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  1. Paypal is a ripoff at the best of times, but they should absolutely be your last option for international transactions. They've been coasting for years on effectively having a monopoly on paying for Ebay purchases. For domestic US, if you have the money in your bank account, Zelle is free for some banks. You can accept payment via your email. But a word of warning: Zelle is notoriously prone to identity fraud, e.g. by phishing attacks where someone forges an email from you for payment but with the email modified in subtle ways. Once someone has the payment, there's no way to get it back (unlike Paypal, but Paypal lays you open to chargeback fraud if you're a seller). For international, there are several better alternatives. I've used TransferWise, they have a clever scheme for reducing currency exchange charges by matching flows in one direction (e.g. US$ -> Euro) with flows in the other direction (Euro -> US$) within their payments network, in the best case avoiding the currency markets altogether, so they give better exchange rates than your local bank. You do need to link your bank account to their system, money is transferred by bank transfer (and you have to pay for that), and I've learned more than I want to know about how ludicrously insecure US bank accounts are, but this is what happens when the industry writes the regulations. ETA: Just to be clear, payee receives payment via transfer into their bank account, they do not need to be in the TransferWise network. Another alternative for international is Xoom, but they are owned by Paypal, so I assume that once they've driven the smaller outfits out of business, their business plan is to be as egregious as Paypal, so I will give them a miss.
  2. I had no idea there were so many Heritage employees on this board.
  3. So the takeaway from this is: Stay away from CGC-rated books. Besides the speculative inflation of their value, they are probably garbage because of multiple pressings, the original clunker with a fresh coat of paint sold to the next sucker.
  4. Not only was the cover of Nightmare #9 reused for Creepy #145, the back cover and inside back cover of Nightmare #9 (an ad for the next issue) showed up as the back cover and inside back cover of Eerie #42, due to a printer mistake. Warren and Skywald were sharing the same printer at the time.
  5. No reading copies, I'd say just about all high grade, several 9.0/9.2 or better. The Eerie 27 looks unread but has a bad spine roll, but for the price I couldn't resist the Bode/Jones cover. The Eerie 5 looks pristine except it has a creased corner (ok so not pristine, but for the price....). The Eerie 7's are the most frustrating, one flat but cover rubbing and spine wear, the other nicer but a lot of rippling due to humidity. Maybe that is a candidate for pressing. Most of them look unread, though some could have used more care in their storage. I found some amazing bargains, some reasonably priced, and a couple that I way overpaid for but I was tired and punch drunk at that point.
  6. My haul from Baltimore. And yes, I am regretting what I left behind because I had to show "restraint".....