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  1. I still have a few of those discs (sealed). And I still use my AOL email (since 1995). I remember when Metropolis sold a 4.0 Action #1 for $200,000 and it was decried as highway robbery (of the buyer) in the GA forum.
  2. Lots of sandbagging on the Iron Man #48 UK splash. Went from $260 to $850 within a second of live bidding. Final price $1560. *sigh*
  3. Great diversity of comic art in this auction. Golden age Lee Elias art (Black Cat and PCH covers), Kirby pages (including early X-51), Romita Spider-Man, complete EC CSS story, Frazetta art, several pages from Strange Tales #101, etc.
  4. Great Black Panther splash.
  5. Wow!
  6. I've watched six episodes so far. Interested to see how it progresses. I never read the Warrior Nun Areala comic series, but I bought two covers (art) off eBay when I first started collecting comic art in 2001 ($100 each). I, of course, sold them long ago...
  7. Love Invincible. Read the entire comic series from start to finish last summer. Interested to see what happens with the series.
  8. The last page from Batman #227 sold on Comiclink yesterday for $2,327..