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  1. Headed to Bmore Con Friday and on the fence with a few books I’m considering for onsite grading. Your opinions are greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  2. I had Mike Zeck sign a SW 8 cover a few years back and he also signed a certificate of authenticity. If I take that same book back to him next week at bmore con and have him do a small sketch and have it witnessed, can I get a yellow label or has that ship sailed?
  3. If you are general admission and submit first thing Friday morning then most likely your books won’t be ready until late Sunday. At least this has been the case for me both times I’ve used onsite grading at bmore. I think dealers or others with early admission probably get theirs sooner.
  4. First: Micronauts Second: Rom Third: Star Wars I still have the Micronauts and Rom sets.
  5. I’m hoping to find a keeper at Baltimore Comic Con in Oct. I picked up a really nice SOHH set about a year ago with #5 being one of the 8 issues it was missing.
  6. I gotta quit dipping into my Baltimore Comic Con Budget!
  7. I’m able to do that type of search using the eBay app.
  8. A really nice 8.5! My poor photography doesn’t do it justice. Thanks once again to @androolx !!!