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  1. Now there’s a books you don’t see too often in ANY condition!
  2. The rusty staples is obviously less desirable but note that I’ve gotten a 9.4 CGC Grade on book with rust setting in on the staples. I think these Eerie pubs used cheap components and that coupled with what sounds like moisture exposure (its smell) the staples were bound to turn. If the details of the book were not mentioned or obvious I’d definitely return the book if it was misleading.
  3. I’ve been buried recently . Simply haven’t had the ability to organize one. I’ll see if I can muster the focus and energy.
  4. 😂 I’ve been buried and it is looking unlikely this year unless I get some real motivation going. Either way there is always room for both. Either way, yes. Steve needs to get it started ASAP
  5. Don’t wait for me my man. The world needs your sweet goodies. I’ve been buried in the last few months and am quite unsure if I’m going to find the energy to get my annual sale going this year. Even if I do there is always room there was last year! I think we had similarly timed sales. Do it. Do it. Do it.
  6. I've never seen it anywhere else either. Given what I know about you fellas I think it's a good bet it's a no.
  7. Oh man; don't even get me started. For the last 5 years I've held annual Halloween Sales here on the forums. In that process; I've found books I didn't know I had. Books I can't find based on my records and then stuff in other boxes accounted for incorrectly. I would say I'm about 85% really organized but that 15% is a real monkey wrench.. Not to mention; I think there were books in the past I sold that I never updated my records for so I thought I still had them. It really runs the gamut
  8. This is arguably the most grotesque comic cover ever published on the newsstands.
  9. Especially for a Frazetta Cover having lower relative submissions (Eerie #8). It's generally just a tougher book. I think there is something with the distribution of this book that may have affected it's availability compared to relative issues, but tough to tell. The data you present adds a facet to it.
  10. There is now a rift in the space time continuum.
  11. Man Eerie #8 is a real tough book.