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  1. Still amazed at the size of the price jump on many of these books. Here are two spring 2020 eBay purchases of one that has blown up.
  2. When was a third print announced? I don’t see it yet on Previews site. Thx
  3. Always thought the Larroca variant is a really sharp cover but the ones I had are long gone as well.
  4. Same here. I was able to order 20 of the first print at my LCS but only ordered 1 each of the 2nd, 3rd, 4th printing. The purple 4th is my favorite but the green cover is cool too. anyone know print run numbers on 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th?
  5. Cool part about our small town LCS is finding these still on the shelf when they have dried up most places.
  6. I’m not sure why I check in on these threads. I just get depressed. I needed to free up space a year ago or so and unloaded my Star Wars, Aphra and Kanan runs. Also all the mini series like Mace Windu and Thrawn. All for less than cover. 😭 I did keep the Darth Vader runs but who would think any of these would be worth anything. I like reading them and never considered I should treat as an investment.
  7. Picked up this place holder to complete my SOHH run. The search is still on for a better copy though.
  8. Let’s see your Copper Age issues with MJ inserts. I’ll start things off with my ASM 252. I picked this up several years back on eBay and didn’t even notice the insert until a year or so later when I decided to rebag it to Mylar.
  9. So let’s talk the Baltimore market. Would price variants been distributed only in Baltimore City, Baltimore County, or would that market have included other parts of the state? Either way I’m sure none found there way to stores on the MD eastern shore where I lived.