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  1. Definitely looks that way to me. I probably won’t be processing that huge newsstand collection until summer. We buy around 40-45 collections a month and that one’s just not high on the priority list, so it will likely wait until we bring on extra summer staff. But when we do I’ll get all the Oct99-Feb00 books together and confirm whether the $2.29 Cable books are there (and reconfirm there are no other titles with variants in it).
  2. Alright, so I haven't bought the collection yet. But guy just walked in that has FF 23, 24, and 26 all as $2.29 variants. So that's two more checked off the list. I'm now up to 5 previously undiscovereds this month. And yes, the 22 was in the collection and it was regular price. It's a run of 13 newsstand FFs in a row, so I am pretty darn confident that (at least for the $2.29 test market) there was no variant for FF 22. Because there would have been one here. And since I know Donut will ask, no, he has no clue where they came from initially.
  3. This may have been brought up already. But I've never been able to bring myself to ever let a customer buy one. When they show up in collections I make them disappear.
  4. This certainly isn't the worst cover ever... but it has to be the worst editing job ever. Take a look at this beautiful pose for Spidey. Anatomy is great. It's a nice action pose. Costume looks stellar. Really conveys motion. It's everything you could want, really. I mean, seriously. The leg anatomy is fine. Proportions are fine. It's just all good. Except for the fact that his arm is blocking his head from this angle. Take another look. Follow that center line from inseam up the webs of the costume, across his sternum. It's very easy to see where his head would be. But unfortunately, the pose wouldn't show his face. Take one more good look. So you know what happened... editor complained. "Why the heck can't I see Spidey's face???" And the cover artist, who obviously DOES know how to draw Spidey. The anatomy is all there, after all. He takes a look at his "finished" artwork, and says, "fine..." And he takes this: And turns it into this: Of course the book is rotated 90º, so it's "slightly" less obvious. But wow... just... wow.
  5. Unfortunately I don't know. The collection was donated to a charity after (I believe but am not certain) the original owner passed away. And there is little way of telling where the original owner was living during the time period in question, given that it was 19 years ago. I have found some scribbled notes here and there in the boxes, but no receipts, no addresses, nothing so far that would assist in finding a location. Most collections of this size I find several original purchase receipts mixed in, tucked in the backs of bag and boards etc. But on my initial pass I didn't find a single scrap of paper with an address on it. The charity received them almost a year ago but apparently my local competition showed no interest in acquiring them. And the director of the charity made it sound as though the books had been sitting idle for a decade before that, but whether the original owner was still alive at that point or not I have no idea. I did eventually find around 15-20 books that were Direct Editions. And they make no sense with the rest of the collection. There was a Carnage Mind Bomb, and a couple random Avengers from 1997, plus a few random DCs from 2002. Those were bagged and boarded, maybe a random garage sale purchase or something. There was also a dozen Bronze Age books mixed in, including a beat up Superman 233. I'm guessing those were the owner's "childhood collection" and they started collecting again in 1996 but exclusively somewhere that sold newsstands. Wherever it was, the newsstand(s) they frequented had a tremendous selection. There were Bone from Image, several Tekno titles including both the Gaiman and Nimoy series, several late-run Valiants, plus a pretty full complement of Marvel and DC. None of the newsstand books were ever bagged and boarded, just neatly stacked in file boxes. If I find anything with an address (or even a full name) I'll see if there's something to go on for a location. But so far I don't think there is.
  6. I finally read the whole thread (I think... I skipped over some of the initial bickering before the thread got going). I won't be digging back into these books for a few days. But I did finish the initial triage of at least separating publishers, and in the process I found 6 $2.29 variants. There are likely more because I'd already filled a few short boxes with Marvel before stumbling across this thread and starting to search as I triaged. But it will be a bit before I can go back through them. All six of the $2.29 variants I found have the same $1.99/$2.99 indicia. Seems to jive with what was found before, where only the $2.49s had unusual indicia.
  7. Fwiw, the Hulk 11 from this collection is $1.99 This is one of the least organized collections I have ever triaged... sigh...
