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  1. Binge watching seasons 1 through 3 in preparation for season 4.
  2. Thank you for posting that. I watched it last night with my son. He is just becoming interested in D&D.
  3. 13% through the eBay app! I just earned $90.07 in eBucks.
  4. Usagi #59 cover sold on Comiclink for $2750.
  5. Tough crowd. Here's an interview with Chuck himself.
  6. "Todd McFarland has revealed the Spawn reboot is still very much on the table, but that everyone involved has yet to agree on the same -script." %1%24s&
  7. Beautiful artwork.
  8. My family saw Shazam last weekend and enjoyed it.
  9. So would you rather own an Albedo 2 or an Usagi cover for a similar amount of money?;id=1287943