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  1. In ‘79 or ‘80 bought several TOD for $1 each from a used book store including a #10 that was near perfect. Stopped collecting in late ‘80’s and hardly touched my collection for 20 years. Discovered eBay and was so excited to sell that raw 9.4 (or better) TOD #10 for $149! Second place goes to the several ASM 252’s and SW 8’s I sold around the same time for $8 each.
  2. I checked out your registry. It is beyond amazing!!!
  3. Thanks! All but 3 are raw books. I stopped collecting them midway thru for a while and started back at the end. I used the rare Midtown 75% off flash sale to fill the gap. The exclusives I missed were a bit more costly from eBay. I thought I would never get the Wonder World Comics exclusives as they are hard to come by and costly on eBay. Then by chance I checked Wonder World website and the have them on sale. All 7 books for $59!!! Which books are you still searching for?
  4. I completed my JTC Star Wars action figure variant set today of all days!
  5. Now that’s a great mail day!!! Congrats on those high grades!
  6. Two purchases from my earliest collecting years. Amazed they look this good after all these years!
  7. All I need to complete the run is #5. Haven’t come across one I like. It’s a tough one with the black cover.
  8. Nice!! You are acquiring variants faster than jimjum can sell them!
  9. Anyone know the story on this one. Was this some sort of promo or part of a multi pack? When were they printed?
  10. This was the last of the non exclusives to elude me.