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  1. I should be banned for the rest of the night for being a doofus!
  2. Swing and a miss! 😀
  3. icp004

    Infinite Bronze Horror Thread

    Pick ups from a small comic shop in downtown Annapolis,MD.
  4. Trilogy of Terror. That’s must see TV!
  5. icp004

    Got a comic room??? Showcase it here!

    Added these to my office. ASM issues from our family birth months.
  6. icp004

    Gil Kane Cover Thread

    From the comic book database. Gil Kane wasn’t the cover artist on this was he?
  7. I used to buy back issues from lone star back in the day as a kid. Them and empire comics (NY I think). Whatever happened to empire? I have made many eBay purchases from MCS and never disappointed!!!
  8. icp004


    Received it back from CGC today with a corrected label!
  9. icp004

    Price Variant Club

    Thanks! Yes, I noticed the “R” too. Does appear to be printing defect.