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  1. bounty_coder

    Jordysnordy's Kudos Thread

    It is always a pleasure working with Jeff. Real stand-up dude, great communication loves to talk shop and has a killer Tales of the Zombie run building (I'm getting jealous!). Jeff grabbed some awesome mags from my recent Annual Halloween Harvest sell. Rock on buddy and thanks again for the support! - bounty
  2. bounty_coder

    This week in your Magazine collection.

    This cover has such great depth to it. You can stare at it and almost feel as if you are in the scene. Love it.
  3. bounty_coder

    Misc. Golden Age DISCOUNTS!

    love early Buscema covers.
  4. bounty_coder


    too purty of a Maneely to pass up at 12% off plus I like that October date stamp
  5. Thanks Sha! @skypinkblu for the wonderful transaction. Grabbed a lovely GA book with Macboy and Wolverton art from her and in simply in love with it. You should have no hesitation when dealing with Sha she is the real deal and awesome to deal with! - bounty
  6. bounty_coder

    427Impaler Kudos thread

    Bob simply rocks. I've worked with him a handful of times and it has always been a pleasure. Great communication, laid back and loves some pretty cool funny books. Never have any hesitation to work with @427Impaler Happy Turkey Day!
  7. bounty_coder

    Artboy99 Kudos thread

    Always a complete pleasure working with Karl @Artboy99 Totally awesome dude, super-sweet communication, fast payment, likes to talk-shop what more could you ask for (ok don't go there) Thanks again Karl, you help make the Devil on my shoulder who says don't spend so much time and effort on your Halloween Harvest of Horror each year disappear. - bunty
  8. Thank you for the opportunity. It will definitely be enjoyed. I hope it helps.
  9. bounty_coder

    spy smashers f.s.---10% off last 2 books

    This is a really underrated book in my opinion. Would be all over it if I didn't have mine already. GLWTS!
  10. bounty_coder

    This week in your Magazine collection.

    @Buck Biggins did you get the Imaging Service from CGC on these? Or did you scan them yourself? Was curious to know what Scanner you used if so. Also opening this up to the thread. Anyone know of good scanners for Magazine Sized CGC Slabs? BTW CONGRATS on these Stunning grades.
  11. bounty_coder

    MLMeade Feedback thread.

    Always a pleasure working with Michael, great communication, fast payment and just a stand-up dude. Thanks again man and enjoy your Wretched Rags! - bunty
  12. bounty_coder

    Key Largo Comics feedback thread

    Really enjoyed working with Steve as he participated in my Annual Halloween Harvest of Horror shin-dig. Great communication, super friendly! It's great working with boardies like this. Cheer's Steve! You rock buddy.
  13. bounty_coder


    This in fact did happen multiple times in my lengthy Halloween sales thread. It’s just a balance of etiquette we get to via communication. But the counterbalance of that is you are reducing natural conversation in your threads.