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  1. That Daring #1 is so dreamy Congratulations. That book is my white whale 🐳
  2. I know what you mean. I was preparing myself to place the largest bid I've ever placed in an auction; in my life for that Cover. And I did. Yet; I still came up way under the final hammer strike. OA Covers unfortunately are in a different league than I can comfortably play in
  3. Rarely see copies of this book selling so when a raw goes it's worth noting! Not sure if $4K was the actual price paid on this copy as it looked like a "Best offer Accepted" but when sorted in the results it still shows up above a $3.8K book and my understanding was that the sort represented actual price. Who knows . Either way tucking it in the archives here. @comicjack is this the one you were referring to?