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  1. So I posted my five Rise of Ultraman #1’s last week together in a single pic. I have to repost the McGuinness variant. This cover is great!!!
  2. Friday Mail Call. Great way to start the weekend!! Thank You @drbanner !!!
  3. Anyone have a link to a site that lists all the 30 cent variants (preferably with photos)? I have a page from heroes galaxy.com saved as a favorite but looks like their site is gone. Thanks!
  4. And picked this one up a few weeks back:
  5. Checked these two off my FF list:
  6. Congratulations on your CGC Registry award! I’ll say it again, your set is beyond amazing!!! I’m also glad to see the Star Wars Action Figure Comic Variants get that kind of recognition. I’m mostly a bronze collector but my SW Action Variant set is my favorite!!!
  7. Congrats!!! You and @NP_Gresham sure have a keen eye for finding these on eBay!!!
  8. I remember placing several back issue orders to Empire Comics when I was a kid. Brings back fond memories. Very nice run of date stamps!!!!