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  1. Again, I don't want a graded magazine, just the signature certified. Similar to this poster I had done a while back that was 13"x13"
  2. Heard back from CGC and they said you could not do that because it won't fit. That said, I am not sure why you couldn't. I have other "soft" slab items that are much larger than a Life magazine. All I want is to certify the sig not grade the magazine. Oh well.....on to another plan
  3. No one knows the answer? Who can I email at CGC?
  4. Anna Paquin books are in! Love the inscriptions.
  5. Correct. He doesn't sketch at the show he had about 5 pre-done Fury's for $100. They were all gone in the first 15 mins. After that all pre-done sketches were over $1000.
  6. I won the lottery to get a Mia Farrow sig at Fan Expo Dallas and would like to get a Life Magazine signed. I believe Life Magazine is too large to fit in the standard magazine size "hard" holders, but was curious if CGC would put it in one of their "soft" holders and just authenticate the sig (not grade the magazine). Does anyone know if this is an option?
  7. It is 13"x13". Yes it is a floppy holder.
  8. I got this one a couple of years ago in Dallas. She was very nice and very inexpensive. I think it was $25 for a sig
  9. Yeah those Barb Wire books are hard to get in high grade. This was after pressing
  10. Rick Moranis. Never thought I would have a booked signed by him
  11. Here is the NF sketch I got. There were no CGC witnesses at show.
  12. He has ab out 5 of those standard Nick Fury sketches on backboards in Dallas and they were $100 each, every other sketch he had was over $1000. He wasn't sketching at the show at all, and had a line for signs most of the show.
  13. My guess is that this is just not very sought after stories and the creators aren't exactly huge name mainstream guys.
  14. There is also a great facebook page for Sketch Prices