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  1. Yep. You can also see silly pictures of my kids. Plus there are a lot of books that aren't on photobucket...but I'm not telling yet.
  2. Hey gang, Just a quick update. I'm sending out invoices tonight, but my wife says she needs the computer in a few. So if you don't receive your bill tonight, you will tomorrow for sure. Rest assured, your books are tucked away for you. I'll keep the thread open for a few days, but I'm done listing books for the time being. I've just updated and marked the "sold" stuff. Still some pretty things available. In a couple of weeks, I may start another sales thread....but I don't want to keep the orders piling up. I'd rather close this thread out and ship out everyone's books quickly. On a personal note, I can't even express how much I appreciate all the contributions to this thread. The sales from this thread (and all of the resulting PMs) all go to the down payment on the new house. Thanks so much for being a part of that. It won't be forgotten. Viva la boardies! Tom
  3. I've tried to resist, but at 10% off, it's no use...
  4. Whew, ok, this fellow needs a nap. Will start invoices upon awakening. In the meantime.... 10% off everything listed yesterday that hasn't sold yet.
  5. Ok, here's my sweet Aparo Spectre set. Took me a couple years to put this together...damned 432. Adventure Comics #431 CGC 9.4 ow Adventure Comics #432 CGC 9.6 ow Adventure Comics #433 CGC 9.4 ow/w Adventure Comics 434 CGC 9.4 ow/w Adventure Comics 435 CGC 9.4 w Adventure Comics 436 CGC 9.4 ow/w Adventure Comics 437 CGC 9.4 ow/w Adventure Comics 438 CGC 9.6 ow/w Adventure Comics 439 CGC 9.4 ow/w Adventure Comics 440 CGC 9.4 ow/w All this can be yours for $820 shipped.
  6. Still got the Tec 12 at the top of the thread. That's such a cool book. Has to be tempting to try for a resub. I was thinking about that....but just have other priorities at the moment.
  7. A book that needs no introduction. $1250 shipped. Firm. Really, don't buy this. SOLD
  8. Ok, I really will not cry if this next one doesn't sell...
  9. Damned good tuna roll. Here's some Batmans. Unfortunate ipad pictures available upon request. Or you can just buy them! Batman 160 CGC 8.0 c/ow $120 Batman 187 CGC 8.0 ow $70 SOLD Batman 201 CGC 8.0 ow $70 Batman 209 CGC 8. 5 ow $45 Batman 223 CGC 8.0 ow $50 Batman 244 CGC 8.0 w $100 SOLD Batman 258 CGC 8.5 ow/w $75 Batman 262 CGC 9.2 ow $45 SOLD