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  1. Iā€™m closing this down. Congrats to everyone who scored some great keys at killer prices. Everyone else can duke it out on auction.
  2. Last call everyone. Iā€™m going to start peeling these books off and listing on eBay. Tried to list here first and save you jokers some money. Final offers before auction: Hulk 181 9.2 - $16.5k Hulk 181 8.0 - $9k WWBN32 9.6 - $18k X-Men 1 5.0 - $27.5k
  3. Wowza. Glad someone got a great deal. This forum has been good to me over the years.
  4. Thank you. Sorry. Was speed scanning and listing while getting the kiddos to bed. All fixed. Appreciate the heads up.
  5. Fantastic Four 48 - 8.5 SS White Pages signed by Joe Sinnott $14k