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  1. Gotta love My Comic Shop (aka Lone Star). Even when advertised as Fine, you can be confident you are receiving a solid copy!
  2. Unexpected # 122 - Grease Pencil Arrival Date November 3, 1971
  3. The Man-Thing Vol 2 - # 4 - February 21, 1980
  4. This is the birthday display for my wife and I and our 5 children. I’m the ASM 16.
  5. Any idea how long the delay? Was checking Star Wars 1 action figure Sketch variant (the C2E2 exclusive). GoCollect shows the most recent sale as May 2019. There have been five eBay sales since end of August (although two of those very recent).
  6. Try flipper tools. https://www.flippertools.com/tools/ebayOfferHistory/ebay-best-offer-actual-price.htm
  7. Picked up a 9.8 on eBay today. Was surprised my offer was accepted. Ended up being cheaper than recent sales of a 9.6 and a 9.4 (by $100).
  8. Thx for the reply. Let my copy go early on but was considering buying another. I’m not a modern collector but as a Star Wars fan I really like these action figure covers. I was surprised to see a lot of 52 issues that included many JTC exclusives sell on eBay for just $85.
  9. So in your opinion, Is there any room Left on the Star Wars B/W Luke C2E2 exclusive or did that peak long ago?