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  1. Take the following if still available sir! All Winners Comics Vol 55, 71 & (vol #3) Daring Mystery Comics vol 1 Human Torch Vol 1 & 2 Marvel Comics #1 (50 Years) Marvel Mystery Comics vol 1, 2 & 3 Sub-Mariner Comics vol 1 #2 USA Comics vol 1 Captain America Classic Years (1st print recalled due to Bucky... um privates shot!). That slip case edition is $45
  2. Pacific Coast Pedigree has beautiful magazines in it. Many of the Mads rivaled or bested the Gaines Copies.
  3. @Randall Dowling W😎W those threads are a real blast from the past. That was a real fun era in collecting for me. I was discovering a lot of books that I hadn’t even known had existed in my collecting life up until just before that time frame. @wombat that is such a great publication. Real historic piece of work on the subject of Eerie Publications. I loved getting some backstory to Myron Fass. I’ll need to dig mine out and rekindle the thrill again.
  4. what a wonderful pre-code crime book I'm a sucka for yella covers as well Thanks for the opportunity my friend!
  5. Gorgeous book! Always loved the color scheme. Almost psychedelic. Ahead of its time.
  6. I believe this is my favorite cover from the run. I'm shocked that it is still here. Such a tough copy to get with that type of stellar spine registration as well. Most copies I see of this are offset quite a bit.
  7. Christian ... Thank you 🙏🏼 for the opportunity my friend I’ve wanted a copy of this funny book for quite some time.
  8. Thanks for the opportunity Billy! 🙏 There is a great 🎃Sleepy Hollow🎃 story in this one and I’ve always wanted a copy 😊. Laissez les bons temps rouler