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  1. You did it though. That’s an accomplishment. Sorry to hear that you’ll have to part with it, but hopefully you can realize a nice price to help you with your next priority.
  2. My favorite is when sellers label their books to ensure I get the opposite of what I'm looking for. I do a search for "Amazing 300 CGC 9.8" and invariably an early result will be: "Amazing Spider-man 300 CBCS 9.2! Not CGC Not 9.8!" Um...Thanks?
  3. You sent me down a Kyle Dine rabbit hole, Randall. <Finds Epi-Man on Apple Music and gives it a listen.> "Huh, this guy wrote a song about food allergies. Wonder what else he's got...?" <Finds the album Epi-Man is on: You Must be Nuts!> "Wow... this guys wrote a whole album of songs about food allergies." <Finds his next album: Food Allergies Rock!> "@%!!#?. This guy has written MULTIPLE ALBUMS about food allergies...!" I once read an article that said the reason men have had such success changing the world is our
  4. That is fascinating. You just taught me something new.
  5. Welcome to the Collectors Of A Certain Age club, grebal. We meet monthly at kav’s house and have superhero-themed cupcakes and beer.
  6. To be fair, I was reacting to an eBay seller who saw the CLink February sale for just over $40k and immediately listed his copy for $88,888. (That price does not feel like a careful valuation to me. What I imagine the seller’s justification to be: “I LikE EiGhTs!!”) Even the mid-March Focus Auction didn’t come close to this seller’s dream of All Eights All The Time. Amen, brother.
  7. First Spider-man comic I ever bought was ASM 147. You and I must be of the same vintage, kav.
  8. Apparently I really enjoy clichés, because I think your books are awesome.
  9. Okay, I'm going to approach the topic from a different angle and nominate this one as a cover I hate: My dislike of this cover actually has nothing to do with the quality of the artwork, which is fine. I love Gil Kane, even if he has a thing about making me look up people's nostrils. The problem with this cover is that it contradicts the story in a major way. The issue ends with Copperhead having bested Daredevil and about to shoot his highly poisonous darts into DDs chest, as pictured above. Next issue begins with him firing at DD from a somewhat ambiguous angle, then layi
  10. As a tried and true Marvel guy, there are definitely some DC characters and books that appeal to me, but I’m not ready to escalate my collecting mania to that degree. To paraphrase George Carlin on the curse of being bi-sexual: “Can you imaging wanting to (buy) every (book) you meet?”
  11. Mercury Man: The Man With the Golden Gun.