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  1. I recently placed three offers on an item I wanted and all were declined. Nearly a month later it was sold for less than the lowest of my offers!
  2. icp004

    15% off everything E-Bay Coupon!

    Here we go again! Won an auction Sunday and let it sit in my cart til Monday night waiting for a coupon!
  3. icp004

    This Week in Your Bronze Age Collection!!

    Just got these in today. eBay purchases last week using a 15% off coupon. The ASM 121 presents really well for a 6.0 and was in budget! Any tips on cracking open the new holders?
  4. icp004

    eBay 15% OFF Coupon Today

    This happened to me too. What I did was close out the eBay app and when I opened it back up the accepted offer was in my cart and I was able to apply the coupon!
  5. icp004

    Have You Ever Bought Anything From A Comic Book Ad?

    Can’t remember the exact year but sometime in the early 70’s I sold these social security plates to all my family members. I still have mine!
  6. icp004

    Shops in Charlotte NC?

    I made it to two of the three suggested. Heroes Aren’t Hard to Find was a cool shop and very close to where I stayed. Nickel Spot was about a 20 minute drive but well worth it. I really liked their selection and prices were reasonable. Picked up a few items. Thanks for the suggestions!
  7. icp004

    Shops in Charlotte NC?

    I’m traveling to Charlotte, NC for the weekend. Any recommendations on shops that have a good selection of back issues from the 70’s and 80’s? Thanks!
  8. icp004

    East Nashville

    Besides The Great Escape does anyone have any recommendations for a comic shop in the east Nashville area with a good back issue selection of 70’s and 80’s?
  9. icp004

    This Week in Your Bronze Age Collection!!

    Nice group of WWT!! I always liked the cover on #89. I asked Jim Starlin about it at Bmore CC a few years ago and he said 🦍 on the cover always sold!
  10. icp004

    Price Variant Club

    Was the Baltimore market the city, the county or did it extend to other parts of the state? Sorry, meant this reply to ft88’s post.
  11. Liked the covers.
  12. Was curious if anyone collected Marvel Age and had thoughts on what issues (if any) are sought after. This was one of the titles I subscribed to when I collected as a kid but never read a single one of these. Any generate much interest besides 12 (Secret Wars Cover) and 41 (Stan Lee Photo Cover)?