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  1. Thanks Greg. It's a bit of a slog getting through the thread. I really need to create a summary just have had my hands full. But yes; there are some gorgeous Vampi's still available.
  2. The following books have been removed from the thread and get to stay cozy for the foreseeable future Nightmare #20 CGC 9.0 WHITE Pages Web of Horror #3 (1970) CGC 9.4 WHITE Pages Lucky Comics #2 (1945) CGC 7.5 OW/White Pages Harvey Comics Library #1 (1952) used in SOTI CGC 5.0 Off-White Pages USA Comics #2 (1941 Timely) CGC 5.0 C/OFF-WHITE Pages Eerie #12 (1953 Avon) CGC 8.0 OFF-WHITE Pages Davis Crippen Pedigree "D" Copy. Adventures into the Unknown #1 (ACG Fall 1948) CGC 6.0 OW/White Pages
  3. Assuming we are seeing the same thing; there is a long strip of strong light reflection close to Drac's Bat Wing. It really pops hard. But yes; that is reflection slightly below the center on the front spine.
  4. SOLD TO @JRBaxter This is Legend #1 (super low print run) - 1970 VG/FN 5.0 (may be better; has some staining/discoloration) - Super tough book Asking: $65 First time Bernie Wrightson's Sleepy Hollow Story was Published. Awesome Wrightson Painted cover. Frazetta Conan Sketch inside... Contains art by: Jeff Jones, Michael Kaluta, Frank Brunner. This book actually has a Legend to it....It had a print run of only 500, they were sold at the 1970 San Diego Comic Con. Rumor has it that 200 or so were sold at the Convention, and then the remaining books sat in the publishers basement for quite a few years, of which ½ of the books received water damage from flooding and were thrown away...
  5. Horror Tales V6 #3 (6/1974) VF+ 8.5 (front cover looks NM-) Asking: $45 Seems to be a tougher to acquire issue. Great Bondage Cover; throwback to the GA PCH days.
  6. Tales from the Tomb V5 #3 (3/1973) VF 8.0 (presents MUCH better looks like a NM as first glance) Asking: $38 Love this Frankenstien Cover. So electric and colorful.
  7. Monsters Unleashed #11 VF/NM 8.5/9.0 (structurally very nice; back cover stack rub that could be cleaned) Asking: $35 Cool Gabriel the Demon Hunter cover. Might be my favorite his; love the angle perspective.
  8. Dracula Lives #1 (copy C 3rd of the thread) Figured a High / High-Mid++ / Low was appropriate for this year VF 8.0 (front lower left corner bump with color break and stack rub to back cover; presents well otherwise) Asking: $58 Boris Vallejo showing off his bloody brush strokes.