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  1. Here is my recreation of the x-men by john byrne
  2. I am not sure why this was graded a 3.0 because when I bought it, it was already graded. I am also not sure of the difference between the US and Canadian versions. If anybody else has any ideas on this please add your thoughts.
  3. CAPTAIN AMERICA 69 CGC 3.0 For sale is Captain America CGC 3.0 Canadian edition. ON HOLD. Here is the link to my kudos Free shipping in North America. PayPal only. More photos provided if needed. No returns on graded books.
  4. Fantastic Four 4 CGC 6.0 I am selling a Fantastic Four 4 CGC 6.0 with Off White Pages. I am asking $1400, latest sale on GPA was $1613. Free shipping anywhere in North America. PayPal only. More pictures can be provided on request.
  5. Daring Mystery 4 I have an opportunity to buy a coverless copy of Daring Mystery Comics 4 for 100 dollars. It is complete minus the cover and in decent condition not great. The staples have rusted and have left stains around them. I would be glad to hear your opinions if this is a good deal. Thanks
  6. Do you think there is a difference between restored and unrestored copies?
  7. Where do you see the book being valued in 5 years?
  8. HAS SUPERMAN 1 PEAKED? A Superman 1 restored 7.0 is currently selling for 72,000 on ComicConnect. Would it be a good idea to sell at this time because the run up on this book has been pretty impressive. I currently own a Superman 1 CGC 6.5 restored. Let me know your opinion. Thanks
  9. Here is my feedback thread. I have sold a few books on here but haven't got the feedback system totally understood yet. If you have bought from me before please leave your feedback. I also go by hyperion3000 on ebay where I have been a member since 2002. http://www.ebay.ca/usr/hyperion3000 Thanks.
  10. I will have this posting up for about another week and then it will probably go to ebay. My question to people looking at this posting is do you feel the price is too high? If so I am willing to negotiate a fair price. If you need to find out more about me I have the same name on ebay (hyperion3000) with 70 transactions at 100%. Thanks, Jim
  11. Thanks It's the single highest graded copy with the next one at an 8.5. I hate to part with it but I need the money.