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  1. The last page from Batman #227 sold on Comiclink yesterday for $2,327..
  2. NOOOOO! Poison Ivy is my favorite character. Hope she comes back. Coincidentally, I have been rewatching Batman the Animated Series and just watch the episode that started it all.
  3. My latest price variant acquisition. Actually, it's a re-acquisition. I used to own a CGC 8.5 that I purchased from @Darthdiesel in 2004, but I later sold it to @thirdgreenham in 2008. Prices have gone up quite a bit.
  4. The only comic convention I have attended was Wizard World Chicago 2005. At that convention, I talked to someone who told me that his friend (an established Hollywood writer) was getting the green light on a Y the Last Man movie. It's been a long wait and may continue to be a long wait to see a movie/TV adaptation of Y the Last Man. I'm fine with waiting as long as what is finally produced is high quality.
  5. Reading over 100 issues of Usagi Yojimbo comics in a month has burned me out a bit. Taking a break. But I have been reading some classic comics... Flash 123 - timeless GA/SA DC crossover comic that I'd never read before. Adventure 247 - another SA DC classic that I'd never read before. And finally the early Moon Knight appearances (WWBN 32-33 and Marvel Spotlight 28-29). Way too 70s but an interesting read.
  6. Usagi Yojimbo 17-50 (Dark Horse). Great Grasscutter I & II story arcs.
  7. Usagi Yojimbo 1-16 (Mirage). Enjoyable to read Usagi in color for once. Usagi Yojimbo 1-16 (Dark Horse). More great Usagi stories and line art.
  8. Finished Usagi book 6 (168 pages - #25-#31 plus Critters #50). Finished Usagi book 7 (192 pages - #32-#38 plus Critters #38).
  9. Finished Usagi book 5 (142 pages - #19-#24).
  10. Finished book 4 (179 pages from Usagi 13-19). Great story and art.
  11. Finished book 3 (146 pages from Usagi 7-12 plus Turtle Soup 1). The artwork starts to get very detailed in this volume especially the story with the first appearance of Jei (on the cover). Beautiful line art.