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  1. We will be there for your CGC needs. Thanks, Bradd
  2. I have 4 books for Chip, can I just hand them to you at North Texas?
  3. Fitermania 1/5/2019 FITERMANIA is a star studded wrestling autograph event with all your favorite wrestlers from the 90's all at one place on one day! 1. Tito Santana “El Matador” 2. Greg “The Hammer” Valentine 3. Bushwacker Luke 4. Honky Tonk Man 5. Koko B Ware 6. Cowboy Bob Orton 7. Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake 8. Tugboat aka Typhoon 9. Powers of Pain - Warlord 10. Powers of Pain - The Barbarian 11. Nasty Boy Knobs 12. Nasty Boy Saggs 13. Tony Atlas 14. Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase 15. Brother Love 16. Demolition Ax 17. Demolition Smash 18. Eric Bischoff Each wrestler is $20 per autograph. Eric Bischoff is $30 per autograph. Witness fee is $15 per book. (Additional fee applies beyond the first 3 names on a book) Books must be received no later than Thursday, January 3rd Please contact us with any questions. Thank you
  4. We are returning to the North Texas Comic Show in February to handle your CGC needs. Witness fee: $15 per book. Discounts available. Slab cracking and prep fee: $10 per slab. All other fees are as printed on the CGC invoice. Submit under our account or yours. Feel free to contact us for more information.
  5. Had a great transaction. Will happily work with again!
  6. Great transaction with Dan, Turtles 1 CGC 9.4, paid quickly, great communication, would happily work with him again.