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  1. @ivdyer You bought my Barker good from Comiclink! You got a steal on that book! Enjoy!
  2. This Super Mario Bros book has been on my “list get signed” list for year. Thank goodness I finally got the chance this year.
  3. I think I am only doing Chevy, I really prefer one sig books. I might try to get Beverly on this one: I would really love Christie Brinkley on one. Meet Christie about 2 years ago at a wine event for her new wine, she was very sweet and still an absolute knockout in person. Yes this was pressed.
  4. Chevy Chase! Super excited about this one Twin Cities had done for me. It was short notice so I didn’t have a chance to hunt down a high grade copy. But still very happy with this!
  5. But here are a couple of better ones I have:
  6. Here are a couple of those German variants that I have had awful luck with. Note the nose Full streak, it just would not dry
  7. Lots of German blanks but they are awful to draw on. The ink never dries on them and they streak.
  8. She Hulk 1 is one of the most rare Marvel blanks. They go for around $50-75.
  9. Again, I don't want a graded magazine, just the signature certified. Similar to this poster I had done a while back that was 13"x13"
  10. Heard back from CGC and they said you could not do that because it won't fit. That said, I am not sure why you couldn't. I have other "soft" slab items that are much larger than a Life magazine. All I want is to certify the sig not grade the magazine. Oh well.....on to another plan
  11. No one knows the answer? Who can I email at CGC?
  12. Anna Paquin books are in! Love the inscriptions.