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  1. That's Laugh at Life book.... a very good trusted seller. Reach out to him directly if interested.
  2. It wasn't a scam. Just a brutal mistake by the seller.
  3. I found out via a thread in a fb group called the CGC Comic Collectors Society. Search 667 and boom it has over 100 responses to that particular thread.
  4. Heard this was legit according to another thread. Someone reached out to the seller and was informed it shipped out before realizing their mistake. I don't know to feel happy for the buyer or sad for the seller.
  5. Check out Ebay for Italy for the virgin museum...they still have a few but you going to have to see if those individual seller will ship to the U.S. I know Hank from Bulletproof is also selling some of the trade versions on his website.
  6. Superman Panini exclusive and the rare virgin museum edition. Got a couple coming in from overseas!
  7. Those are nice....really wanted the virgin but it has been sold out weeks ago.
  8. Oh and I almost forget about this one....nothing really fancy about it.
  9. A couple of nice signature series DCeased covers to add to the pile.....
  10. Bought a strong five figure book from Jason.... Great seller and very easy to communicate with. Overall a very smooth transaction. Hope to do more business with him in the future. Thanks
  11. I'm sure they are referring to TWD#1 cgc 9.9..... in which there are several on the census.
  12. I have one with a piece of plastic wrap imbedded in the inner well. I just sent for reholder among other books. I'm assuming I will get refunded for that one.
  13. Yes and they were cherry picked from the Bulletproof store itself. I have no idea how some of them got 9.8s since all of them had this type of damage