  8. Alright... I really do need to get to my Diamond shipment... but here's a 3rd one previous undiscovered... Interesting that the 9 (previously found) doesn't have a month in the bar code box. *shrug*
  9. So the X-Men 95 from this collection is a $2.29. Both I've found so far were December and both were $2.29. It's a rough slog going through these. 2200 loose books, all essentially unsorted, just loads and loads of fun.
  10. This may also be covered in the thread. But I noticed that at least one of the April 2000 shipping books I looked at had a $1.99 cover price and a $2.25 indicia. In a past life I dealt a number of the 30 cent price variants, including finding Donut his last remaining book to complete the first ever set. I found that April indicia odd, because with the 30 and 35 cent "tests" the new price took effect immediately after the test was completed. But this 99-00 test seems to have been run, then they made a decision to go with the new price and updated the indicia, but didn't update the actual cover price until a later month. It's not like September 1976 at all. I promise I will read through the full thread when I get a chance. But my Diamond shipment just arrived and I'll either be procrastinating on the Diamond shipment by looking through this collection or procrastinating on the collection to process my Diamond shipment. Either way the thread will have to wait a bit.
  11. There's the 18, and a 20 for reference of the publisher code change.
  12. So this weekend we acquired a 2200 book collection that is entirely newsstand editions, all from 1996 to 2004. It's an original owner collection that was donated to a nearby charity. They couldn't do anything directly with the comics, so they brought them to us and we are swapping them out for stuff they can actually use (both merchandise and cash). I've never seen a collection like this before. I've seen collections of 50-100 books that were all newsstands, but nothing larger than that. The idea of someone amassing 2000+ comics without ever once patronizing a comic shop boggles my mind. We haven't completed the triage on the collection yet. But I didn't find a Thor 19 on my initial pass. I did, however, find a Thor 18 with $2.29 cover price (which I believe is new based on your chart). And strangely the Thor 20 is $1.99. I am quite confident this is an original owner collection. Not a single book was bagged and boarded, they were just accumulated. And it's clearly never been picked through (things like 1997 Deadpool #1 and Amazing Spider-Man #36 were both present). When I get to the other titles, I can see if there is a pattern on which months were variants or not. One thing I noticed, which may have been brought up in the 300+ previous replies, is that the price variant has a different publisher code. UPC codes on comics are a standard 6 digits denoting publisher, then 5 denoting title, then a 12th digit that is a check digit to verify an accurate bar code. The Thor books are all title "03506", but the regular price version is publisher 074808 (both before and after the variant) while the price variant is publisher 071658. It also doesn't have a Canadian price option. I'll try to eventually read all 11 pages of this thread. But if there are specific items you'd like me to look for, just let me know. The collection is roughly 50% Marvel, 45% DC, and a smattering of Image (Spawn 32-55 etc). The weirdest thing (to me) that I found so far was Amazing 400 deluxe newsstand. Hadn't seen one of those before. But there are a lot of books to go through.
  13. We have several customers that drive 200+ miles specifically to shop with us, and some of them are pretty fervent about what they collect. Between those folks and the locals, we have around 25-30 regulars who actively inquire about newsstand editions. It's not a huge number, but they are there. It's not the sort of thing that we would choose to devote active square footage to (setting up an entire section of late 90s newsstands with flashing signs and strobe lights), just like we don't keep Fury of Firestorm or Darkhawk or Gen-13 on the tables currently. We bring things like that over from the warehouse on request, and we have a few customers who will reach out 3-4 days before they plan to visit, asking us to bring this title or that one. A decent number of the books from the latest collection will just go out, newsstand or not. There's a run of 1997 Deadpool 1-17, plus the Daredevil/Deadpool Annual, and we will reach out to our "best" Deadpool customers to see if any are actively pursuing newsstands. We've never had any in stock so it hasn't come up. The Spawns (roughly issues 35-55) we have five different customers currently working on newsstand runs, so those will go quickly enough. I've only triaged half the collection so far. Once I get a handle on all of it, I'll see where we go with it. We have roughly 70-80k books offsite currently, another 2,000 won't take up much room.