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  1. I mean, he might be the necrophilia police and actually attempting to save that corpse from that naughty purple suit man.
  2. Thank you sir. It has been a pleasure and a burden We'll keep things exactly as you have them
  3. AND WITH THAT Ladies and Gentleman.... This year's Halloween Harvest of Horror has seen it's last book. Congrats to all of the winners here; I cannot believe all of the great books set aside for so many lucky souls. If there is anything you see or group of books you want to make an offer on. Don't hesitate. THANK YOU.
  4. Tales from the Tomb V4 #2 (3/1972) VF- 7.5 $40 Combined some great Eerie Pub History into this cover
  5. Horror Tales V1 #9 (11/1969) 3rd Issue! VF+ 8.5 (Looks NM, has some back cover wear that brings it down) $80 What a cover eh? The original Droooling over Monster brain work in Eerie Pub (started here). Everything else was a cut-n-paste from this bad boy. Contains the Classic "Thing in the Cellar" Story (I think first showed up here....) reprinted later.
  6. Weird (4/1967) VF+ 8.0/8.5 (light staple oxidization) $80 Tough tough, early Weird issue in respectable grade. Batman Ad on back
  7. Weird (12/1971) VF/NM 9.0 (some stable oxidization setting in) $36 Great Stories and Splashes.
  8. SOLD TO @N e r V Tales of Voodoo (9/1974) VF+ 8.5 (improvable defects) Bright saturated colors. Supple Pages. Feels newstand fresh. $75 (this particular issue...the bikini staking/bondage books are getting tough to part with) Wow, what a crazy cover.
  9. Terror Tales V4 #1 (1/1972) VF/NM 9.0 $45 I don't like how that Green Bat, Dragon Dude is mounting MR. Purple Jacket.