrats!
  22. Dream of Love Club

    Is that Steve the Stalker in the background?
  23. [CLOSED] closed

    Look from a time when having your social security number in your wallet wasn't a bad idea.
  24. Favorite "jilted" romance cover

    I paid love's price! Made me think of this clip
  25. Favorite "jilted" romance cover

    That cover is so wrong on so many different levels. Funny too!