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  1. Closing this sales thread now. Still waiting on a couple of people to remit payment, everyone else's books will ship today. Thanks to everyone who participated, we all share a love of the greatness that was Warren! A personal note on this Enrich cover for Vampirella #35: I never see this cover on anyone's list of favorite Warren (or even Vampirella) covers. It is I think a bit subtle for most people, Vampi is "out of costume" (looks like it was laundry day), and it sold for a surprisingly small amount at auction. But this was the cover of my first Warren magazine, and I'm a bit of a sentimentalist, so if anyone has any information that could help me locate and acquire it, you will have my undying gratitude. And yes, there could be a finder's fee..... Wishing everyone a great summer!
  2. Final reminder: Sale closing tonight. All current buyers have been invoiced. If you are not picking up anything else tonight, please remit payment ASAP so I can get these books in the mail. Thanks to all for your purchases!
  3. A reminder that I'll be closing this sale tomorrow, Friday night, at midnight Pacific time.
  4. @Key Largo Comics Creepy #125 has already been claimed, but you already have enough to qualify for the customer loyalty discount.
  5. OK so just to clarify: 1984 #8 $3 -> $2.40 Creepy #125 $8 -> $6.40 Creepy #84 $10 -> $8 Eerie #111 $9 -> $7.20 Vampirella #80 Copy B $10 -> $8 Vampirella #99 $10 -> $8 Vampirella #62 Copy A $10 -> $8 Vampirella #92 Copy B $12 -> $9.60 Vampirella #98 $12 -> $9.60 Nightmare 74 YB $25 -> $20
  6. I hope everyone is having a relaxing Independence Day weekend. Time to wrap things up with an ID4 customer loyalty sale: 20% off all books not yet claimed (most prices are already 20% off Overstreet Price Guide). Offer reserved for those that claim at least three books. If you have already claimed at least two books, you can claim additional unsold books at 20% off. If you have claimed zero or one books, I will honor the 20% discount for all books you claim from now on, as long as you end up with at least three books claimed. As usual, on this thread takes precedence over any private correspondence (I won't be watching this board regularly until the end of the week). I hope that is clear. I would like to wrap things up by Friday night, (July 10). Invoices going out then and books shipping on Saturday or Monday, depending on how quickly people can pay.
  7. Here is a research paper specifically about the Bookkeeper system. It has been used to deacidify hundreds of thousands of pages at the Library of Congress.
  8. Reviving this neglected thread to ask: Anyone use a deacidification spray to protect their art? A magnesium oxide spray like Bookkeeper seems relatively easy to apply, and really not terribly expensive in comparison with the cost of these artifacts, and the benefits seem potentially immense in terms of lengthening the longevity of the art. The only other threads I can find on OA restoration refer to the Usual Suspect restoration experts. I know a restoration expert can deacidfy art in an aqueous bath, but that's an order of magnitude more expensive than using one of these sprays.
  9. Nightmare 1974 Yearbook, Oct 1974. 6.5/7.0 F/VF $25 Taken by @Dark Prime 0 @ 20% off Is there anything more confusing than Skywald's annuals, yearbooks and specials? This yearbook is like a Warren annual, compiling some of their best stories, with artists such as Bruce Jones (writing and illustrating), Doug Wildey and Tom Sutton.
  10. Okay that's all my 1984/1994. To reiterate a couple of things: For all its faults, this magazine contained some of the best work by great Warren artists like Pepe Gonzalez, Esteban Maroto, Jose Ortiz and Alex Nino. It's also where Strnrad and Corben's Mutant World was first published (although Dubay offended them by rewriting the story, and Corben never contributed another story to Warren) as well as Frank Thorne's Ghita. You will never see this magazine collected, aside from Mutant World and Ghita which have been collected on their own. The rest of this work can only be accessed by reading the magazines.
  11. 1994 #21 Oct 1981. 6.5 FN+ $4. Taken by @Batarag @ 20% off Cover by Alex Nino. Ghita up to Episode 12. Jim Stenstrum's last credited work for Warren, after writing some of their best stories (Thrillkill, etc). Nice copy but grade brought down by 7" crease LLBC.
  12. 1994 #17 Feb 1981. 8.5/9.0 VF/NM $9. Claimed by @Jayman Cover by Jim Stenstrum and Bill Dubay, who were also artists in their own right. Stenstrum went to work in the animation industry after he left Warren.
  13. 1994 #12 Apr 1980. 9.4 NM $14. Taken by @JRBaxter Cover by Sanjulian. Artists include Frank Thorne (continuing Ghita) and Pepe Gonzalez.
  14. 1984 #8 Sept 1979. 6.0 FN $3. Taken by @Dark Prime 0 @ 20% off Cover by Jim Laurier. The conclusion of Mutant World, Corben's last story for Warren. Part 2 of Frank Thorne's Ghita of Alizarr. A 1" spine split brings the grade down on an otherwise nice copy.