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  1. The Wrightson Frankenstein art that sold for $1M looked like it was badly in need of deacidification.
  2. Not one, but two NM+ 9.6 copies of this book up for sale on Ebay: I know, you're all wondering if the price sticker is on the bag or the book. Like it makes a difference.
  3. Yeah I have all the Gwandanaland books. The reproduction of the covers is horrible. Someone (Brodsky?) complained about their reproductions, but they had no legal case to pursue. Frankly I don't have much sympathy, if they were interested in doing something with the material, couldn't they have pursued a quality line of reproductions with Dark Horse, similar to their very nice Creepy and Eerie archives? There was a market for that ten years ago. This is still better than Web of Horror, where Dark Horse IIRC had to cancel plans for reproducing those books in a nice archive, because th
  4. For those that don't know, Gary Brodsky's father Sol was the Sky in Skywald.
  5. I came across this 1999 book a little while ago. The nineties .
  6. How do you "pair" an NFT with physical OA? Slab the art with the NFT on a QR code? I hope that mylar is non-reflective and UV-resistant, or just as you can't read a slabbed book, you won't be able to look at slabbed OA. And wait for the cottage industry in forged slabs to emerge. I can think of a reliable way to ensure there's a unique NFT for the art: Destroy the physical art after generating the NFT. In five years, it might be considered no worse than say breaking up a story (which people shrug at now). Will people pay a premium for the chain of provenance, or will they
  7. Those watermarks are relatively easy to remove. For the same reason, I don't see that NFT will be useful for preventing copying. It's all based on adding some metadata to a scan of the physical image. Someone can remove that metadata from the scan, or just make another scan, or do what forgers actually do: print out an image, blow it up, and trace a forged copy. I guess if you want to demonstrate provenance for selling (as opposed to detecting illegal copying), it provides an iron-clad chain of ownership back to the first time it's recorded in the blockchain. In a public ledger of
  8. A hundred years from now, I expect that motion pictures will be regarded as one of the great art forms of the twentieth century, films like The Searchers, Citizen Kane and Vertigo will be regarded as great works of art, films that tell stories of the human condition, and people like John Ford and Alfred Hitchcock will be regarded as some of the great artists of the last century. How much of comic book storytelling rises to that level? Maybe O. Henry is a better literary analogy than Horatio Alger, it doesn't have to be great literature, but some of it can rise to the level of memorable s