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  1. Just dropped prices for today. Going to pull and list everything that doesn’t sell this evening on the Bay.
  2. Thank you to everyone who DM’d me. Because quite a few people asked, I am including some pics of the back cover of AF15.
  3. 1) First wins; tie/indeterminate goes to the thread. 2) Payment by Check or Money Order - will provide plenty of well known references upon request 3) Shipping - $20 4) No returns on graded books No tax on here. Time to put that tax refund to good use! Amazing Fantasy 15 - 1.0 (No Chipping) - $10,200 Incredible Hulk 181 - 9.8 White Pages (beautiful centering) - $32,000 Fantastic Four 48 - 8.0 White Pages - $3,500 Fantastic Four 48 - 8.5 White Pages - $4,500 Daredevil 1 - 7.5 - $4,400 Werewolf by Night 32 - 9.4 White Pages - $3,600 Tomb of Dracula 10 - 9.2 - $1,600 (last sale was $1,880)
  4. I think it was actually the fact that after cleaning, the staple was more visible and the small puncture holes now noticeable. Took a gamble and lost. i now own the nicest 7.5 you will ever find.
  5. The presser was a pro used by many on this forum. Well respected in the industry. To be fair, the staple issue was present prior to his handling, it just wasn’t visible as the area was blackened. Once it was cleaned, the issue became apparent. In this case, bettering the condition actually made the issue visible. It was certainly a bummer, but I do not place the blame on the presser.
  6. I had a recent horror story with this. I had a gorgeous copy of Giant Size X-Men at 9.0. The back staple area was black, but otherwise the book looked like a solid 9.2-9.4, so I sent it to a well known presser who cleaned it up and pressed, improving the condition even further. However, the cleaning now showed the staple rather than a small discolored area on the back cover. CGC graded it a 7.5 and notes it “rusted staple with hole”. Major loss in terms of cleaning, submission, and grade drop. Very reluctant to ever attempt to resubmit again.
  7. Fantastic Four 48 - 8.0 (white pages) $3900... the last two 8.0 copies sold for $4000 and $4400. This copy is nicer than both. update: on hold