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  1. Wow!
  2. $2900 at Comiclink in December 2018.
  3. I've watched six episodes so far. Interested to see how it progresses. I never read the Warrior Nun Areala comic series, but I bought two covers (art) off eBay when I first started collecting comic art in 2001 ($100 each). I, of course, sold them long ago...
  4. Love Invincible. Read the entire comic series from start to finish last summer. Interested to see what happens with the series.
  5. The last page from Batman #227 sold on Comiclink yesterday for $2,327..
  6. NOOOOO! Poison Ivy is my favorite character. Hope she comes back. Coincidentally, I have been rewatching Batman the Animated Series and just watch the episode that started it all.
  7. My latest price variant acquisition. Actually, it's a re-acquisition. I used to own a CGC 8.5 that I purchased from @Darthdiesel in 2004, but I later sold it to @thirdgreenham in 2008. Prices have gone up quite a bit.
  8. The only comic convention I have attended was Wizard World Chicago 2005. At that convention, I talked to someone who told me that his friend (an established Hollywood writer) was getting the green light on a Y the Last Man movie. It's been a long wait and may continue to be a long wait to see a movie/TV adaptation of Y the Last Man. I'm fine with waiting as long as what is finally produced is high quality.
  9. Reading over 100 issues of Usagi Yojimbo comics in a month has burned me out a bit. Taking a break. But I have been reading some classic comics... Flash 123 - timeless GA/SA DC crossover comic that I'd never read before. Adventure 247 - another SA DC classic that I'd never read before. And finally the early Moon Knight appearances (WWBN 32-33 and Marvel Spotlight 28-29). Way too 70s but an interesting read.
  10. Usagi Yojimbo 17-50 (Dark Horse). Great Grasscutter I & II story arcs.
  11. Usagi Yojimbo 1-16 (Mirage). Enjoyable to read Usagi in color for once. Usagi Yojimbo 1-16 (Dark Horse). More great Usagi stories and line art.