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  1. icp004

    East Nashville

    Besides The Great Escape does anyone have any recommendations for a comic shop in the east Nashville area with a good back issue selection of 70’s and 80’s?
  2. icp004

    This Week in Your Bronze Age Collection!!

    Nice group of WWT!! I always liked the cover on #89. I asked Jim Starlin about it at Bmore CC a few years ago and he said 🦍 on the cover always sold!
  3. icp004

    Price Variant Club

    Was the Baltimore market the city, the county or did it extend to other parts of the state? Sorry, meant this reply to ft88’s post.
  4. Liked the covers.
  5. Was curious if anyone collected Marvel Age and had thoughts on what issues (if any) are sought after. This was one of the titles I subscribed to when I collected as a kid but never read a single one of these. Any generate much interest besides 12 (Secret Wars Cover) and 41 (Stan Lee Photo Cover)?
  6. icp004

    15% Off Ebay Expires 3/27 8pm PT

    If you add more than one item to your cart does the coupon work on the total or does it only work on a single listing?
  7. icp004

    Bronze Age Treasuries

    Doesn’t get much better than a Galactus cover!
  8. icp004

    ROM the Spaceknight

    Picked this up this week via eBay. Also have a slabbed 9.6 and a few really nice raws.
  9. icp004

    This week in your collection?

    Picked this up this week via eBay. Also have a slabbed 9.6 and a few really nice raws.
  10. icp004

    Price Variant Club

    Awesome pick up! Does this mean I over spent on every Variant I purchased for more than $4? 😆.
  11. icp004


    My first Double Cover.
  12. icp004

    Infinite Bronze Horror Thread

    Picked up this Chamber Of Chills lot on eBay.
  13. icp004

    Price Variant Club

    I appreciate the responses! I picked up a CC22 and two CC23 in a lot on eBay and was curious if they really would still fall into the Gerber 7/8. Seems if these were hiding and unnoticed then there are probably more to be found. Unfortunately I wasn’t the only one to spot these so I’m sure I overbid. Still happy to check off these two!
  14. icp004

    Price Variant Club

    Got this screen grab from a 2010 article. Are these numbers still accurate? Less than 30 copies on the Gerber 7/8’s? That doesn’t seem to be a bit low?